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0 Answers

Load Specs- understanding manufacturer's fastener spec

Hello again GBAer's

I'm having trouble interpreting a load spec for a Simpson fastener (SDWS221000DB). Looking at a table that addresses my specific application (furring strip on 6" of exterior board foam insulation, 16" studs), the heading of the table reads:

"Maximum Allowable Cladding Weight to be Supported (psf)"

This seems fairly clear, except doesn't 'psf' refer to a _pressure_? But this wouldn't make much sense.

Asked By Gerald Pehl | Feb 26 17
27 Answers

SIP roof issues

Hi Everyone.

I was listening to Mr. Holladay on the FHB podcast and started getting nervous about my SIP roof built 3 years ago.. We live in central Washington and the climate is pretty cold in the winter (mid 20's) and hot in the summer (upper 90's). The humidity levels are low year round. We get about 2-3 of snow on the ground by February. The roof is 1/2:12 pitch and is 64'x32'. The bottom seams of the panels were taped, although the tape didn't seem to stick all that well. The humidity in the house is around 28-32% year round. The ceiling is painted drywall.

Asked By Matt Melton | Feb 17 17
2 Answers

Homemade walk-in cooler

I'm about to build a 10'x14'x8' cooler for my farm, using a 24,000btu window unit and a CoolBot to reach a temperature of 40-45F. I'm using layers of 2" eps rigid foam with foil backer (it was the best deal I could find on Craigslist) to reach a minimum of r-25 throughout, and 15 mil plastic as a vapor barrier.
First question: should the insulation be on the interior of the framed walls and vapor barrier over the insulation, or vapor barrier then insulation.
Second question: is there a way to build a foundation below grade--to avoid any steps-- without pouring concrete?

Asked By Matthew Ervin | Feb 25 17
2 Answers

Living proof you can be energy efficient in a cost effective way

Several years ago I participated in the forums here while also reading up on Passive Solar House construction techniques. I used what I learned here from Martin Halladay and others (especially TJ Holloway of Efficiency VT) as well as the tool REMDesign to design a super energy efficienct second home in northern VT.

About 16 months ago my wife and I sold our MA home and moved to our VT home making it our primary residence.

Asked By Jay Hersh | Feb 25 17
1 Answer

Rigid Foam

I'm need to insulate my second floor cathedral garage ceiling and live in upstate NY. It has 2x10 joists and I want to get the most bang for my buck. I've looked at closed cell spray foam and its just not in the budget. So my plan is to use 1 inch rigid foam with a 1 inch gap to create my baffles, then use Roxul R30 that should fill the 9.25 cavity perfect to give me a estimated R rating of about 35 and then cover it with OSB. My question is do I need a vapor barrier in between the studs and the interior OSB?

Asked By Steven Miller | Feb 25 17
13 Answers

Vented or Unvented Cathedral Roof for Tiny House?


I am designing a tiny house and am wondering whether to go 'Vented' or 'Unvented' with the cathedral roof? I'd like get the best performance possible so a second opinion about my proposed assembly would be great. I've attached my current details. I live in climate zone 4, West Kootenays, BC.

Asked By Steven Meldrum | Feb 20 17
3 Answers

How to get notifications from comments

Hello GBA.

I'm getting notifications of comments to questions that I ask, but I'd also like to get notifications when from _other_ threads, especially threads that I comment on.

Is there a way to do that?

Thanks in advance!

Asked By Gerald Pehl | Feb 19 17
3 Answers

Minimum continuous insulation thickness vs. fastening requirements

Climate Zone 3, central Oklahoma. I'm struggling with my wall assembly detail given the fastening requirements of the engineered wood siding I'm considering. Assembly: 2x6 stud, osb, housewrap, 1.0 inch rigid foam, 0.25 inch rainscreen wrap like houseslicker, 0.375 inch LP smartside panel siding, 0.625 inch smartside trim battens

Asked By Inger Peters | Feb 22 17
6 Answers

Paint OSB subfloor to protect from rain during slow construction?

The house I'm building in central Arizona has a subfloor of 23/32" Norbord Truflor OSB on i-joists over a ventilated crawlspace. I'm building by myself and very slowly, so it might take me three months before I have walls and a roof. In the meantime, I've considered protecting the OSB from weather by painting it with Rust-Oleum Porch and Floor, which is designed to withstand sun and occasional puddles of water. On average, my location will get 6 days/1.2 inches of rain in March, 3 days/0.7 inches in April, and 2.1 days/0.3 inches in May.

Asked By Jeff Cooper | Feb 21 17
1 Answer

Insulating attic rafters

I'm looking for some advice on the proper method to insulate attic rafters. We moved to the mid Atlantic a year and a half ago. Our home is a two story colonial with a vented walk up attic. After experiencing the seasons in our new home. We've come to the determination that we need to somehow condition our attic space. Due to the ceiling only being 6'3" the entire length of the house, we realize that the space cannot be livable (lesson learned). It currently has a ridge vent and screened vents on each end of the house. There are no soffit vents. I've priced spray foam -$6000.

Asked By lifeguide | Feb 22 17
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