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3 Answers

What is a building with two roofs called?

There is a current trend out there to build a roof that covers the building and the add another roof over the veranda--What is this secondary roof called. From the pictures I have seen it appears to be attached to the walls of the building with supporting posts on the veranda. It does not seem to be attached in any way to the main roof over the building's interior space. If you build one of these separate roofs can you then go and close them in at a later time?

Asked By Anne Lee | Jul 7 14
5 Answers

Issues from a new "flat" roof install

Hope I do a good job explaining myself here:

Early last week we had a new roof installed. The front portion of the house is your typical pitched roof (shingles) but the back portion of the house, which is a new addition (prior owners added on), required a "flat" roof system. The "newer" addition enabled prior owners to move a kitchen back there as well as a larger family room. So the flat roof system is above the kitchen and family room.

Asked By Alex Sanders | Jul 7 14
6 Answers

Aloha everyone. I'm a newly converted addict to this website and to green building

Aloha everyone. I'm a newly converted addict to this website and to green building. I live in Hawaii, more specifically, the island of Maui, and I'm trying to find some info on how a high-performance home would look like here in Hawaii?

Asked By Isaiah Kamalii-Ligsay | Jul 5 14
4 Answers

What to do with energy audit advice?


Last fall, I purchased a 1940’s cape style house located in New England, and my first winter was tough with high heating bills and ice dams. My energy audit detected wool batting in the walls, fiberglass batts with the paper upside over wool insulation in the attic. I have a roof ridge vent, gable vents, no soffits, and plaster & steel lathe in the knee walls and gable end walls.

My energy auditor has recommended a energy plan that differs from the insulation contractors, and I am confused by this, and would greatly appreciate your feedback.

Asked By beth webster | Jun 30 14
7 Answers

Pine ceiling

We are putting a pine ceiling in our farmhouse kitchen. We think that we want to use 6 inch white pine boards that are not tongue and groove. We plan to paint them white. When we look for examples on the internet, all we see is tongue and groove. Is there a reason that we should consider tongue and groove? We are going for the old time look of a farmhouse.

Asked By Lisa Williams | Jul 4 14
1 Answer

Can I install a room addition footer over a geothermal loop?

Our house is at the end of a ridge that falls off steep on three sides. Existing geothermal loop system runs along one side of the house and goes to the front yard. We want to add a garage to the front, but would need to put a corner over the existing loop lines. They are about 5 feet deep. Is it acceptable to just go right over them? I think my footers will be 4' deep, not sure exactly what code here is. We're in zone 5a - NW Indiana. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!

Asked By Matt Bosma | Jul 5 14
6 Answers

Looking for someone to design/build an energy-efficient home in Maine

I've contacted a few energy-efficient home designers/builders in the Cumberland County, Maine area to design/build a home for my family but they are backlogged with work for 6 mos-1 yr.

Can someone make some recommendations of quality energy-efficient home designers near Cumberland County, Maine and also quality builders of energy-efficient homes near Cumberland County, Maine?

Asked By Eric Cyr | Jun 20 14
5 Answers

Transfer fans from hallway to bedrooms

I'm looking at a few different heating and cooling options for a (very) efficient two storey house with no basement. An option I like is using one ductless minisplit air handler per floor. Simple, inexpensive, fairly easy to size properly, pretty efficient.

Asked By Graham Fisher | Jul 1 14
1 Answer

Crawl Space

Hello, I need help! I have a small one story single family home. We removed the old/damp insulation and I need to know if I should close off the vents and put a dehumidifier in the crawl space? I do have a vapor barrier on the stone ground, but there still is moisture and some signs of mold! We did put a sump pump in there last summer. What should I do, this property is in Annapolis MD.

Asked By Lynn McCreary | Jun 30 14
14 Answers

What's the best basement flooring system?

Remodeling a 1500sq.ft. walkout that previously had carpet on the concrete. We want to do the kitchen and bathroom in tile or stone and the rest of the area in wall-wall carpet. The only ptroduct I've found thats meets my requirements are Delta Fl with t&g plywood for the carpeted area and Schluter®-DITRA-HEAT for the tile/stone area. Not fond of the t&g plywood in the basement as everything else will be mold proof. Are there other options beside inorganic individual tiles or is the Delta Fl system reliable?

Asked By Jeff Dieterle | Mar 8 14
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