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3 Answers

Stump the Geeks — Window angled in: what's it called?

Here are two examples: What is the right architectural terminology for them?

Example #1 Description: A pair of windows in the corner of each the rooms

Example #2 Description: A grand window projected inwards (Example in Strawberry Bank Portsmouth NH) I think it was a candle shop storefront.

Asked By Hallie Bowie | Jan 25 16
3 Answers

Basement subfloor

I know there are so many posts on this, but I have to order product in the next couple of days to keep the project going.

zone 3
3000 sf basement. No rigid beneath existing slab.

planning on delta fl, then 1" of xps (already have it) then two layers of 1/2" plywood square edge, I was going to float the two layers and glue and screw them together. Then I would frame and tapcon plates of non load bearing walls on top of it. 3/4 inch plank flooring on top, carpet on top, tile on top in different rooms.

Asked By Dean Sandbo | Jan 25 16
9 Answers

Wood floor in bathroom

I'm installing a new rift and quarter sawn white oak 3" floor in my new home and I'm going to use wood for bathroom floor as well. i was planing on using same flooring in bath with no seams and pre seal t&g,bottom and end grain before install and a couple extra coats on top. an option would be to use maranti mahogany instead but i would rather stick with the oak. any thoughts? thanks.

Asked By Ben Williams | Jan 24 16
10 Answers

RedGard in bathroom?

I installed Hardie backer above the bathtub, with no barrier behind backer, and I'm thinking that RedGard might be a good idea before tile.

Any thoughts on this? Btw, I back-caulked backer with poly caulking.

Asked By Ben Williams | Jan 24 16
34 Answers

Rock wool insulation advice?

I'm building a house for my wife and myself and I'm about to start insulation using mineral wool. Exterior walls are 2 X 4 studs w/ tyvek house wrap, 2" polyiso, 1 X 4 vertical firring strip and d 1 X 8 T&G clear cedar installed horizontally. Roof is 1/2" on 12" epdm with 4 1/2" polyiso on 2/4" plywood over 2" X 12" ceiling joists/rafters. I'm using R30 7" Roxual bats in ceiling cavity. My question is should I hold the bats tight to the roof sheathing or down tight to sheetrock? Walls are getting R15. we are in zone 6.

Asked By Ben Williams | Dec 20 15
3 Answers

Sealing gaps in fieldstone foundation

I have a 1900 colonial home in MA with a fieldstone/rubble foundation.

While air sealing recently, I discovered one area of the basement near the basement door, which has a 1/2-1" by 4 ft gap where the mortar has crumbled away over the years. Is there anything I can do temporarily to seal this up until I am able to repoint this come spring/summer?

I could spray foam it, but it would probably be a huge headache to remove the foam when it comes time to repoint the stone. Would backing rods and caulk be a better option?

Asked By David Schrier | Jan 23 16
6 Answers

Condensation under WRB during construction

Built a 2 story, 1300 SF addition on a house in Portland OR which got dried in in early December. The addition has no insulation yet and heat is inadequate and inconsistent via wood stove and the central natural gas furnace that serves only the first floor. The stairwell to the second floor is centrally located and the wood stove is on the first floor adjacent to the stairwell opening. Second floor heating will be a yet to be installed mini split system. A portion of the addition is an unheated garage. Currently running multiple fans and 2 dehumidifiers day and night.

Asked By Robert McKee | Jan 23 16
8 Answers

Add insulation over concrete?

The walls of the first floor of my house is half concrete half drywall (picture attached). It's finished on the inside but I don't know how much insulation was there on the lower part.
I am planning to add Roxul Comfortboard IS (R8) directly to the outside of the concrete surface. And to make things even easier for me I just want to use polyurethane glue instead of concrete nails/screw. Does this plan sound okay? Is there anything else I need to consider before doing it?
Any suggestion is appreciated.

Asked By Joe Blanco | Jan 9 16
7 Answers

Minisplit options

Ok.. So Walk out basement application.
3 bedroom suites... each around 5k heating, 1.5 k cooling loads.
Lower living area.. 10.5k heating 6.2k cooling
workshop area.. 13k heating 3k cooling

total load in basement around 38k btu heating, 17k cooling

I really wanted to put one mini split head in each of the 3 bedrooms, one in the lower living area, and one in the shop.

6k for each bedroom
9k for lower living
12k for shop mxz -5c42na for outdoor unit

indoor units...
3x msz-ge06na-8 one for each suite (7200 heat, 6000 cool)

Asked By Dean | Jan 17 16
1 Answer

Warming, granite counters, pedestal sinks, toilets and bathtubs

I saw that in the FHB article by Tom Meehan, that you are not supposed to use electric radient floor heaters under the above items. How does one warm these cool to the touch items if such luxury is in the budget and planning? Also, Why cannot electric radiant heat be used as a primary heat source?
Thanks for your wisdom.

Asked By Hal Sartelle | Jan 22 16
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