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12 Answers

How to prevent moisture/condensation in building prohibited from using insulation?

I am building a small cottage that by code is prohibited from using any insulation (so as to prevent its use as a full time dwelling). It is a simple wood framed structure with drywall interiors that has A/C but not heat and will be used only in the summers (northeast US climate).

Asked By bsgsjkbn23450 | Jun 28 17
4 Answers

Capillary break product that will soak into concrete?

I asked a before about the need for a capillary break between the footing and the poured 5,000 lb. basement wall. I was told that I still need one. My foundation company has documentation that states it isn't need for 5,000 lb. concrete. They agree to put a capillary break in on top of the footing if it will soak in. They said one customer put Thompsons water seal on.

Is there a good product that would serve this purpose? Hopefully readily available.


Asked By Jim Sweazey | Jun 28 17
1 Answer

Is the new Insignia TG2 window a solid high-end window?

We're looking at replacing original builder's grade windows (installed 1996) with the new Insignia TG2 produced by Alside. Apex is the company representing and I've seen all types of reviews on Apex. My question is not about Apex but rather the window itself. According to the specs it appears to be a very good window. We're considering replacing 18 windows with the Insignia TG2 for $10,000 including installation. Would like your opinion on the window. it's made of 100% UPVC, triple pane, R7, G8 trim coil, and a true slope. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Asked By Morale | Jun 28 17
7 Answers

Heating and cooling load calculations


So the plans for my house are complete and now I need to get load calculations done, anyone know of any good company's in Southern Ontario( Toronto area).

Would like to use Mini splits, the house is going to be tight and well insulated. So hopefully I can find someone that can understand my needs and not just try to sell over-sized unit.

With determining R-value of a wall that will have 6" of Polyiso on the outside of a 2x4 stud wall filled with R14 Roxul, what rating would I use on the Polyiso knowing the outer will de-rate some.?

Asked By Dave B | Jun 28 17
1 Answer

Structural masonry joist pocket retrofit

I am doing a complete retrofit of a 1910 masonry 4-square. The foundation is rubble with structural brick wythes x3 for the walls. The rubble foundation terminates about 36" above grade at its lowest point. At this point, the 1st floor joists are pocketed into the brick work. There is approximately 4" of rubble ledge then 5" or so of brick penetration for the joist pocket.

Asked By Sam Onuska | Jun 27 17
5 Answers

What type of sealant?

I am retrofitting a window into a 1985 wood framed stucco house in Southern California. It has something like a grade D paper behind the stucco. I am using 15# felt to repair the damaged paper around the window opening. The window will be set on to the 15# felt. The flashed with a peek & stick flashing. So I need a tube type sealant that will stick 15# felt to a Anderson 100 FIBREX window frame.
What type of sealant should I use to set the window to the 15# felt?

Asked By Tim R | Jun 27 17
8 Answers

Is Thoroseal good for the capillary break on footing?

I'm looking for something that can be applied to green concrete (7 days after pour ok) that would provide the capillary break on top of the footing before the foundation wall is poured. Is Super Thoroseal (or regular Thoroseal or Thoroseal foundation coating) going to work?

Asked By e c | Sep 15 14
1 Answer

Asphalt-compatible waterproofing material?

I'm looking to waterproof the exterior of our foundation (along with drainage board, footing drain, etc.)

I was looking at Masterseal HLM 5000. However, we have a bit of damp-proofing that was applied -- some type of asphalt emulsion that was slathered just between the footing and wall joint.

I contacted BASF to see if we could just leave the asphalt emulsion in place and apply the HLM 5000 over it, and they said no... that it would need to be removed.

Asked By Maurice A | Jun 25 17
28 Answers

Exterior foam and fires

There has been a fire that gutted a high rise apartment building in London. It appears to have spread through the foam-filled exterior cladding panels. Similar fires have occurred in tall buildings in Dubai.

While the situations aren't directly analogous, I wonder if there are any lesson here for builders contemplating the use of exterior foam?

Asked By Malcolm Taylor | Jun 14 17
10 Answers

How does someone cancel subscription when there seems to be no way out??

Could someone guide me in the cancellation of membership? it doesn't seem like it is possible to do so.

Thank you

Asked By James Someone | May 27 17
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