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0 Answers

Insulating basement walls of old home in a cold climate

I live in a 1911 home in Duluth, Minnesota (Climate Zone 7A). I have started to insulate my basement walls to R-15 using 3 inches of XPS foam board. Because of the age of the home, our cold climate, and the presence of clay soils, the building inspector recommend that I remove the bottom two feet of insulation in the basement so that the walls are exposed near the basement floor to keep the concrete warm during the winter.

Asked By Brad Leick | Aug 31 15
6 Answers

Insulate cold water pipes

Replaced galvanized pipes wth copper about 15 years ago.
Current hot weather in California causes extreme heat in attic despite solar attic fan and gable vents.
Cold water in pipe line is extremely warm and warm water is now in toilets
Fear warm water may crack toilet tanks and ruin flooring.
How best to insulate these cold water pipes from water getting warm?
Company which did insulation spoke of 3" wall around these pipes.
Can you explain what this is and best way to insulate these pipes?

Asked By Paul Deleon | Aug 28 15
9 Answers

Does an 850-square-foot house have to have return air ducts?

I live on a slab one story home. I currently have an old forced air gas furnace that I would like to get replaced as well as install central air conditioning. I had a local contractor come out and quote a complete system and was told I would need all new ducts because I didn't have a return air system. The furnace currently is in a central closet with a large air grate on the side letting air back to the furnace. It is right in the middle of the house and I usually leave all doors to all bedrooms open. He quoted me $12000 for the whole job.

Asked By Brett Obraza | Aug 27 15
44 Answers

Re-roof and insulation question

I have a 22 year old home. It has a 25 year comp roof on it with 1/4" Foamcore insulation under it. I need to re-roof and wanted more insulation (thinking about 3/4" foam). Can I just run a 1" x 4" around the edge and put new drip edge and sheet over the old roofing with the foam and putt the new reflective comp roof over it? If so, what kind of foam do you recommend? Really appreciate your input. Thanks.

Asked By Ted Salyer | Aug 26 15
4 Answers

My project is insulating a 54 x 72 x14 pole barn in southwest Michigan

My project is insulating a 54 x 72 x14 pole barn in southwest Michigan.

I was able to purchase 4' x16'x 2" EPS foam sheets with foil on one side for a very reasonable price, (small imperfections) from a near by manufacture. I installed it in the walls, foil side...

In the ceiling I installed the EPS in the 4' space between the trusses, foil side down facing the interior, it will be covered with the interior steel liner and 14" of blown in insulation will be above. The building has a concrete floor with drains. I plan to heat with LP gas (infrared tube heaters).

Asked By Michael Schumacher | Aug 27 15
1 Answer


Editor's note: This is the second posting by Michael Schumacher on this topic. GBA likes to have all follow-up questions on the same thread, so the contents of Michael Schumacher's second post have been moved to the original thread. Here is the link to the original thread: My project is insulating a 54 x 72 x14 pole barn in southwest Michigan.

Asked By Michael Schumacher | Aug 27 15
1 Answer

Roof ventilation ideas

I'm trying to add attic ventilation for my whole house fan, as the manufacturer states that I need a total of 4.4 sq. ft. of free air. I currently have gable vents, but they're located right above a window and the attic air gets sucked right back into the house (even when the window is closed, to some degree, and I'd like to open that window anyway). So I'm thinking of sealing off the gable vents and getting all the ventilation from the roof.

Asked By Robert Shelton | Aug 26 15
14 Answers

Using a 'whole house like' fan for cooling

Have read your info on Whole House Fans, grew up with one and would like to use the concept. Would you comment and correct my thinking?

Asked By Ron Kliesch | Aug 25 15
2 Answers

Insulating a porch roof to create a four-season living space

I live in southeast Nebraska and I would like to turn an east-facing 19 by 8 ft. already enclosed porch with a concrete floor into a 4 season living space. there is no structure above the roof.

I don't see a way to vent the roof and would like to know if I used R-30 insulation and Reflex-it vapor barrier , with the proper dead air spacing and sealed it so very little if any water vapor could escape to get to the under side of the R-30 insulation , if I would be creating a problem with condensation.

Asked By Rick Eberly | Aug 25 15
3 Answers

Hardwood floor installation concerns

Hi, I hired pro installers to install Sound Sound Solution underlayment on plywood (2nd floor of an old farmhouse in Boulder, CO and put down reclaimed 2 21/4" oak hardwood strips. At the end of the installation day, (it was only 300 sq st, a long rectangular condo as 1/3 of the 2nd floor) I come to find out that the installer used Sound Solution's VAPOR BLOC (which I hadn't ordered or wanted), the installer used tubes of titebond (which had not occured to me that such a thing was going to be used), and also no expansion gap was left.

Asked By Mary Schwaba | Aug 23 15
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