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2 Answers

How can I find help to install a solar water heated radiant floor in Houston, Texas?

I found your site searching the web for info on solar hater heaters. I want to install a drain back system in my work shop to heat the concret floor in the winter. Any suggestions as to how I can get knowledgeable help/vendor/installer in the Houston area?

Asked By Fred Foreman | Sep 27 09
4 Answers

I have a customer very concerned about limiting her family's exposure to terpene VOC's.

We're about to build the customer a new, 2-story house. At present, we're intending to build 2x6 wall frame with cavity walls filled with either cellulose or open-cell foam.

Any other observations about terpene sensitivity, or means of encapsulating terpene inside framing lumber would be greatly appreciated.

Also, do you think a typical layer of open cell foam under the roof deck will actually serve to encapsulate the terpenes in roof framing and decking members.


Asked By Dan Fette | Sep 16 09
5 Answers

Costs and energy savings for new construction

I'm meeting with the some people from our state's CID next week to talk about the costs of energy efficiency upgrades for new construction for when you go above and beyond code. Does anyone know of a good current source that gives average cost to energy savings / payback analyses for different EE upgrades?

Asked By Amanda Evans | Aug 21 09
4 Answers

How much does GBA Pro cost? Why so hard to find?

It's the first thought. Why not have it on the first page?

Asked By Keith McGuire | Jan 26 09
6 Answers

How much does it cost for IGU or BIPV?

Hi Guys!

Please help me out here! I'm interning at Carrasco & Associates, and I need to find out the following information for a commissioned project (project name may not be disclosed at this point in time). I need help on finding out the costs of a few numbers.

Asked By Peter Jones | May 20 09
2 Answers

How do you say thanks to the answering people?

I'm new to this question area and would like to thank those that have responded to my question - as a courtesy. How do you do it?

Asked By Arthur Ratner, AIA | Jun 25 09
0 Answers

Have condos gone green?

Do you know of any examples of condo managers or HOA's retrofitting existing condos for increased efficiency and sustainability? I'm interested in projects that have included more than just swapping out lightbulbs.

Thanks for any information you might have.

Todd Felton

Asked By Robert Todd Felton | Jun 23 09
2 Answers

How can I quantify the heat loss of brick masonry fire place?

I am trying to convince the owners of a small 800 sq ft cottage that the existing brick fire place should be removed as it will always be an out of control heat and cold conductor along with moisture transference and hard to seal air gaps in damper and contact with the wood structure. Fire places are now illegal where the house is anyway so it will never be used as one.
A blower door and infrared shows the air infiltration but not the daily, seasonally, hot and cold and moisture fluctuations.

Asked By terry nordbye | Mar 31 09
2 Answers

What is the best way to cool an atrium in the summer?

I conducted an energy audit on a 1600 sq ft earth contact home with an atrium. The room is 6x14 with a brick thermal-mass floor, south facing glazing and about 9 sq ft of skylights. Four grilles along the bottom interior wall and 4 registers at the top circulate air in the winter to the home. Conducting a blower door test I found out this small room leaks air at the rate of 1000 cfm. The pine board ceiling is connected to the attic. The AC runs continuously during the summer.

Asked By Bruce Chyka | May 22 09
3 Answers

Is installing cedar trim boards on top of bevel cedar siding a new way of letting the walls breathe?

I have a customer who just moved into this house and the inside,outside, and window trim boards are on top of the bevel cedar siding.I advised him that there is air infiltration and places for bugs. Another contractor told him it is the new way to let your walls breathe. I don't think it is, I would like some feedback. Thanks

Asked By Jerome Furlano | May 10 09
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