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3 Answers

Where can I find a green building contractor?


It's difficult to find who in my area is familiar with green building techniques. For example, we will redo the siding to cement board, put in new windows and reroof, and contractors I speak to are inexperienced with putting a layer of rigid foam underneath this.

Where is there a database of green contractors for my area?
The Delaware valley green building association doesn't have any info like this.
thanks very much!

Asked By sarah clarke | May 26 18
0 Answers

ICON siding from CertainTeed

1.) Does anyone have experience with this product. It is new from CertainTeed, and has the look and feel of Hardie plank(cement) siding, but is lighter weight. I hate to be a guinea pig (at least the first one), but its lighter weight seems that it would be easier to install, avoid some cracking, etc problems that I have heard from my supplier.
2,) Any idea of the price compared to Hardie plank? I have a feeling the distributor is pushing us toward Hardie.

Asked By user-6870177 | May 26 18
5 Answers

Purchasing/DIY single mini-split

We have a poorly insulated, 260sqft finished bonus room above our garage. I just removed a 23yo TWO TON AC unit (!). There is baseboard electric heating.

What is the best way to purchase a single minisplit for this space and hire an hourly HVAC installer (eg, someone moonlighting by the hour)?

Asked By FrankFulton | May 25 18
8 Answers

Should I insulate and/or heat my unfinished basement?

I have a 100 year old house in Georgia with an unfinished basement. We have no intentions of finishing the basement but we do want to use it for storage and a place for our dogs to sleep when we are at work. The floor is a concrete slab with a vapor barrier under the slab. The foundation walls are mostly above grade and are a mix of brick piers with brick and cmu infill. There are currently no water issues. The walls have several foundation vents that we close in winter.

Asked By J Greene | May 24 18
10 Answers

Spray foam questions

Hello all, thanks for any help in advanced.

Asked By Stanger133 | May 20 18
3 Answers

Air sealing near soffit question

Hi there everyone, first time poster here. I am in the process of air sealing my attic, in addition to installing baffles so that I can add insulation on top of the existing fiberglass batts that are in between the joists in my attic.

Asked By DrJimesTooperMD | May 23 18
4 Answers

Tyvek over foil-faced polyiso

I was looking a the spec sheets for foil faced polyisocyanurate and it gives an R value for the foam and then a R value of the foam with an air space. For example, the 3/4" foam has an R value of 5, but the R value of the foam with 3/4" reflective air space is 7.5. If I'm installing foam, covered in Tyvek then 3/4" furring strips with siding, do I have the reflective air space to get the R of 7.5 since the Tyvek is directly over the foil facing?

Asked By E247 | May 19 18
7 Answers

Sound transmission and ventilation

From a practical perspective the ideal ventilation system might be a fan (or HRV) connected by several very short runs to the rooms it serves.

Is there a point where the runs are too short and form a path for sound transmission between the rooms? Do the small ducts used by systems such as the Zender work better at preserving acoustical privacy? should the ducts be configured so they all enter the fan or core so that there is no shortcut for sound transmission?

Asked By Malcolm Taylor | May 18 18
2 Answers

High Sierra Showheads, any reviews


We are building a pretty good house in Colorado, zone 6b. There will be a master bath with a curbless shower that will have a bench and also standing area. Separately we will have a tub shower combo. My husband likes both a regular shower head and hand held, in some configuration.

We would like all metal parts for their reliability, but the number of companies that offer that without charging loads of money is limited. Also water sense rated, low flow also is a preference. Any suggestions? I can across High Sierra Showerheads, any feedback from users?

Thanks in advance,

Asked By LYDIA SEGAL | May 19 18
1 Answer

How to insulate a gambrel roof?

I have a house with a gambrel roof and every year I have major ice dam issues as well as interior wall damage on the lower pitch on the second floor. I have attached a few pictures of the problem as well as photos of the original plan sheets.
I am in need of re-roofing the house this year and I would like to fix the problem.
Is there a fix? This rafters on this house are 2X4's.

Asked By Darwyn Heme | May 18 18
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