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1 Answer

Permission to reproduce Holladay article in Australian publication

Hi Martin, we would love to reproduce your article about the 30 year old PV system in our magazine Solar &Storage which is circulated to the industry across Australia.
This pioneering effort makes for a great read
Our thanks in anticipation
Nicola Card
Australian Solar Council

Asked By Nicola Card | Jul 12 16
6 Answers

Roof leak

I have had a slow leak in roof for about ten years and cannot fine the area of the leak.
The roof was installed over plywood in 1998 and consists of 30 year architectual shingles.

Around 2004 I noticed some water collecting in a light fixture. This only seems to occur when two conditions are present: Heavy rain and high winds

I naturally went into the attic and found water pooling on the sheetrock but even when up there during a windy rain storm on repeated occasions I have been unable to locate the leak.

Asked By Rebecca Surprenant | Jul 7 16
6 Answers

Insulation detail

I have been progressing on my remodel. I need to button up the wall in the coming days. I had reached out to my local inspector who did not give me a ton of clarity. Wall profile is the following:
zone 6A with 2x4 framing, aluminium siding and 1x6 ship lap for sheathing. The WRB appears to be a shinny like paper. Following questions

I am versed on the detail to insulate the 2nd floor rim joist area, visible in the attached picture. However, I wanted to use 2 layers of 2" XPS for an R-20 foamed in place. Any concern going this thick with the XPS

Asked By M S | Jul 7 16
5 Answers

Cooling a garage

My garage is about 800 sq ft with 12 ft ceiling. I have my workshop in the garage. I want to make it more comfortable on hot days. The POA will not allow an exhaust fan in the wall.
Looking for suggestions.
AC not an option.
I was thinking exhaust fan in the ceiling with an attic fan (same cfm as exhaust fan) to prevent positive pressure in attic.

Asked By Bob Mackey | Jul 10 16
8 Answers

High humidity with high efficiency?

We received some excellent help from the members on this site one year ago when we updated the exterior of our home (June 2015). We ended up replacing our doors and adding these layers:

Asked By Chad B | Jun 7 16
3 Answers

Venting an attic in New Orleans

Gable roof 24'w x 70' long, approx 5/12 pitch.
Decorative windows in the front gable, with a 24"x24"louvered scuttle hole in rear. No insulation in attic
What's the best way to ventilate? Air handler is in the attic.

Asked By roger steinbrink | Jul 9 16
2 Answers

Converting an old barn to a house

There are a few old gambrel barns with enormous open lofts in my region (Rochester NY area) that are beautiful structures, but are in not so great condition. Growing up in rural MN, I like these old barns. Is converting one of these barns into a house a green proposition (and a good idea?)

Asked By John Ranson | Jul 8 16
9 Answers

Insulation over drywall?

I have a garage that has drywall on the walls but is not insulated. I cannot afford to take down the drywall, insulate and replace the drywall. Im told that blown in insulation is not an option. The front of the garage gets full morning sun. My question...please don't laugh too hard... can a foil insulation be put directly over the drywall. I know it might not look the best but it is so hot in there. The garage door is insulated.

Asked By Nancy Wall | Jul 7 16
1 Answer

Mortar lines showing through blockwork

I had the following e-mail sent to me from my daughter in England and I'm hoping that someone may be able to help with some advice.
I used to be a bricklayer (many years back) in England and had been using insulated blocks since the 70s. I have never come across this problem before despite the timeline.
Her house was built in 1989/90 and has a cavity wall, bricks to the exterior and blockwork inside, standard stuff really. It is the ground floor unit of a duplex. I've already warned her off both the thermal wallpaper and, of course, the paint!

Asked By Ray Smith | Jul 7 16
21 Answers

Design detail for kitchen extension on helical piles

We are in the process of having a 15'x5' kitchen extension built on helical piles and have some concerns about the detailing of the area underneath the kitchen floor. We are located just outside Toronto so we are subject to humid summers and moderately cold winters.

Asked By Greg G | Jul 7 16
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