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1 Answer

Small electric tankless instead of hot water recirculating?

I've been looking into hot water recirc options for a distant kitchen sink for a whole-house remodel. Of the various options for a recirc loop (gravity, continuous pump, timed pump, and demand pump), the demand pump appears to be the most energy efficient. However, you still need to hit a switch and wait for the hot water to get to the location of use. You save the water that would have gone down the drain, but you're still waiting.

Asked By Jason Kraus | Jan 28 14
0 Answers

Drywall Backer Boards

The traditional way to install drywall is to terminate butt joints on a stud or joist. An optional method is to use a contoured backer board allowing attachment of butt joints at mid span between framing. The contour is supposed to pull the drywall edges inward to mimic a tapered joint. The width of the backer board allows attachment away from the very close edge of the butt joint. The subs in my area have never heard of this method. I would appreciate any comments from anyone who has used a "ButtBoard" or a "RockSplicer" backer board.
I'm using 1/2" drywall on walls and 5/8" on ceilings.

Asked By john walls | Jan 28 14
4 Answers

Access is denied to all portions of the Q&A area of the site including the Q&A spotlight even though I have a free account.

When I sent an email from the Contact Us page i received this error upon sending it: "Unable to send e-mail. Please contact the site administrator if the problem persists." I don't even know if I will be able to see the replied to this question! Why is the site not working for me?

Asked By Ian Jones | Jan 26 14
6 Answers

flat roof: moisture concerns with polyiso above fiberglass batts


any help would be greatly appreciated.

the situation: i am remodeling the interior of a low-slope-roofed addition (15' x 16'). the studs and rafters are exposed. i installed 2x6 ceiling joists (level) below the existing rafters (which are sloped), allowing room for ventilation. i installed a soffit vent on the low side and plan on installing a pop-up roof vent at the high side. this is my home. i am in climate zone 5.

Asked By Allan Sartre | Jan 27 14
2 Answers

how do I know what size of lumber do I need for a cathedral ceiling?

the room is 20 L and 14 8 1/2 W, roof pitch 4/12, the high of the wood wall framing 8'. it is under a slab foundation. I want a cathedral ceiling with a ridge board that is supported at both end by a post that ends on a header, one header is for a 9' patio sliding door that it takes you from the new addition to he garden and the other is for an opening of 10' wide from the kitchen to the new addition.

Asked By Alice Salazar | Jan 26 14
1 Answer

I live in Tennessee. Do I need a vapor barrier on the outside walls and ceiling in the bathroom I am building? Should I use green back drywall board?

If I use green back should I use a vapor barrier? My house is not wrapped in tyvex and has a metal roof without tarpaper under the metal. The bathroom is going in on the second floor. I plan to use cement board in shower area.

Asked By Lonnie Baker | Jan 26 14
0 Answers

is pex tubing safe?

my builder is using lex tubing for plumbing. should this cause any health concerns?

Asked By Robert Hillman | Jan 25 14
2 Answers

Fire sprinkler system installed by owner

Is there any central information source to access online specifications on what type of sprinkler heads, line configurations & water requirements for this system?

I am considering using 3/4" Pex. Is there a specific type?

Asked By Eddy Hogan | Jan 24 14
1 Answer

How to remove mold from wood floor joists in crawl space and prevent future mold due to moisture in the crawl space?

I found molds on my first floor supporting wood joists in the crawl space. I need to remove the mold and prevent future molds. I am planning to install new Class ! vapor retarder on crawl space dirt and close out all vents on foundation walls except two for cross ventilation.

Asked By sisir mukherji | Jan 24 14
4 Answers

Any volunteers want to help the Appraisal Practices Board with "The Valuation of Green Buildings"?

The Appraisal Practices Board (APB) of The Appraisal Foundation is looking for "Subject Matter Experts" for a project called "The Valuation of Green Buildings."

According to the application form, "We foresee that an average of four hours per week will be devoted to this process with one to two face-to-face meetings. SME ("subject matter experts") members will be reimbursed for travel expenses associated with this project according to the reimbursement policies of The Appraisal Foundation. However, SME members will not be compensated for their time in the form of an hourly rate."

Asked By Martin Holladay | Jan 21 14
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