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0 Answers

Looking for a good contractor in the Seattle area for building a "berm"-style house

A N.W. area contractor familiar with "berm" home type construction. Probably cement. Referrals please.

Asked By Mr.Kim Paisley | Aug 19 13
5 Answers

Roofing underlayment for vented cathedral ceiling

After finally deciding on my insulation thanks to this previous thread: Insulation Delirium (thanks again everyone). I am now talking with my roofing contractor and I have a follow up question, though it seems a new thread is most appropriate.

Asked By Andrew David | Aug 13 13
0 Answers

I'm looking for a green architect/designer/contractor in the San Francisco/East Bay area

I am doing a single family home reno in Lafayette, CA and want professionals who are up on building science ... roofing, infiltration, insulation, etc. You may recommend yourself if you think you qualify. You may email me direct at, if you prefer. No spam please.

Asked By Joe Karen | Aug 13 13
1 Answer

Spelling police

This ad (see screen capture, below) ran on GBA this morning. “Efflorescence” doesn't have a “u.” Fluorescent lamps. Efflorescence. They say it comes from the French for flowering, but that would be “effleurescence,” which it ain’t, in French or in English.

And besides, the building science is a lousy as the spelling. It should say, “Is this your basement? Get the downspout water away from the foundation.” Wouldn’t sell product, though. Oh well.

The misspelling is not a big deal. But people thinking they need to buy a product to solve a wet basement corner — that’s a bigger problem.

Asked By Martin Holladay | Aug 12 13
4 Answers

Keeping a storm room dry

Because of a foundation SNAFU, I now have a storm room under my front porch. This thing will function as part of the conditioned basement space.

I understand that SOP is to install concrete over a galvanized metal roof and call it a day. Is this the best way to ensure the room stays dry. The porch is mostly not covered, and we can get a lot of rain in this part of the country.

Asked By Steven Knapp | Aug 10 13
6 Answers

Does ACH relate directly to heating/cooling load?

If 62.2 requires .35 ACH, does that mean that the entire house would have to be re-heated or re-cooled every three hours or so?

In a video seminar, Katrin Klingenberg said that during a power outage, adequate fresh air could be obtained by opening the windows in a passive house, and there would not be very much heat loss in consequence. She did not specify how many windows, nor how far open.

So assuming mechanical supply (or exhaust) ventilation, but no HRV or ERV, how much penalty is there per air change?

Asked By David McNeely | Aug 7 13
4 Answers

What if ...

I am studying the articles on GBA regarding home ventilation.
At this point it seems that supply only ventilation is right for me.
I will be getting a new HVAC system next month. Lennox SLP98 furnace, Lennox air conditioning and central dehumidifying unit. Dealer installed. Then do-it-myself adding a fan cycler and fresh air intake.
My son's response to my plan was: "what if ... you put in one 2" pipe to bring in fresh air continuously to the return side of the HVAC system?"
I don't know enough about home ventilation to answer him. What if ...

Asked By Wayne Parenteau | Aug 6 13
4 Answers

Solar hot water vs. solar hot air

Apart from the no freezing and cost advantages, does solar hot air have any other advantages over solar hot water?

Asked By Michael Celaya | Jul 28 13
2 Answers

Insulating wood floor in a pole shed

I have a 24x36 dirt floor, uninsulated, open, metal sided and roofed pole shed that is currently being used for hay and junk storage.

I am planning to turn the pole shed into a wood working shop by adding all the obvious upgrades, but I am vacillating between concrete and wood for the floor.

My current shop has concrete, which is fine, but I have always been drawn to the idea of a wood floor for a wood shop.

If I go with a wood floor then it will be on short piers over a crawlspace.

Asked By Greg Smith | Aug 5 13
1 Answer

Clarify the ASHRAE 62.2 ventilation rate spec.

It says 1cfm per 100 square feet of occupiable space and 7.5cfm per occupant
My question: for how many minutes? ... 1cfm for an hour, 6 hours, all day?

Asked By Wayne Parenteau | Aug 5 13
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