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1 Answer

Log Home BC - Martin Holladay - Leslie and Mark

Hi Martin:

Asked By Mark Kozlowski | Dec 23 15
10 Answers

Unfinished third floor insulation

I have a fairly new house (2004) and I am convinced something is wrong with it. Located in NH, it's a basic square colonial with a full shed dormer rear in the attic, and a normal sloped (cape style) flat roof in front (no dormers at all).

Asked By Jeff | Dec 15 15
16 Answers

Does anyone have thoughts on this wall section in regard to avoiding moisture problems and drying to the interior & exterior?

I am an architect in Boston preparing to build a home for my family on a marshfront site in Scituate MA (Zone 5 and 110MPH winds due to coastal proximity). Energy conservation is a key goal for the project. Originally I was planning an R48 double stud wall but circumstances have changed and I am now planning a single 2x6 stud wall with cellulose cavity insulation and rigid exterior insulation - total wall R value is about R38. The thinking on vapor / air / moisture barriers and retarders has gotten so complicated in recent years.

Asked By sean stewart | Dec 20 15
10 Answers

Plywood boxes for window openings in double-stud walls

Builder didn't allow for plywood boxes in the window and door openings of the first 3 walls of our double-stud house project (zone 5 SW MI). Anything we can do short of tearing them out and re-doing them? We'll be using drywall returns. Does the box serve any purpose other than connecting the two walls? Can we net and dense-pack like everywhere else and just not use the boxes?

Asked By Dave Owens | Dec 18 15
18 Answers

Can a foundation drain to daylight double as a radon vent?

Ok this is probably a dumb question, but I'm looking at putting in an addition this spring, and was looking at ways of draining it and stumbled onto radon mitigation. So now I'm not sure how it would all fit together.

Asked By Terry Sharpe | Dec 15 15
1 Answer

Floor register location in relation to the return register

Hello all,

I have been working really hard to finish up a Florida renovation, but I have ran into another small hurdle. I have floor register (2-1/4x14) that will be installed over hardwood flooring and high wall return register(10x10) in each room. One room in particular, a 13'-9"x 9'-10" room, the 7in duct is positioned to a have the floor register directly across from the return register.

Asked By Jimmy Miller | Dec 18 15
18 Answers

Calculating the ROI of polyiso under siding vs. just doing PV instead

My pre-war Cape is getting more and more livable and less expensive to heat (I am about 1/4th the cost from when we dumped oil and got heatpumps). I got airsealing and attic blown in with cellulose last year by MassSave. They did dense pack rafters behind knee-walls and brought them into house thermal envelope, thought those areas of the roof are now unvented, so there is that.

Asked By Apollo | Dec 14 15
3 Answers

HRV/Air exchanger connections with forced air duct system and interlock

Hello, I recently bought a townhouse (2 stories + basement). There is a furnace and a heat pump (HVAC system) and there are ducts everywhere except the basement.

I want to improve ventilation using an HRV. I had several ventilation specialists come in and they all seem to think that putting in separate ductwork is not a consideration in my house. They all seem to suggest attaching the HRV unit to the furnace.

Asked By Mikhail Kadychevitch | Dec 15 15
1 Answer

Proper venting for 12 pitch hip roof with soffits on only 2 sides

My 3rd floor was already a finished, conditioned living area when we bought the home. The furnace that was located above the ceiling joists had to be removed. Upon removal of all plaster and lathe we discovered that not only is there no ridge vent but only the front and back of the house have soffits (which are vented). There was blown in insulation above the ceiling and batts on exposed roof slope and behind knee walls.

Asked By Anne Thies | Dec 12 15
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