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7 Answers

Insect Screen for Metal Siding

I'm looking for a detail for integrating an insect screen with vertical corrugated metal siding that is meant to function as rainscreen.

Are the typical metal J-trims and flashings enough to keep bugs out of the corrugated flutes or is there a better way?

Asked By Daryl Ross | Jul 12 14
1 Answer

Air sealing CMU walls that are exposed inside and out in tropical climate

I'm looking for an effective membrane and/or application to air seal a home with walls made up entirely of exposed CMU.

I'm working on the mechanical systems design and spec for the home and advising the builder to lower the infiltration so we can keep latent loads to a minimum. I am not interested in R-Value.

The 5,000 s.f. home is located on a very small private island just north of Exuma, Bahamas, and it is surrounded by ocean. The interior and exterior finish of the home is exposed CMU.

Asked By Chris Laumer-Giddens | Jul 8 14
6 Answers

Flooring for a passive solar

I am building a home that will use a combination of a mini-split and passive solar in the Pacific Northwest. For thermal mass it has a concrete slab floor with insulation underneath.

My question is about flooring. I was planning on an engineered wood floor but my builder pointed out that this would prevent the sun from heating the slab. He suggests a stained concrete floor or tile. I really do not like either of these options.

How bad is a wood floor? Would a Terrazzo type floor using recycled glass such as Enviroglass be a good option?

Asked By Stephen Carlton | Sep 17 12
3 Answers

WRB for a fiberboard wall assembly?

I'm building a house where the exterior walls have been sheathed with a bitumen treated structural fiberboard. I have two questions:

1. Should I tape the seams of the sheathing on the exterior side of the wall? If so, with what?

2. What is the best WRB for this type of wall assembly... building paper or Tyvek/Typar etc.?


Asked By Daryl Ross | Jul 1 14
0 Answers

How to add Pic's

Can anyone tell me how to post a pic in the responses or questions section? I have an IPad and have some pics I'd like to post. Is there a way to add an attachment?

Asked By kye ford | Jun 30 14
2 Answers

What clear finish is best for wood cabinets and protecting indoor air quality?

We are working very hard to get green cabinets from a custom woodworker. Air quality is our primary concern. We are confused about what type of finish should go on these cabinets--the cabinet fronts will be solid wood (walnut and oak).

Asked By Mindy Munger | Jun 22 14
6 Answers

Priming the back of wood siding

I have heard that it is necessary to prime the back side of the spruce clapboard that I am installing on my house in order to prevent rot. I do plan on having a 1/2-3/4" air space in between the siding and house wrap. Is this extra step necessary? Lots of labor and extra paint I'd rather do without. On the outer surface I will be sealing the knots with BIN oil based stain blocker prior to solid stain application. Thanks for your help.

Asked By Matthew Michaud | Jun 19 14
1 Answer

I have an old wood window sill that I want to install PVC Trim over

After I scrape out, fill any rotted areas with a spackle or epoxy mix and sand what other prep do I need to do before attaching my pvc trim, caulking & repainting?

Because of the design of the frame there are infact 2 small sills where the storm windows used to be. When the windows were installed PVC trim was put around all sides of the storm window area with a quarter round base (to cover the sloped sill gap). The paint on the large sill has taken a beating, so I want to extend pvc trim over it.

Asked By Mike Tew | Jun 18 14
2 Answers

How do I properly use Azek sheet goods as exterior trim?

Three years ago I had my 90 year old house redone. Recently we discovered a leaking door in an addition that was built onto the house. The addition was timber framed 16" on center using 1/2 inch exterior grade plywood as sheathing. 6 inches of spray foam insulation was used on all exterior walls the interior was finished with 1/2" drywall. Exterior walls were wrapped with Tyvek and 3/8" Azek was nailed to the sheathing seams were glued and perimiter was caulked.

Asked By Lawrence Reich | Jun 11 14
1 Answer

Below grade polyethylene and slab

I am questioning as to the order of polyethylene vapor barrier to foam when placed under a slab. The reason I ask is because I am currently having my house built and today I have discovered that the contractor placed the poly directly on the ground (good drainable material) with the blue board foam boards on top of it. I have read in the past that the poly should be placed on top. I am worried that it has been done incorrectly. Any thoughts to put my mind at ease as I am rather stressed out right now. Thanks in advance.

Asked By Matthew Michaud | Jun 5 14
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