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6 Answers

Why haven't solar heat and photovoltaic panels been combined in one product?

The availability of appropriately oriented roof space for both would seem to make it a no-brainer to apply a thin film photovoltaic onto the cover of a solar heat panel. Sure, some efficiency of heat gain might be lost but you'd be getting electricity generation!

Any ideas?

Asked By Stephen Fields | Mar 21 09
7 Answers

How does the national Green Building standard rate vs energy star

I am a builder in Montgomery County Maryland. The County Council has mandated that by 2010 all new homes must be energy star rated. The bill also leaves the door open for alternatives that are comparable. I need to be able to have the information available for the Department of Environmental Control that compares a home that is rated by both Energy star and The national Green Building Standard to demonstrate that the national Green Building Standard would be a viable additional alternative for a builder to choose when building a new home in the County.

Asked By Andy Rosenthal | Apr 27 09
2 Answers

Dallas next week

How many of you will be in Dallas for the National Green Building Conference next week? If you're there, please stop by our booth and say hello. Peter Yost, Rob Wotzak, and I will be there and we'd love to meet some of you.

Asked By Daniel Morrison | May 2 09
2 Answers

Advice for a Green Electrician?

I got a question from an electrician the other day, "What can I do to be a green electrician?"

Off the top of my head, I said:
1. Become well acquainted with energy saving switches for lights, fans, and heating/cooling equipment. Also learn about wireless switches for remodeling and programmable thermostats.

2. Learn how to pull wire through SIPs and ICFs as well as how to deal with spray foam insulation in framing cavities.

3. Don't complain about doing things differently. Look for opportunities to learn new tricks and set yourself apart from Bubba.

Asked By Daniel Morrison | Apr 26 09
1 Answer

Can I use 3/4" foil-faced and backed rigid insulation as an insulation baffle?

...for venting a roof with a soffit-to-ridge venting system?

Asked By Mike Schilke | Apr 21 09
1 Answer

Stucco over Brick

I am working on a retrofit project that currently has a brick exterior.

I believe the assembly is:

Drywall, cellulose filled 2x4 walls, fiber-based insulating sheathing, building paper, brick

I thinking of gluing rigid foam insulation to the brick, adding a drainage plane and then stucco.

Does anyone know of a problem with burying the brick in the wall like this?

Thanks for the help,

- Ron

Asked By Ron Flax | Apr 15 09
0 Answers

Great green products for a Habitat for Humanity home

I am designing a home for Habitat for Humanity in a mixed-humid climate. I am trying to find great green products to use while keeping our construction cost to under $35,000. Specifically, I am trying to find some good windows and carpeting, but any other material recommendations would be welcome.

Asked By David Quillin | Apr 2 09
2 Answers

Who Pays for Net-Zero?

Imagine a large home with a good envelope and enough PV or Wind Energy to "Sell the surplus".
Can or does "the Grid" really use the surplus?
Has the Zero Energy Home really "zeroed-out" its impact at the power plant?

Asked By John Brooks | Mar 31 09
0 Answers

solar home for sale

Great website! I am putting my 100% solar home on the market soon and wondered if anyone has suggestions of places to post it so that a like minded person can find it. It is a real nature sanctuary on my 5 acres and I want someone with a small footprint to come and fill mine. Thanks for your ideas!

Asked By Cheryl Nichols | Mar 29 09
1 Answer

This site looks great, how relevant is it to Canadian code and product avaliability?

I live in Calgary, Alberta and am very interested in green building and renovating. As I learn more, I realize that a lot of the information is U.S. specific. Any info would be appreciated.

Asked By Colin Hume | Mar 26 09
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