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1 Answer

Passive Solar: is a tweak to increase orientation towards the south worth it?


Bald eagles and osprey are busy snatching fish from the lake. Migrating pelicans and loons are stopping by to feed. And we our readying for our May 15 passive solar cabin groundbreaking at 46 degrees N in Minnesota.

We are razing an old 500 sq ft cabin to make way for our 1,100 sq ft cabin that folks on this forum vetted previously regarding heat pump sizing.

Asked By Randy Bunney | Apr 24 15
3 Answers

Perforated metal used in Roxul rock board install?

I've read through this article and tried to contact /find contacts for the owners, but was unlucky. The link to their blog no longer works..

Asked By Lucyna de Barbaro | Apr 24 15
3 Answers

Sheathing moisture in a temperate climate

I don't want to sidetrack the discussion in the Blog on sheathing moisture, so I'll ask a related question here:
In a temperate but wet climate like the PNW, are seasonal elevated moisture levels more serious as the outside temperatures never get cold enough to inhibit rot or mold?

Asked By Malcolm Taylor | Apr 24 15
12 Answers

Door flashing

Need to know if these pics tell a good or bad story. thanks

Asked By RyobiJobSite | Apr 10 15
2 Answers

CFM and exhaust ducting

Hello folks,

Was going to install a 1500 CFM in our under construction build and suddenly found myself facing the MUA (make up air) dilemma.

I am told by my HVAC guy that for 1000 CFM, it would cost me $3200 for 2 dampers/louvers/ducting/upgrading the unit and one extra loop (geo). To upgrade to 1500 CFM, it would be close to $5200 which include all the above plus 2 extra loops.

Asked By beenash khan | Apr 22 15
15 Answers

'Finishing' above-grade Roxul Comfortboard: What are the best practices?

I'm building a new home. The exterior of the home, from the bottom of the basement to the edge of the roofline, is covered in 2" Roxul Comfortboard.

Asked By Ryan Lazuka | Apr 14 15
25 Answers

HPWH, HRV, bathroom vent, stove-top vent, make-up air, and balancing house ventilation

So ventilation or rather balanced ventilation seems so distant, especially when using a comprehensive ventilation strategy for all the appliances that need ventilation.

The house will be built in zone 6A, and is all electric, with PV - hoping for Net Zero.

Asked By brad hardie | Apr 9 15
1 Answer

Is it a good idea to condition a crawl space instead of insulating it?

what would be better for a crawl space/sleepers to insulate or to do a parameter insulation and condition the area with the house system
thanks in advance

Asked By Schlomo | Apr 20 15
16 Answers

Flooring questions

Hi guys,
I just did the flooring in the basement, and on a different forum in the midst off a question got told off for the flooring I did.

I did concrete slab, 6 mil poly, 1 inch XPS, 1/2 inch OSB.

I was planning to put floor finishings on top. However I was told that it needs to be redone or else the wood will rot.

Does what I did look that bad? Is there a way out of it short of a re-do?


Asked By sr kod | Jan 27 15
15 Answers

Request for comments on this wall mock-up.

CZ 6B - SW Colorado - 7000'

Asked By Chuck Jensen | Apr 18 15
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