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3 Answers

How does someone cancel subscription when there seems to be no way out??

Could someone guide me in the cancellation of membership? it doesn't seem like it is possible to do so.

Thank you

Asked By James Someone | May 27 17
2 Answers

Attic insulation in SF Bay

Apologies in advance for what feels like a question that's probably asked too often, but I haven't been able to find the answer on your site.

Can anyone offer any suggestions for finding good contractors? I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, and of all places I would think I could find some experts in green construction out here. But Yelp and Consumer Checkbook don't strike me as the best of options because the consumers who do the ratings might not know the difference.

I want some insulation in my attic, or possibly a foam roof, or someone who can guide me one way or the other.

Asked By Robert Shelton | May 22 17
3 Answers

Bathroom exhaust ducting plan

I'm in the process of roughing in a new bathroom in my basement. I'm looking for feedback on my exhaust fan plan. Bathroom is 5x11, eight foot walls. The fan will sit in the joist bay (obviously) and the duct will run about one foot in the bay to the wall, where I then need to drop the duct below the joist to run it along the wall in a chase for about 18 feet. At that point I hit a plumbing obstruction (main stack). I plan to use flexible duct for the first two feet, PVC for the next 15ish and flexible again at the end to get around the stack.

Asked By adam stanton | May 25 17
8 Answers

Rock wool vs. EPS exterior wall insulation

I am trying to decide between these two exterior insulation types for a house:
- 200 m2, flat roof
- built with Thermo brick (like f.e. Porotherm)
- ETICS/EIFS insulation system
- location: Croatia, the climate is corresponding to Philadelphia

Trying to achieve at least ~35 kwh/m2/a. Probably will end up better, since ERV is also planned (Zehnder ComfoAir Q350), and most glass will be on an unobstructed south side.

Asked By Davor Radman | May 26 17
4 Answers

Attic baffle height

I'm going to be blowing in cellulose into my attic. I've installed ventilation baffles, but I'm wondering how much cellulose I can add? How much higher does the top of the baffle need to be compared to the level of the loose cellulose? Thanks. -Andrew

Asked By Andrew G | May 25 17
18 Answers

How to fix my unvented cathedral ceiling roof assembly?

We tried to build a house with a fairly tight envelope based on reading I could find. Well, apparently I messed up, so really want some advise before I mess things up more.
House is in central Missouri( zone 4, but real close to 5). Small, 750 sf but with an open loft making it about 940sf. Sealed Concrete slab as the finished floor, and new construction ( under roof in may but moved in The next January). Red metal roof and one side of that faces north..
Walls are 2x4 and we used open cell foam with 1/4" foam inside the studs as an air ( not vapor) barrier.

Asked By Brenda K | Feb 16 17
3 Answers

Insulating a shed roof addition from the 60s

Hello Folks:

Asked By Josh Dudeck | May 24 17
6 Answers

Help with vapor barrier - On-grade engineered wood

Hello All. Thanks for a great site. I have been reading quite a few Q&A regarding this topic but seems to be still confused. So I appreciate any assistance.

The home is located in the Dallas area (zone 3a I guess) and was built in 2010 with a plastic vapor barrier under the slab. There's also gutters and grading all around.

I'm trying to install engineered wood [flooring] on the first floor (on grade) and based on the consensus here is to put another vapor barrier on top of the slab as a safety measure in the long run. This is where I get confused.

Asked By Ram777 | May 22 17
7 Answers

Electrical configuration for property

Attached is a diagram of our property. The barn is build and most of the driveway is in.
Our electricity supply comes from the street to the south. It is to be buried, and a transformer will be placed near the house/garage.
We will want power to the house, barn, garage and water pump. Solar panels will likely be on the steeply pitch roof of the garage.
Any insights on how this might be configured/ located?
Utility room om the house is in the NE corner.

Asked By Steve Young | May 10 17
6 Answers

Best way to insulate crawl space in new build

Hi. I've asked this question before about an existing house, but now I'm building a new house and would like to make sure we get this right. Thank you to everyone who contributes here. Your insight is beyond helpful.

Asked By Cherylann Schieber | May 19 17
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