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5 Answers

Basement - Rigid Foam + Rock Wool + Smart Vapor Retarder?

I am having my basement finished in Toronto (Zone 5 I believe). We have an interior french drain installed and dimple membrane on the block foundation walls going to the french drain. +

Asked By anom12 | May 2 18
9 Answers

Cold pantry in a Passive House via hot water heat pump air exhaust

We're building a passive house and one thing we had to give up was the idea of a cold pantry for long-term storage of root vegetables, apples, etc. But after learning about hot water heat pumps and the fact that you can duct the cold exhaust air, I started thinking it could be possible exhaust the cold heat pump air to the pantry. The pantry would have to be tightly sealed and insulated and have a returning duct back to the mechanical room. That would essentially create a cool, dry cold pantry with constant air circulation.

Asked By Mike AbiEzzi | Apr 25 18
2 Answers

Pretty Good Windows for Zone 4

Hi all,

We are building in central Virginia (zone 4). We've been researching windows that will get us into the "pretty good house" performance range without overshooting our climate zone needs. The Canadian windows look great, but seem like they might be overkill. Any recommendations for windows that would help us reach our energy and sustainability goals without breaking our budget?

Thanks for the help,

Asked By Phil D'Adamo-Damery | May 1 18
6 Answers

Construction Documents for a PERSIST wall home in Vermont

Hi guys,

We are going to build a cabin/home in Vermont this upcoming year. My wife and I have a floor plan we would like to build and I would like to be general contractor on the project just to make sure everything goes to plan. I would like to invest in building the place using the PERSIST methodology and although I think I understand its constituent elements, I don't know who I can go to to turn the floor plan we have into detailed construction documents that follow PERSIST best practices.

Asked By Ben B | Apr 28 18
6 Answers

Installing drywall ceiling under existing drywall ceiling in bathroom

Planning bathroom reno in main bathroom on second story. There are no existing ceiling fixtures. I went into attic to investigate opportunity to add boxes and run circuits but it's essentially impossible. Low pitch hip roof and bathroom is at exterior corner so impossible to even crawl to location where fixtures would be or to run circuits from above. Was able to confirm two layers of fibreglass batts(likely original build) on what appears to be 4mil vapour barrier (house built in 1972) above existing drywall celiing.

Asked By Grant Robinson | Apr 28 18
11 Answers

If the IRC specs a 3.5" nail for framing, why do so many use just a 3.25" nail

For over 20 years I've been using a collated 16d (3.5") nail in my nailgun for framing walls. I'm in the market for a nail gun upgrade (changing brands) and found that many best nail guns only go to 3.25".

The IRC states that (2) 16d nails are needed to nail studs to the plates, why then a 3.25" nail and why do so many nail gun manufacturers not make a gun that shoots up to 3.5"

Can any of you expand on this?

Asked By Brad Hardie | Feb 11 16
2 Answers

How does someone cancel subscription when there seems to be no way out??

Could someone guide me in the cancellation of membership? it doesn't seem like it is possible to do so.

Thank you

Asked By James Someone | May 27 17
7 Answers

Sloped ceilings from inside: Removing drywall

We just uncovered the final instance of corner-cutting by a local/franchised insulation contractor. (T Carlson, this is the same project you and I discussed, but the situation is messier than previously thought). Rather than insulate the entire sloped ceiling between the kneewall and the top attic, this group only insulated the top portion and left the lower 3 feet of sloped ceiling entirely uninsulated (and hidden). This unscrupulous crew made a conscious decision thinking we would never notice.

Asked By FrankFulton | Apr 26 18
18 Answers

Can anyone direct me to the best information on wiring a new residence for 100% LED lighting?

I am looking for LED wiring 101 ~ What are wire gauge options, voltage regulating options and what are the things to watch out for?

I understand we are still very much in a hybrid AC/DC universe and AC has to exist for kitchen appliances, and infrastructure appliances in the Utility room, however our client wants to take the step into LED. The house is around 1600sf and one floor.

Asked By Caroline Di Diego | Apr 13 15
5 Answers

Concrete patio/stoop and door detail

I am getting ready to form our stoops & patio slabs. My wall detail is attached. I have Suresill sill pans for all doors. I am thinking I will attach a 2x6 piece of cedar or pressure treated lumber under the lip of the door sill to keep from frost heaving concrete with from catching that lip. I would cut 1/4 deep vertical cuts in the face of the board to allow for drainage path out of the sill pan down into the sub grade.

What do you think of this strategy? Is there a best practice for how far to hold down the surface of the patio & stoops below the door sills?

Asked By Scott K | Apr 27 18
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