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28 Answers

What would you do?

Forgive me for the vague title and the long post but I am lost in possibilities... all expensive!

Oh and its complicated because I am forced into a decision NOW that will heat my 850 sq ft house AND be adequate to heat in a year (or two) when I add 1000 sq ft. The math gets fuzzier when I tell you the plan is to add 4 inches of EPS to ALL the exterior walls (including existing) and 6 inches under the NEW basement concrete).

No one here (Canukistan) is able or willing to do a manual J to size a unit for a two fold job...

I live in Kenora Ontario Canada (zone 7);

Asked By tim brown | Aug 17 16
6 Answers

Through-fastened metal roof issue / Standing seam option


In this post:

and in this:

you talk about the merits of through-fastened metal roofing. I agree on most aspects.

Asked By Pat Kiernan | Aug 31 16
6 Answers

What tools to order for a tool grant?

Our Habitat affiliate (Greenville, SC) just received a $12,000 tool grant, and we are trying to figure out how to best utilize these funds. Obviously, only we know what we already have and therefore what we need. But we really don't need that much right now, and I wanted to see if anyone had suggestions...maybe a tool that most people may not know about, tools that you have found to be critical to have on the jobsite.

In addition to new construction, we also do weatherizations and repairs, so we have already put in for an infrared camera. Do you all have anything in mind?

Asked By Dylan Hillman | Aug 31 16
11 Answers

Can bees damage a structure if they get behind the siding?

If bees/wasps/ect get behind the siding of the house such as in a rain screen detail, can they cause structural damage?
If just a straight fiberglass insect screen is installed against the wall sheathing and folded up over the furing strips, is this sufficient or should it be wrapped over something solid like the cor a vent product? I know it used to be detailed this way before products like cor a vent, but were there legitimate issues with bees/wasps?

Asked By eric Mikkelsen | Aug 31 16
6 Answers

Questions about minisplits and Manual J

Is it possible for someone to provide me with a a manual J online without visiting my home? I cannot find anyone in my area who I feel is qualified.

I can provide whatever info is needed. I've drawn details sketches of all measurements of my home. I've had a blower door test. I know the insulation levels.

We are planning on making improvements over time, however. But I'm interested in a current calculation based on what I have right now. And then as I make improvements I can see how it will adjust the load requirement.

Asked By Ryan O'Rourke | Aug 27 16
5 Answers

I have a half vault ceiling with 3 vertical skylights at the peaks

I have a half vault ceiling with 3 vertical skylights at the peaks. It was condensating a lot so we had the blown insulation stuffed between, in between the ceiling joists, from the soffit. There is no ridge vent as it's cut off at the windows. Even after replacing...

The skylights windows are single-pane and the rising sun hits them quickly. The ceiling surface reads 100 degrees at this during the day.

Asked By Ben McMillan | Aug 28 16
5 Answers

Questions about one inline exhaust fan serving two bathrooms

Hi all,

My floorplan has two bathrooms very close to each other, and I am planning to use a single inline fan to cover both exhaust jobs. Here are the details...

Asked By Clay Whitenack | Aug 28 16
5 Answers

Is tile acceptable on a bathroom exterior wall with foam?

I'd like to build using the REMOTE method. However, I see articles stating that walls with exterior foam board must dry to the inside. I'm interpreting this to mean that the interior of the walls must be permeable.
My bathrooms both contain an exterior wall. I'd like to build a fully tiled bathroom but I don't know if it's a good idea to tile the exterior wall. I believe that tile is not very permeable so the wall couldn't dry to the inside.
Does anyone have an answer to this dilemma?

Asked By Drew Baden | Aug 28 16
2 Answers

What product to use when filling the gap left after the slab has shrunk?

I went to the big box store and purchased Sika polyurethane foam for concrete and masonry. Will this work or should I use another product? I plan on using a Sika concrete caulk sealant made for sealing cracks in foundations for the narrow areas. Oh by the way, I want to thank GBA for all of the advice I got when building our house in PA.

Asked By john bell | Aug 29 16
6 Answers

How to grout concrete block wall?

My foundation stem wall for a raised-floor house is four courses high, made of 8x8x16 concrete blocks with #4 vertical rebars every 4 feet and a #5 rebar in the bond beam top course. I've installed grout stop over the unreinforced vertical cells. After two days of searching, I haven't found any step-by-step instructions on how to grout the reinforced cores and the bond beam, but I have gleaned a few tips to supplement what seems fairly obvious about the procedure. Does the following overlook anything important?

Asked By Jeff Cooper | Aug 27 16
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