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1 Answer

Filling nail holes in Zip?

I have a question. Framing almost done. Have exterior sheathing done with Zip board.

I noticed that the framers' guns' pressure was high, and nails in some areas went deep into Zip, or in some areas nails missed the studs.

Question: Does it make sense to try to fill deep shot nails with a liquid barrier of some type?

If yes, what type?

I was also thinking of putting a stapled or peel-and-stick weather barrier over the Zip instead. Does that make any sense?

Asked By Boris Rubinstein | Dec 5 16
7 Answers

Ipe wood vs. Azek (PVC) decking

My cedar deck has rotted. Periodic sanding & staining extended its life but now it is over. I am considering using either ipe wood or a PVC decking material (brand Azek). From the little I know, trying to consider a life-cycle assessment, neither seems like a great environmental alternative. Is there a clear choice between the 2?

Asked By Betsy Leibson | Apr 11 16
4 Answers

Insulating a wall that is half plaster/half drywall?

We live in a home that was built around 1920 near Chicago, IL. Our plot is narrow and the front portion of the home is the original house, with a very large addition on the back from the previous owners (2007). The staircase in the old house was sloping heavily to the right. We had a structural engineer come take a look and he attributed it to natural settling and didn't see any signs of continuing movement and didn't make any recommendations aside from sistering one joist. I'm not a master carpenter, but I have built a staircase or two in my life.

Asked By Al Ciu | Dec 2 16
21 Answers

Daylight basement insulation - exposed XPS and other questions


I’m about to insulate the floor and 2 walls of my walkout/daylight basement, and I was hoping to get a little advice on a couple of points I’m not clear on. I’ve researched quite a lot, and learned a lot on this site, but I’m still not sure on a few things. Any help is much appreciated.

Asked By Aggy Clayton | Oct 28 16
1 Answer

What is wrong with my gas fireplace?

We have a gas fireplace insert. It will not stay on if the solid glass door is on it. If we remove the glass it will work. We've had a partial inspection done on the control and logs. They seem to think it is not getting proper air ventilation. Would this be due to improper install of liner? would they be something clogging up the liner?
Any thoughts would be appreciated. Our chimney is approximately 40 ft. so we are having a hard time finding someone to look at it.

Asked By Linda Wachs | Nov 29 16
4 Answers

Frost on outside of triple pane window

Every so often I notice frost/water (depending on outside temp) developing on the outside pane of my triple pane windows. It's infrequent but will mostly notice it early mornings. Actually, as I sit here this evening (68F indoors, 28F outdoors) the exterior of my windows are frosting up a bit. Interior pane is warm to touch. No moisture problems inside. Air exchange keeps interior moisture around 35-40% in the winter. Moisture (minimal-in bottom corners) only forms on interior windows when it's -10F and below. Thoughts? Thanks.

Asked By Matthew Michaud | Nov 28 16
6 Answers

Insulating I-joists in a garage ceiling

Hello. I have been doing some research to insulate a 2 car attached garage with a room on top. Size is approximately 27x27, new construction. This is in zone-6, Augusta Maine region, and code is R30 for floors.

Asked By Tony Bouchard | Nov 25 16
2 Answers

Whether or not to insulate open joist bays between 1st and 2nd floors .

So far Erik North’s Free Energy Maine blog/website has been the only site that actually answers the question about whether or not to insulate open joist bays between 1st and 2nd floors on his blog post “Should I Insulate Between Floors?”. I tried posting a comment on the blog page looking to get his suggestions what is the way best resolve this issue, but it doesn’t go through.

His site led me to the Green Building Advisor webpage, so I am hoping that someone here would be able to provide me with some helpful advice.

Asked By susan deissleider | Nov 26 16
9 Answers

Ductless HVAC and humidity control?

We live in Pensacola, Florida and area with extremely high humidity. We are building a new house which is about 2800 sq ft. House consists of a main floor at about 1800 sq ft, second floor at about 800 sq ft and a loft at about 200 sq ft. The current plan is to go with an all ductless Mitsubishi HVAC system, well actually 2 systems. 1 controlling the first floor and a 2nd for the 2nd floor and loft. We have a very competent local installer and I have zero doubts about their capabilities and the pricing I feel is fair.

Asked By Thomas Roberts | Nov 27 16
5 Answers

How to best protect a passive house from wind?

What ideas do you have on how be best protect a house from the Zone IV wind area? I am planning a passive house. Is there specific roof and building outside (like bricks maybe)?

Asked By Steve Young | Nov 26 16
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