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10 Answers

Sheathing questions for tiny house on wheels - help!

I am planning on sheathing both the walls and the roof of my tiny house on wheels this weekend (subject to hurricane force winds while driving down the road). I have several questions about sheathing that I can't seem to find clear answers to anywhere:

Asked By Ryan Reed | Sep 15 15
11 Answers

Mixed-humid climate construction details

I am in the planning phase of building a home in Knoxville, TN (Zone 4). I have spent a ton of time reading material on this site and have come up with a preliminary plan that I have discussed with several custom home builders.

Brick cladding (areas with stone gables)
Air gap
1 1/2" Polyiso (foil out)
Taped and sealed OSB sheathing
2X4 Wall cavities filled with damp spray cellulose
Gypsum board

ADA ceiling with 5/8" drywall (minimize or eliminate can lights)
Blown cellulose insulation to depth to provide 2015 IRC Code R-value (flat ceilings)

Asked By Rob R | Sep 14 15
4 Answers

Vapor barrier in showers with exterior foam

IF anybody has any advice on what to do with a vapor barrier behind hardi backer for shower tile walls that would be helpful. I've got a few inches of exterior ISO and don't want to sandwich the walls with vapor barriers. Thanks

Asked By Stan Smith | Sep 14 15
6 Answers

Very good traditional plus energy architect?

We are planning to build a new house. Our two primary requirements are that it be very traditional and energy efficient sustainable quality construction. We've found a few architects who are good on one but so far none who are good on both.

This will be fairly high-end with a $2m - $3m budget for the structure so we're looking for someone who is well versed in this level of detail and aesthetic. Style is perhaps best described as 18th century upper east coast. We are in the 'cold' climate zone according to BSC and Energy Vanguard.

Asked By Jason Fox | Sep 12 15
7 Answers

Questions on sealing rim joists (and a few other items)

I have fiberglass insulation acting as a seal between my foundation and sill plate. Can air still get through there?

The foundation on the front of the house is below grade, and the rim joists are well above the foundation. Is sealing here as important as the if the rim joists and sill plate are directly on the foundation?

Asked By Forum User | Sep 12 15
5 Answers

Townhouse with an attached garage has an uninsulated metal door

I am a first time homeowner. I am just learning things as I go.
I suspect that I am loosing heat through the metal door which leads to the attached garage(uninsulated). The door is located about 4-5 feet from the main entrance door in what amounts to a small foyer. It is very cold to the touch in the winter (central NJ). Is there anything I can do to lessen heat loss through it?
I thought about replacing it with an insulated wooden door but I know that there are firecodes (which are not clear to me), and the cost of finding someone to hang it may be prohibitive at this time

Asked By Manny Cruz | Sep 11 15
0 Answers

Line set hides on clapboard or shingle siding

I have to mount 18K BTU AC-only line sets at two locations on Certainteed/Vytec simulated polymer cedar split shake called Cedar Impressions or Rough Split Shakes.

Asked By flitch plate | Sep 11 15
1 Answer

Insulating existing barn with board and batten siding?


I have an existing post and beam barn in Massachusetts that my wife and I would like to convert to a workshop/studio space. It's clad with existing rough cut vertical pine siding to which I plan on adding vertical battens to seal it up better.

I would also like to insulate. Preferably with Icynene to get a tight seal and discourage rodents from nesting in the exterior cavities. The Icynene dealer suggested open cell and said that a weather barrier isn't necessary(?)

Asked By Evan Halstead | Sep 8 15
5 Answers

The other uses of housewrap

Tyvek housewrap -- a lot left over.
Can I use it to cover the crawlspace bottom and side wall?
Thank you in advance.

Asked By Mansig YooT | Sep 6 15
1 Answer

What is the value of passive solar design?

Does anyone know of studies that have been done which quantify the value of passive solar or sun-tempered design? It seems like common sense to design a home with many south-facing windows (with or without thermal mass), but how much energy can such a strategy save? As an architect in southwestern Wisconsin, I sometimes have clients who say they would like a passive solar home, but they also want to design to take advantage of the views on their site (which are often in a direction other than south).

Asked By Julie Kardatzke | Sep 5 15
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