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2 Answers

A-frame construction details

Are there any resources for A frame construction details? Planning a new build in zone 5. I have a footprint, but no direction on roof framing construction, materials or insulation.

Asked By Danny Johnson | May 31 18
9 Answers

Not so dry Tuff N Dri

The concrete sub sprayed my poured basement wall a week ago, slapped on tremco warm n dri board, drain tile and laid 18 inches of gravel in the same day. Has been raining some every day since and still not dry in spots. The brick ledge has washed off some as you can see streaks of the liquid asphalt here and there soaked through the fiberglass barrier board. Have trench footing so there has been standing water and concerned about the exterior wall footing joint. I cannot imagine the tuff and dri cured correctly down there.

Asked By Martin Luther | May 30 18
1 Answer

Another unvented roof question....

I've read through the wealth of information on this site (thanks) and others concerning unvented roof assemblies.

New house construction, with a 3/12 cathedral roof (shed), no penetrations, with a truss depth of 22 inches. Zone 6

I was considering the following method, from the ceiling to the roofing material.

-Furring strips
-Siga Majrex, entire interior of the structure.
-22" of dense pack cellulose insulation, r-value of close to 80
-5/8 ply
-Siga Majavest
-2X furring strips
-1/2 ply
-Siga Majavest
-Standing seam metal roofing

Asked By Brad Lamson | May 31 18
11 Answers

Cooling a west-facing house in an equatorial climate

Hi All,

I am currently living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Malaysia has an equatorial climate that has a high of 93 °F and a low of 77 °F. The early evenings are usually 84 °F tapering off to 80 °F at midnight.

The house is very hot especially the top floor where the bedrooms are situated. It is quite usual for the top floor to remain at 89 °F throughout the night.

My house is 2.5 storeys and faces west with a lot of windows. I have tinted these windows with solar film. I cannot shade the house as I do not own the land beside it.

Asked By Luke Wood | Oct 5 16
13 Answers

Dirty electric from minisplit ductless heat and air conditioning

I saw a u tube video on a Fujitsu mini split system air/heat...where a building biologist specialist was testing a persons house for dirty energy. He found from the box on the outside of the house had very high amount of electro magnetic interference... and determined that it came from a Fujitsu Mini Split system... he used filters to try to eliminate the energy...which worked for everything but the Fujitsu System. He said the spikes were the same type that causes occular melanoma cancer.

Asked By Arleendv | May 30 18
1 Answer

Block wall for soundproofing?

I'm taking a space that I can install a block wall on two or 3 sides of the space. My floor is a slab not a post and pier so it can hold the weight. I could fill the block with cement or foam. Will that quiet down the inherant noise in a fairly public space?

Asked By Piscina | May 29 18
17 Answers

Roof design

This rear roof includes a shed dormer, two large walkout dormers, and various roofing materials including a flat EPDM roof over a large addition as well as garage bonus room. There was formerly a wooden deck over the large addition, which was not replaced following a major storm 10+ years ago (previous owner regretted not replacing the deck).

Asked By FrankFulton | May 27 18
7 Answers

Fasteners for concrete, brick, and CMUs

For an upcoming article on fastening various materials to concrete walls, brick walls, and CMU walls, I'd like to hear about your favorite fasteners.

I'm looking at fastening three types of materials:
1. 1x4 furring strips directly to a concrete wall, brick wall, or CMU wall.
2. 2x4 furring strips directly to a concrete wall, brick wall, or CMU wall.
3. Continuous rigid foam (2 inches thick or more) directly to a concrete wall, brick wall, or CMU wall.

I will also look at a fourth situation:

Asked By Martin Holladay | May 23 18
3 Answers

Egress Question


This is a dumb egress question. If a small 12'x16' cabin was built (one room + one bathroom), would any of the windows need to meet egress? There will be an exterior door obviously. If there are no walls inside, would the exterior door count as a means of egress?


Asked By John Brown | May 25 18
2 Answers

Grab bars in universal design energy pretty good house


We are building a pretty good house in Colorado zone 6b. The master shower is 4x5 curbless, we a built in bench. We had planned for a full glass wall between the shower and the commode. But I am thinking a half wall instead with glass extending from the half wall. And install grab bars on the shower and commode sides.

Our GC says that since it is a slab on grade with infloor radiant heat it is going to be hard to do the half wall sturdy enough for the grab bars.

He says I can have grab bars on the glass shower wall, but somehow that doesn’t seem right.

Asked By Lydia Segal | May 26 18
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