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1 Answer

Does GBA sell CAD residential drawing details?

Does GPA sell residential CAD details in the dwg. format files?

Asked By William Rybolt | Oct 19 15
6 Answers

Decision time: 3-glazed or 2-glazed windows in zone 4A?

New Construction: walls = R-26; unvented roof = R-65.8; slab = R-10. Hip roof with 4’ eaves all around. Aiming for airtight. Energy rater estimates load for both floors will be less than two tons (“1 ½ could get the job done”).

Main floor = 2155 sq.ft; doors & windows = 534 sq.ft = 24.7% of floor space
Main floor WALLS = 1992 sq.ft.
Lower floor (shop/future use/resale value) = 1549 sq.ft; door & windows = 265 sq.ft. = 17%
Lower floor walls = 2058 sq.ft.

Intus windows Arcade series, which provide Ug only:
2-glazed windows = 0.27 Btu/sq.ft.
3-glazed windows = 0.1264 Btu/sq.ft.

Asked By David McNeely | Oct 17 15
22 Answers

Integrated ERV for multi-floor new ICF construction

New three story ICF construction / Andersen Series A windows, blown insulated attic in coastal area of Delaware. (No basement)
Geothermal HVAC - Two independent ducted zones
Zone 1: Ground Floor + 1st Floor (total square foot = 2,400)
Zone 2: 2nd (top) Floor (total square foot = 3,000)
Floors are connected by 4 foot stairwell "tower" with landings on each floor.
This is a very tight house and needs ventilation.
Builder forgot to install ERV (in spec) until after home was 99% complete, drywall, trim, paint, etc.

Asked By Daniel Austin | Oct 13 15
3 Answers

Room above a garage

I have a room above a garage that I am turning into a bedroom 12/12 roof pitch Cape. The plan is mineral wool cavity insulation R-23 walls, Pro Clima Intello , 2 1/2" service cavity with r-10 rigid mineral wool.

Asked By Scott Goodman | Oct 14 15
9 Answers

Advice regarding adding insulation to log home with added siding

Hi, we have an unusual situation and I just want to make sure I'm not about to do something stupid! We have a log home that was not well-maintained, so we ended up putting board-and-batten siding over two of the walls to try and arrest the further decay of the logs. We couldn't afford to add insulation at the time. We ended up adding house wrap on top of the logs and then the builders put 2x4's horizontally along the logs (although in some places they had to build out further because of unevenness) and applied the siding.

Asked By Debbie Baskerville | Oct 12 15
3 Answers

Need help selecting MassSave cellulose densepack contractor

I know bunch of you are here from MA, so I figured I should ask here.
Contractor, that did insulation work on my house last year is no longer in MassSave program. One they recommended is booked literally into late spring and won't take on new bookings.

So now I need to find a contractor to pack my empty walls (clapboard siding). Any recommendation for solid contractor who can do the job in Waltham area? List is like 100 contractors long, so it is hard to pick.


Asked By Apollo S | Oct 7 15
8 Answers

What are your thoughts about studs left un-drywalled?

I saw photos on Houzz of exposed interior wall studs - Prentice Architects and HS2 Architecture.
What are your thoughts? The light is attractive. What are your thoughts?

Asked By Mary Schwaba | Sep 29 15
1 Answer

Retrofit insulation


I've got a 150yr old big house back house type farmhouse in Maine. Even though there was some blown in cellulous in the ballon frame construction, it's cold in the winter (exterior walls feel very cold to the touch).

I'm debating between the following for adding to the interior side of exterior walls right up against the lath and plaster:

1. Putting up sheets of foam with drywall backing (how many inches is the best efficiency/cost choice)? Any caveats?

2. Putting up a two by four frame then filling with roxul insulation

Asked By DJ | Oct 5 15
14 Answers

Ceiling insulation

Have several questions.

1. I found a lot of rigid foam (2.5 inch) in the ceiling which is laid over the cellulose insulation. I thought that the moisture will be kept under the foam. Do I need to take off all the rigid foam? or just leave it?

Asked By Ben Yoon | Sep 28 15
7 Answers

Vapor barrier on DIY walk-in cooler?

Hello, I need someone to answer a simple question for. I have searched the web and gotten conflicting answers.

I'm building a 15X20 walk-cooler that will be kept between 35-40 degrees F. This is for storing poultry eggs on a egg production farm in Milton Freewater, Oregon. (NE Oregon)

Three walls will be inside the larger barn structure, which will be kept between 60-80 degrees F, the fourth cooler wall is formed by the exterior barn wall, facing west.

The design completed so far is as follows;

Asked By Mahlon | Oct 4 15
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