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3 Answers

radiant flooring and rugs

I have radiant flooring and need rugs by doors so visitors can wipe their shoes..I do have rugs outside, but still would want to put inside..Shoes off in the cold and rain..

The rugs I would like have rubber backing...Rugs would not cover a large area.



Asked By Bella Rose | May 5 18
0 Answers

Free ICFs available in Boston area

I have FREE to anyone, left over Integra-spec ICF forms. Boston area. (1) unopened bundle of forms. (4) inside/ outside corner blocks. (2) pcs of Taper Top forms. I hate for these to end up in a landfill via my dumpster. Add is currently on Craigslist boston Materials with more details and contact info.

Asked By Dirk Gently | May 7 18
5 Answers

How can I improve indoor humidity?

My home has high indoor humidity in the summer (~60% to 65%) and low indoor humidity in the winter (~15% to 25%). I live in climate zone 5a, and the indoor humidity more or less follows the outdoor humidity. It's humid in the summer here, and dry in the winter. I would like to keep the indoor humidity between 30% and 50% year-round if possible.

Asked By Patrick Cantwell | May 3 18
4 Answers

Radon mitigation

A house I'm designing in Illinois, south of St Louis, needs to have a radon mitigation system. The best practice recommendation for radon mitigation, per EPA, BSC and everyone else, is to install a passive ventilation stack from a basement drain tile loop all the way through the roof. We’ve all seen the details before many times.
My question is, if I install an outside AND inside perimeter footing 4" socked drain tile dumping water into a sump basin, I could assume that radon will go to the sump basin as well.

Asked By Armando Cobo | May 3 18
2 Answers

Window installation details

I wanted to get some advice on installing the windows in a house with exterior rigid foam. The walls will be standard wood construction with OSB sheathing. We are going to install 3/4” rigid foam over the OSB sheathing with Tyvek over the foam. A rain screen will be built over the Tyvek using 1 x 4 furring strips for the fiber cement siding. I planned on installing a 2 x 4 flat against the OSB sheathing around the window openings so that the windows will sit flush with the siding and provide a solid surface for nailing the windows.

Asked By E247 | May 3 18
5 Answers

Waterproofing fascia board before flashing

Hey GBA,

I have a low slop invented roof, it has an overhang and I will be inatalling the soffits and flashing the fascia board soon.

I plan to use Hardie board for he flashing. I originally was going to get the metal guy to flash it all with metal, but since it's 22inches high, I was concerned about oil canning or otherwise warping from expansion/contraction. So I decided to do Hardie. I'll screw the hardie board tight to the fascia board without furring.

Asked By Jamie B | May 3 18
5 Answers

Why are these windows leaking?

We installed Intus windows in our new house. The walls are double stud, 2x4 walls, 11½" thick. Insulation is dense-packed cellulose. The exterior sheathing is Zip panel, all seams taped.

Shortly after installing all the windows, which are flashed above with aluminum, I noticed a bit of rust accumulating inside the window frame. I then began to notice what appeared to be dirt or grime on the inside of the windows. I thought this was just dust from construction.

Asked By Jason Mann | May 3 18
2 Answers

Building box around non-IC rated recessed lights?

We just discovered that the house we purchased has non-IC rated recessed lights in contact with rock wool insulation. We have attic access and are increasing insulation (blowing additional cellulose over rockwool).

Can we simply build airtight foam boxes (with sufficient space) around the non-IC rated lights, then blow the additional cellulosee? This way, we'd just swap out the bulbs for LED bulbs and call it a day.

Thank you.

Asked By FrankFulton | May 3 18
7 Answers

Attaching a Deck Ledger to a Stucco Wall

After reading another current post on deck to ledger connections, we have a related question.

In 2016, we built a 2 car garage with a small efficiency apartment above it. The wall construction of the garage/apartment is; 1) Zip System sheathing, 2) Benjamin Obdyke 6 mm Slicker Max rain screen, 3) stucco lathe, 4) stucco. We are now getting ready to start building a house in Asheville, NC which will be connected to the garage/apartment by a deck “bridge” which will be approximately 10’ above grade.

Asked By Nancy Broadbear | May 2 18
4 Answers

Boiler: missing header temperature sensor

my Burnham Alpine condensing boiler 150.a recent review of what maybe causing excessive cycling found that a Header Temperature Sensor was not installed and the manual implies( when used)?in a residential home should this part have been included in the installation.
thanks in advance for any help,

Asked By alv54 | May 2 18
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