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5 Answers

Natural stone tile and 24" joists

Hi there, we are building a new house and the second floor is on 24" joists. We have put down thin set mortar, backerboard, followed by electric tile heat and then the leveler and now have cracks in the leveler- many of which run parallel to the joists and a few are at the seams of the backerboard. Our tile installer fears that the floor is moving too much since it is on 24" and does not recommend installing a natural stone product because it will crack. Unfortunately, we have already purchased and planned our dream bathroom.

Asked By Holly Austin | Mar 24 11
9 Answers

How can I be sure that the drywall my contractor will use on my home remodel will be safe?

I live in Utah and I understand that EcoRock will not be available until the end of the year. Are there other choices of drywall that I can suggest to my contractor so I can have the confidence that the product will not make my family sick?

Asked By Tracy Moon | Apr 5 10
2 Answers

Testing driveway for SRI?

we have a concrete driveway with a cement/slag mixture. we don't have any documentation on the SRI (solar reflectance index). how can we test it to see if we achieve 29 or better (for NAHB NGBS).

Asked By Holly Austin | Mar 24 11
15 Answers

Insulating options for open-web floor trusses

Would greatly appreciate the collective advice from the readers of GBA on the following:

I have 18" open-web floor trusses installed in a unconditioned garage with a conditioned room planned for above. Have had many opinions from insulation reps on how to insulate. Foam, flash & batt, blown cellulose/fiberglass, sprayed rock wool, and fiberglass batts.

Asked By john roy | Mar 15 11
21 Answers

Best way to Insulate around windows and doors from exterior

Hello, We are planning to replace our siding and want to properly insulate and flash around windows and doors while they are exposed,or what to look for when we remove the old siding The home was built in 1981 . The new siding will have new foamboard over the biltrite. Thank You

Asked By pete fabio | Mar 5 11
3 Answers

How do you create an unvented attic, i.e. bring the attic into the conditioned space?

The 2009 IRC says, in part, that an unvented attic requires R15 worth of Class 1 vapor retarder insulation applied directly to the bottom side of the structural sheathing. It was my intention to use 2.5" of polyisocyanurate against the sheathing, which in this case is 1x6 planks, and fill the rest of the 2x10 cavities with BIB cellulose. The project is in Climate Zone 4, there is 1/2" drywall on the ceiling joists and loose fill fiberglass in the ceiling joist spaces.

Asked By Paul J | Mar 10 11
5 Answers

What's the best way to ventilate a flat roof with an EPDM membrane?

I often design houses with low slope roofs, ranging from 1/4" per foot to 1" per foot. EPDM has been a reliable roofing material, but because of its lack of any permeability, the potential for condensation in the roof assembly is increased. One option to address this in the Colorado Front Range, seems to be to apply 2" of closed cell polyurethane to the underside of the roof sheathing and then fill the rest of the roof cavity with blown-in cellulose. This results in an unventilated roof cavity.

Asked By Steven Dodd | Apr 8 09
3 Answers
1 Answer

cedar shingles over log house

I want to install 18" cedar shingles over logs on a 20 year old log house. What is the best procedure. Thanks, Robert

Asked By robert nelson | Feb 9 11
3 Answers

What's a good penetrating sealer to protect a concrete floor from dog urine?

What is the best penetrating sealer for use on a polished concrete floor in terms of resistance to chemicals, specifically to urine (from dogs)?

I am having an existing concrete floor polished. I need the floor to be as resistant to dog urine as possible.
My contractors want to use Retropel, but they can provide no data on chemical resistance.

Asked By renate kinscheck | Feb 24 11
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