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1 Answer

Curbless shower with a PVC liner -- how to terminate the liner at the floor?

I'm installing a curbless shower----Concrete slab-on-grade with a sump for shower.
Using traditional method for shower floor---PVC liner, with pre-slope and top slope mud beds.
2x2 tile on shower floor and 18x18 travertine on bathroom floor.

My question is how to handle the waterproofing interface between my sump and the bathroom floor level (like where the curb would have been).

Asked By john walls | Oct 19 14
1 Answer

An outside, completely isolated, balcony column structure

In an outside, completely isolated, balcony column structure that must be finished in stucco and built using steel studs, would it be possible for any moisture damage in the inside of it if we were able to completely seal the inside from the elements? In a 4c zone, applying stucco to acrylic panels to make a stand-alone column.

Asked By peter mare | Oct 20 14
3 Answers

Can we install an HRV in our house now?

Our house is one year old, we live in Vancouver, 5000 sfu on three levels. We have duct venting for our Lennox Furnace, Air Conditioner, and Air filter. I have to run 3 upstairs bathroom fans to avoid moisture forming on the windows. We have only recently learned that the contractor did not install a HRV.

Do I have to install new ducting (which I can only image is a huge job) or can the existing vents somehow be used?


Asked By Mark Orsmond | Oct 18 14
2 Answers

Self-leveling compound

Hi there, I laid some engineered wood flooring on concrete with Mapei Ultraplan M20 self-leveling compound over a week ago. The bags said zero VOC premixed.

There was an awful sweet/fruity chemical smell when I mixed it. I called Mapei and they said it would go away when dry.

However, the smell is still here. I would have thought the underlayment (AirGuard Roberts 3-in-1) would cut the smell but it's bad.

I need to level plywood subfloors upstairs to finish this job and wondering if anyone can recommend an equivalent product that doesn't stink.

Asked By Brooke Beloso | Aug 8 14
4 Answers

Plastic or smart vapor barrier in zone 6?

My builder is planning on using a normal 6 mil vapor barrier on my new build ...the wall structure is R-22 fiberglass with 5 inches of EPS foam on the outside ....the building inspector says that is code ...

Asked By bob holodinsky | Oct 18 14
2 Answers

Catherdral ceiling insulation

We have a cape cod and are having a new roof installed. The stairs leading up to the second story, the cathedral part, with two rafter bays of 2x6's had no insulation in them. The roofers pulled the roofing deck and put in some batt insulation, (R30 with a plastic wrapping that had holes) and some attic cat they put in by hand. They also put in plastic baffles between the decking and the insulation. Unfortunately at the bottom of the rafters it is completely blocked off. So there will be no air being pulled in from the soffets. There isn't a way to get them open.

Asked By HD S | Oct 16 14
6 Answers

"Venstar Free Cooling"

I saw this in the instructions for a Venstar Thermostat, which is a fresh air intake to provide "free cooling" when the outside temp drops. The main return would close and the fresh air open with only the blower running.

I suppose that the fresh air intake should be the same size as my normal return (18") for the outside air to do anything right?

the drawing also shows a barometric damper at the return grille for pressure equalization.

Would this save me money in Sacramento CA? What are your thoughts...


Asked By Manny Manuel | Oct 15 14
27 Answers

My husband and I want to build an efficient house

My husband and I want to build an efficient house. The only problem is we are on a very tight budget.

Asked By K Nuss | Oct 11 14
6 Answers

Insulating an attic furnace room

I have a furnace in my attic around which the builder constructed an enclosure from 2X4 and foil-backed fiberglass insulation. I've been told the R-value of the insulation should be sufficient, but there is clearly air getting through at the seams and creating hot spots in the attic which then leads to ice dams etc. What is proper protocol for insulating these attic "furnace rooms"?

Asked By Patrick Finn | Oct 15 14
3 Answers

Vapor barrier

So where do you apply the termite treatment when placing on com. site?

It only make sense to get your sub grade, apply your termite treatment, then your vapor, then your gab, then your steel/wire, then your concrete.

Anything else would put your vapor at risk of being damaged, right?

That's with 4 inch and 4 inch concrete.

Asked By mike brackett | Oct 15 14
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