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0 Answers

solar home for sale

Great website! I am putting my 100% solar home on the market soon and wondered if anyone has suggestions of places to post it so that a like minded person can find it. It is a real nature sanctuary on my 5 acres and I want someone with a small footprint to come and fill mine. Thanks for your ideas!

Asked By Cheryl Nichols | Mar 29 09
1 Answer

This site looks great, how relevant is it to Canadian code and product avaliability?

I live in Calgary, Alberta and am very interested in green building and renovating. As I learn more, I realize that a lot of the information is U.S. specific. Any info would be appreciated.

Asked By Colin Hume | Mar 26 09
2 Answers

cantilever steps

I want to move my steps- inside. I want to have cantilever steps, but can't find any places that make them. As this is residential, it seems to make it even harder to find someone.
Also, I have 6 inch solid concrete exterior walls- will it be safe to attach cantilevers to the wall- I wouldn't think I would use more than a 2-3 inch 'bolt' or other attachment to the wall- would it disrupt the integrity of the wall. I live in an earthberm home and that wall is covered with dirt.

Asked By Deb Cirner | Feb 11 09
3 Answers

Anyone know of a good resource to find an example of a Homeowner's Manual for NAHB's Green Building Program?

I'm looking for a resource, peer group, etc. for help in putting together information for NAHB's Green Building Program. Specifically, in this thread, I'm looking for an example of a Homeowner's manual required to get points in the homeowner education section. It would be very helpful to see some examples and/or templates to base our manual on. Being the first builder in our market to build only green homes has proven to be challenging as the learning curve is great. Any help would be great.

Asked By James Fincher | Feb 19 09
2 Answers

Has anyone out there completed or is in the process of completing the Sustainable Design Certificate with the BAC?

If so, what do you think? Is it worthwhile? What about the fact that it's entirely online? If you've completed it, are you finding that employers are recognizing it as a valued credential? If you're self-employed, was it worth the time and expense? Thanks.

Asked By Andrew Calise | Feb 25 09
2 Answers

Geothermal Energy

Which Geothermal Energy company is available for a project in Miami, Fl

Asked By ximena osorio | Feb 6 09
1 Answer

Light cans in lid

Sorry this got posted first as an answer!
In the case of a retro and the cans were not direct contact what would you think about making a chicken wire basket/dome around the can and mounding the insulation around it? Other burning question is I would think since compact floresent bulbs don't get as hot as incandesent the problem of close can contact with insulation may not be a problem at all, what do you think?

Asked By terry nordbye | Feb 15 09
1 Answer

Details and the building code

I was looking over the sample detail
Does this detail meet code? has this been tested or rated?
Looks like the structural sheathing is on top of the rigid insulation...compromising the connection of the structural sheathing to the framing.

Asked By John Brooks | Jan 24 09
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