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0 Answers

Worcester MA Deep Energy Retrofit open house

This coming Saturday ( 6 April 2013, between 10AM-2PM) there will be an open house on a recently completed Deep Energy Retrofit (DER) on a 3-family I had an advisory role in. It's located at 29 Crompton Street, Worcester, MA. (Fairly easy access from I-290.)

Apparently the US Congressman Jim McGovern will be doing a drive-by presentation on it too. See the attached announcement sheet from National Grid (the subsidizing utility that helped make the DER affordable to the energy-ambitious landlord/owner.)

Asked By Dana Dorsett | Apr 3 13
7 Answers

When am I allowed to open windows?

Opening this permitted anymore? Most houses have 'em. Are we allowed to use them anymore?

Asked By Dennis Dipswitch | Mar 30 13
3 Answers

Cedar shingles over foam board?

1940's cape with vinyl over shingles in zone 5a zip 02452. Considering stripping the front of the house and putting typar, then at least r5 of foamboard. Question: Is it possible to put shingles over the foamboard? Just use longer staples? Any problem with having exterior foam on only one side of the house? It's the south side.

Asked By stephen edge | Apr 2 13
3 Answers

Straw bale retrofit?

Hello, I would like to insulate the exterior of my 1940's prefab with straw bales. Has anyone done this? If you have, could you advise me of the best way to tackle it?

Thank you.

Asked By David Flint | Mar 23 13
1 Answer

Wedi replaces green board and cement backer?

Any thoughts on the use of the Wedi or Fundo systems? Looks like puting it over drywall will make a bathroom stand up better to bulk water, spray, and condensation. Also seems a better substrate for tiles than green board, cement backer, etc. My thinking is to use it on the walls and celing of a mechanically vented bathroom.

Asked By Oak Orchard | Apr 2 13
11 Answers

Icynene & moisture

OK some of you may remember my previous question/story about Icynene, we now have more data and more questions;-)

Here's the beef:
I am removing Icynene OC foam from under the roof because it still stinks but here's something that's very odd.
It's a 1920s house with wood planks all over, a new metal roof installed right over 3 layers of self adhering premium underlayment.
Icynene was sprayed 6 in underneath deck to fill the rafter space about 1.5 years ago.
Now, here's what I measured.

Asked By Don J. | Apr 1 13
2 Answers

XPS interior closed cell roof insulation (DIY)

Quick question for you building experts!

It's a 1920s house with wood planks all over, no vents no plywood, a new metal roof installed right over 3 layers of self adhering premium underlayment. No gaps no venting.

I bought 2 in XPS from HD, cut it and placed under roof deck between rafters. Left 1/2 in gap around and used Great Stuff to spray around it and sealed it.
Actually this method appeared quite easy and it's much quicker to do than I thought once I figured out how to do it efficiently. It takes me about 20 minutes per rafter. Should have done this long time ago....

Asked By Don J. | Apr 1 13
22 Answers

How can I insulate an exposed flooring system properly?

hi,. i have an addition on my house thats aproximately 11x14 on piers and 5 ft off the ground over sandy soil and exposed on all sides.It has a 2x8 ,16" on center floor system framed lengthwise over 2 , triple 2x10 beams, one for each set of piers.The subfloor is 3/4 tongue and groove plywood and i will be installing prefinished 3/4 x 2-1/4 tongue and groove strip oak flooring.

Asked By mr. mike | Mar 24 13
4 Answers

Sealing rafter bay / ceiling of exterior wall

I am sealing a cathedral ceiling with rigid foam, the "cut and cobble" method.

I think I read about sealing the ceiling of exterior walls because of pressure from below, but am unsure.

The attached photo shows the space between a rafter bay. Currently, I am applying foam between the rafter bays, attached to the roof sheathing, sealing with caulk or Great Stuff.

Asked By Erich Riesenberg | Mar 29 13
2 Answers

How to weatherstrip Andersen Gliding Window

Hello All.

I have several older (Circa 1956) Andersen Primed Gliding Windows in my house. These windows were apparently also known as WindowWalls, and I guess were popular at the time. They consist of two sashes that sit in the frame aligned with each other, but when you twist the handle and pull, the movable sash follows a track inward, and slides over. Both sashes sit in a channel at the top and bottom of the window frame.

Asked By Scott Clark | Mar 27 13
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