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2 Answers

XPS interior closed cell roof insulation (DIY)

Quick question for you building experts!

It's a 1920s house with wood planks all over, no vents no plywood, a new metal roof installed right over 3 layers of self adhering premium underlayment. No gaps no venting.

I bought 2 in XPS from HD, cut it and placed under roof deck between rafters. Left 1/2 in gap around and used Great Stuff to spray around it and sealed it.
Actually this method appeared quite easy and it's much quicker to do than I thought once I figured out how to do it efficiently. It takes me about 20 minutes per rafter. Should have done this long time ago....

Asked By Don J. | Apr 1 13
22 Answers

How can I insulate an exposed flooring system properly?

hi,. i have an addition on my house thats aproximately 11x14 on piers and 5 ft off the ground over sandy soil and exposed on all sides.It has a 2x8 ,16" on center floor system framed lengthwise over 2 , triple 2x10 beams, one for each set of piers.The subfloor is 3/4 tongue and groove plywood and i will be installing prefinished 3/4 x 2-1/4 tongue and groove strip oak flooring.

Asked By mr. mike | Mar 24 13
4 Answers

Sealing rafter bay / ceiling of exterior wall

I am sealing a cathedral ceiling with rigid foam, the "cut and cobble" method.

I think I read about sealing the ceiling of exterior walls because of pressure from below, but am unsure.

The attached photo shows the space between a rafter bay. Currently, I am applying foam between the rafter bays, attached to the roof sheathing, sealing with caulk or Great Stuff.

Asked By Erich Riesenberg | Mar 29 13
2 Answers

How to weatherstrip Andersen Gliding Window

Hello All.

I have several older (Circa 1956) Andersen Primed Gliding Windows in my house. These windows were apparently also known as WindowWalls, and I guess were popular at the time. They consist of two sashes that sit in the frame aligned with each other, but when you twist the handle and pull, the movable sash follows a track inward, and slides over. Both sashes sit in a channel at the top and bottom of the window frame.

Asked By Scott Clark | Mar 27 13
3 Answers

Average cost for air sealing work?

Thank you for your response. I want to be prepared when I call a home improvement contractor. So, I want to ask a couple of questions.
I would like to know what the average cost to this work could possibly be. Also, previously, I had the idea of using foam and then the fiber glass insulation. Is that similar to what you stated? In addition, would cellulose be a better insulator than fiber glass? Lastly, could I have the sealer put in without tearing down walls and forego the insulation, right away?
Thanks in advance for your response.

Asked By Ana Echevarria | Mar 27 13
3 Answers

What could cause condensation inside my exterior walls?

I just started a bathroom remodeling project. When my contractor removed the tile off the walls in the shower and around the windows, the insulation was wet. Condensation seems to be the cause. The question is, how do I eliminate the condensation problem before re-tiling my bathroom? I got new siding three years ago and Tyvek was installed under my new vinyl siding. The Tyvek appears to be installed on top of the plywood without any additional insulation.

Asked By kim tomczyk | Mar 27 13
1 Answer

Chemical sensitivity - tobacco smoke from neighbors

I live in an attached row house (2-family) that is over 100 years old. Recently,, the neighbors on either side of me have rented apartments to smokers. Previously, there was one smoker but, now there are four. It has made our lives unbearable. There is cigarette smoke everywhere. It's on our linen, on our walls, even on my hands. Having stated that, I figure our only two options are to move from a home we have lived in for thirty years or to try and resolve the issue some other way and stay at home.

Asked By Ana Echevarria | Mar 27 13
2 Answers

Insulating attic trusses for storage only

I just read your blog on roofing rules. I need the storage space so I am going with room in attic trusses. I am just going to use the space for storage.

Asked By Tim Dunham | Mar 25 13
3 Answers

What kind of insulation board should I use?

I Live in a cold Climate 6A. I live in a cape style house with 2x4 Knee walls, that have batt insulation falling down on the unconditioned side. I want to put insulation board as an air barrier and to add R-value. What kind of insulation board do you recommend and what thickness?

Asked By Mark Brown | Mar 24 13
14 Answers

Heating load vs. electrical load ... all ends up as heat anyway?

Would like to debate about the fact that most ( read all ) of our electrical energy usage ends up as heat during heating season, and thus cannot be accounted as for seperate expanses from the heating loads.

I read alot about watching all small electrical loads from mini appliances, chargers etc..
Water tank standy heat losses .. computer let turned on all day long.

But during heating seaons, doesn't it all gets convereted to heat at the end ??

Asked By Jin Kazama | Mar 22 13
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