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4 Answers

Siga Corvum tape

hi all, i would like to trim the foam and apply corvum for additional airtightness. i got a little overzealous when flashing the window r.o.. should i cut the tyvek back to the same depth as the window so that the corvum would adhere directly to the window and osb? i realize if i do not cut the tyvek back i will be relying on the bond of the tyvek tape bonding the tyvek to the osb...

Asked By erik olofsson | Mar 10 13
2 Answers

Is emulsion paint waterproof?

We have peeling paint on a chimney breast in a bathroom. It's ordinary emulsion paint. Some peole say I need special waterproof paint to cure the problem I think I need special breathable paint to let the moisture flow in and out of the wall without knocking the paint off. I can't find a clear answer as to whether normal emulsion paint is vapour proof. I imagine it depends a bit on the type. We used vinyl silk as its a bathroom, I imagine this is less permeable than matt. I get the general impression that emulsion paint is a bit permeable, not fully 'breathable' but not fully 'vapour proof'.

Asked By henry parr | Mar 8 13
2 Answers

Green adhesive

Hi all, does anyone have a good recommendation for a non-toxic low or no VOC adhesive like liquid nails? I'm gluing some cedar panels to a wall in my kids closet. The wall behind it has various low voltage wiring behind it and I want to avoid using nails or staples. Thanks.

Asked By Eric Schroeder | Mar 6 13
54 Answers

Dealing with mold on the inside of OSB sheathing

Zip code 53951, south central WI, zone 6a.

Working in non-perfect situation - occupying unfinished house and can't afford to finish it up in timely manner. Heated by central air furnace with supplemental wood burning stove heat. Plan is to finish walls first and after we can afford to do the infloor heat, finish ceilings (2 stories to do)

Moved in early October, found mold about week ago (late February), when moved some fiberglass for new electrical box. Still recovering from the shock...

Here is wall profile, all new materials:
- (no siding yet)

Asked By Nick Zees | Mar 3 13
1 Answer

"Condensed" vs "Condensated"

In discussions, I sometimes see the word "condensated" used as a verb, rather than "condensed," which is what I would used when the verb is required (we're not talking about "condensation," the noun). Maybe my age is showing; I don't know, but when I see "condensated" used as a verb I keep thinking it's wrong. I googled on definitions and one vs the other, with no luck.

Asked By Dick Russell | Mar 6 13
2 Answers

What wrap should be used with thicker rigid foam? What about moisture release?

Would housewrap be necessary if I had:
hardicolorplus plank siding
with closed cell r5 1 inch taped rigid panel under that
then T11 panel under that
then r13 batt under that
then painted 1/4 drywall on interior?
(I am about to insulate and hardiplank the exterior of my already t11 paneled walls)

Asked By Kelly Ran | Mar 3 13
4 Answers

Need advice on insulating basement walls that already have framing

Purchased a new but unfinished home. Basement has been completely framed but there is no insulation. Taking down the framing on the outside walls is going to be next to impossible. Also prefer not to spray foam for various reason.

I understand batts are not a good idea due to condensation that can occur on the cold concrete wall. Can I put rigid foam on the walls instead between the studs? How about using fan fold foam (there is 1/4" or so space between the studs and the basement concrete walls) and then batts over that?

Any other ideas?

Asked By Patrick Schoolen | Mar 3 13
6 Answers

Gable vent

Hi everyone,
Does anyone have any suggestions on designing and building gable vents? other than 'do not design and build a gable vent.'... Thanks!
I am particularly concerned with preventing blowing snow from entering the attic...

Asked By erik olofsson | Mar 5 13
6 Answers

Shed roof to wall detail

Hi everyone,
Does GBA have a flashing detail for a simple shed roof to wall intersection?
thanks again...

Asked By erik olofsson | Mar 4 13
2 Answers

What fasteners to use with Cedar Shingles over 1" IKO Enerfoil?

My wall composition will be: 2x6 studs, 1/2" plywood, 1" IKO Enerfoil (R7), perhaps a breathing mesh? and Cedar Shakes/Shingles. I'm wondering what you folks recommend for a fastener (length/type)?


Asked By Evan Macdonald | Mar 5 13
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