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0 Answers

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Asked By kpakjsope kpakjsope | Jan 29 15
11 Answers

Does a flexible stainless steel chimney flue really need an insulation wrap?

I am preparing to install a stainless steel flexible liner inside an unlined masonry chimney on an exterior wall to provide draft for a wood stove. Every internet website selling the liners stresses the need for an insulation wrap to keep the vapors warm, improve the draft, and diminish creasote buildup. This has also been emphysized at GBA for similar reasons on multiple occasions. The available wrap liners are typically alkaline earth silicate (AES).

Asked By W. Timothy Ward | Jan 26 15
0 Answers

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Asked By vfgvnbpzc vfgvnbpzc | Jan 28 15
0 Answers

Workshop/Garage Unvented Attic & Insulation Questions

I live in a mixed-dry area (Lubbock TX). Technically I am within Zone 3B but from a practical standpoint, I am right on the border of Zone 3B & 4B. We average about 18” of rain a year but it’s been much less in recent years.

Asked By D C | Jan 28 15
7 Answers

Flooring questions

Hi guys,
I just did the flooring in the basement, and on a different forum in the midst off a question got told off for the flooring I did.

I did concrete slab, 6 mil poly, 1 inch XPS, 1/2 inch OSB.

I was planning to put floor finishings on top. However I was told that it needs to be redone or else the wood will rot.

Does what I did look that bad? Is there a way out of it short of a re-do?


Asked By sr kod | Jan 27 15
6 Answers

How to insulate a block house?

i am rebuilding a small block house with a full basement in Northern Ohio. After researching the forum it seems like the consensus is to insulate the outside. My concern is that moisture in the walls from the ground or footings/slab will need to escape to the inside of the house since the rigid insulation XPS will create a vapor barrier on the outside. Any feedback or suggestions will be helpful. Jay

Asked By jay cooper | Jan 23 15
9 Answers

Should I install electric tankless hot water, a heat-pump water heater, or solar hot water?

So I'm in the process of specing out and finishing design on a Deep Energy Retrofit/Whole House Remodel on an old 1858 farmhouse.

House Demographics
We are in Zone 6a - NH.
PERSIST Technique is being used throughout.
R20 slab/R20 Sandwich Foundation walls/R40 above grade walls/R60 roof
We will have 9.3 kW of PV solar, and our current plans include two Solar Thermal Panels and and 80gallon Steibel-Eltron Water Heater/Storage Tank for our domestic hot water.....

Asked By brad hardie | Jan 23 15
8 Answers

WRB - Ice & Water Shield or Grace enV spray-on (to breathe or not to breathe)?

Zone-6A building a PERSIST type home with 8" of Neopor on the exterior. Should I wrap the sheathing in Grace Ice & Water or use a spray on WRB like Grace enV. The Ice & water doesn't breathe, and the enV does. No vapor barrier on the inside and currently there are no plans to insulate in the stud cavities.

Asked By brad hardie | Jan 26 15
2 Answers

Will adding more insulation in basement create a problem?


I've got a large basement space which I'm renovating into a living area. It's in zone 5, Ontario, Canada.

Floor, and Lower 2/3 of walls are bare concrete, upper 1/3 is fiberglass insulated stud wall with drywall.

Walls had been insulated with 1-1/2" of paper faced fiberglass bats between furring strips on which hung wood paneling. Paneling and fiberglass have been removed after 20-30 years, without any signs of mold.

Asked By Richard Baumgarten | Jan 26 15
3 Answers

Advice on rough finished new construction, Zone 5, top floor

Background: I did what I said I'd never do and bought a big house. I'm trying to house several older family members and my kids at this time in my life and I couldn't help it. The style, over built owner construction and 8 hard wooded acres hooked me. And the price was right. It's all finished except for the top floor. Which is where most of my advice will be needed. It's located in Middlesex County ma.

The 1250 sqf top floor has dormers and 1 skylight.. 2x6 walls and

Asked By stephen edge | Jan 25 15
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