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0 Answers

Zone 7 wall help - 2" foam exterior, 3/4" plywood to interior - need vapor retarder?

Need help on this wall. Live in far northern MN. Talked with the local building inspector and found out that he is insisting on me using an interior vapor retarder (class II) on a high-r wall that I would like to use. After 25+ years in the window/door industry and seeing the damage that a "tight" wall can do, I am trying to avoid this. Any help would be much appreciated/

Here's the rundown of the wall construction.....exterior to interior

* House wrap
* 2" insulated sheathing (XPS, etc.)
* 2x6 studs
* Cellulose fill insulation

Asked By brett mattson | Aug 3 15
3 Answers

Window sizes and shapes?

Is there any rhyme or reason to window sizes and shapes? I know that bedrooms have minimum width, and area along with a maximum height above floor level for egress but other than those requirements what determines how many and how big? For "day-lighting" what ratio of window area to room area is minimum or recommended? Reason I ask: I'd like to minimize the window area on the North, East and West while maximizing South facing windows which will have appropriate overhangs.

Asked By Jerry Liebler | Aug 2 15
1 Answer

Open-cell foam in an old home

We just purchased an 100+ yr old home that has been updated with new plumbing, wiring, and HVac units. There is a new metal roof on the home. There is an area over one of the bedrooms upstairs that is inaccessible for insulation. The room is hotter than the others. We can get some insulation blown in the area. We are trying to decide between open cell foam for the remaining attic or more regular fiberglass insulation. I've read a lot about open cell foam. My concerns are:
1) the area that can't be accessed. Will this let in moisture and cause a problem

Asked By Ashlee Melendez | Aug 2 15
4 Answers

Minimal maintenance grout

Hello All,

Tried searching the archives but couldn't find anything. Looking to get some info on grout that requires minimal maintenance.

My tile guy uses "TEC grout" but I have heard good things about " The Power Grout" by AccuColorEFX which I think is Epoxy mixed or something like that.

Possible for GBA experts give us their expert feedback?



Asked By Beenash Khan | Aug 1 15
10 Answers

Is it OK for a basement floor slab on slab edge on only 3 sides?

I am having a new house built and when I looked at the foundation there was a floor slab edge only on 3 sides and when I called the general contractor he told me the concrete contractor had already poured the floor and said it was all fine. the rest of the concrete work looks fine, but missing the slab edge on one side worries me and I don't know what to do???

Asked By Steve May | Jul 30 15
13 Answers

Household humidity

Lots of numbers. Thermostat reads 52% humidity, HRV control reads 49% humidity. The Hobo reads 56.5% relative humidity. The sling psychrometer has wet bulb 66, dry 72, which is 76% relative humidity. So how humid is this place?

Asked By Walter Gayeski | Jul 30 15
1 Answer

Mini split in the living room: Comfortable?

I would assume that putting a mini split right in front of a couch or chair would cause discomfort from the cold air in the summer and the blowing air in the winter? Is there a rule of thumb on how far away a mini split should be located from where people will be sitting?

Asked By Clay Whitenack | Jul 31 15
5 Answers

Flogging the half dead vapor barrier horse…

At the risk of being heaped with much deserved abuse I have a yet more vapor barrier questions.

I am in the process of designing my new home and have settled on a double stud wall construction with a load bearing inner shear wall, a sheathed 2x3 framed outer wall and dense cellulose insulation.

Asked By L. M. | Jul 26 15
7 Answers

How to hire a tiling contractor?


The two local well known tile person are both tied up and can't work on our house since the builder didn't line them up when he should have.

I am in the process of interviewing the tile guys and was wondering what do I need to ask them to see if they know what they are doing?

secondly, also when I go look at their work, what am I suppose to be looking at?

Thirdly, any important tips that I need to know/ask the tile guy for laying down marble/Limestone tiles on the floor and regular tiles in the shower?

Asked By beenash khan | Jul 29 15
4 Answers

Outlet air sealing

Location: Chicago Suburbs, Zone 5
I have a question on low voltage wiring for new construction of a residential house.
The wiring would be for network (CAT), Control, Audio, CATV, etc….
I see that there are “open backed boxes/brackets” (Carlon), “closed boxes” (120V type), and “air-sealed” boxes (gasket).

I am conscious of air sealing (techniques) and will also be using a sprayed insulation solution in the exterior walls.

Asked By Ani Brown | Jul 29 15
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