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15 Answers

I know closed cell spray foam would be the best for this application but I simply can't afford it. I live in Chicago and am trying to finish my attic as a conditioned space I have a dog house dormer that has 3 1/2 " walls and I already have some r 15 fib batt ins.that I would like to fill the vertical space with. The roof of the dormer as well as the rest of the roof will accommodate 6" of extruded polystyrene which I also have on hand will this work? I know it isn't the best way but do I have any potential problems?The main roof is a hip roof. Please answer.It's getting cold here.

Asked By Richard Briede | Nov 5 12
3 Answers

What would be the best insulation choice for a chemically sensitive family whose primary concern is indoor air quality for the cathedral ceiling areas that have no attic space?

The home is at 6,000 ft elevation at LakeTahoe, Nevada.

Asked By Neil Adams | Nov 14 12
4 Answers

I priced spray foam and it was 3k so we want to use xps on the block walls and in the rim joist area. Since the 2x4 walls are only 1/2" from the block wall I can't fit any foam back there can I cut the foam to fit between the studs and fill the area behind the stud with canned foam?
Do I caulk the sill area or foam it?
The area above the block wall is the above grade wall and it has fiberglass batts and is 2"x6" framing then the 2"x4" frame is in front of that to make a flat wall to the ceiling how should this upper wall be insulate? XPS? Fiberglass a combo and how much R-value?

Asked By Kelli Cornwell | Nov 11 12
9 Answers

Had 6" blown cellulose added to our small 440-sf attic in spring 2010 (entire upstairs is 900 sf and balance of area beyond 440 sf is cathedral ceiling) ... The contractor installed a rigid insulation dam around the small whole-house fan (Tamarack 1600 Gold with 1150 cfm on low speed, we only use low and never high due to fan noise) ...

Asked By Bruce Sanford | Nov 6 12
6 Answers

Dear Sirs
Would you please guide me in understandingthe design for our new house ?
We live in Whitehorse,Yukon Territory, so our goal is super insulated, because
of our cold climate.

While Yukon is mostly a Subarctic/Arctic region, Whitehorse is much milder than the interior Yukon.
For example:
Average January temperature
Whitehorse -17.7C Old Crow -31.1
(the record daily low was -52.2 in 1947)
Average July temperature
Whitehorse +14.1C Old Crow +14.6C

Asked By D'Arcy Olynyk | Nov 1 12
7 Answers

It took me some time to specify Serious Windows, after Serious bought Alpen (note: Alpen has recently "bought back" the fiberglass window line), but in the last few years I've specified them three times. The first were white, the second painted almond and this third time we went with bronze, all standard colors. The bronze windows were delivered last month with a defective paint finish on the exterior; looked like an adhesion problem with a touch-up or second coat.

Asked By Rachel Wagner | Oct 30 12
8 Answers

by Ken Ackerman

Asked By Ken Ackerman | Nov 1 12
3 Answers

We did a major renovation over 10 years ago. As part of that reno we enclosed what used to be a porch. One forced hot water register was installed and the underside of the flooring was covered with insulation. The room is very cold. It is approximately 4 feet in the air supported on concrete filled tubes. Other than digging and pouring a foundation under this space is there anything else we can do.

Asked By daiva Neihardt | Oct 14 12
7 Answers

We have a nearly level site with a layer of clay below about a foot of topsoil, such that we've measured water less than six inches below the surface in the Spring.

Where would you install drain pipes for a floating slab that has only 18 inches to work with (see drawing)? We were planning on installing a second set of drain pipes closer to the surface to take the gutter water. There is very little slope across the property so draining to daylight will be difficult. Do you think we need the double exterior drains?

Asked By Elizabeth Kormos | Oct 11 12
10 Answers

We are having a very difficult time figuring out a WRB for our home in Massachusetts. After reading a great deal about house wraps and learning that condensed vapor trapped behind Tyvek rotted sheathing, we became afraid to use anything but 30-lb asphalt felt, feeling that it was "smart" and "forgiving".

But as we were shopping for Siga tape we learned about Majvest house wrap. We were told that its high permeability would let out trapped water (condensed vapor) because the water would vaporize and escape. Is this so?

Asked By Deb Davis | Oct 2 12
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