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3 Answers

Balancing holes in the ceiling with adequate lighting

Hi all,

Building a new home in central KY, zone 4A. Trying to figure out lighting needs on the 2nd floor and trying to limit the amount of holes in the ceiling. We will not be using canned lights, so that is good, but we are still talking about fixture boxes cutting holes in the drywall. My wife wants to put a few extra lights in the bathroom and bedroom ceilings vs. me trying to get by with just one (in each room) plus (or including) the exhaust fan.

Asked By Clay Whitenack | Sep 28 16
59 Answers

Mooney floor

I want to put insulation on top of a concrete floor.
A layer of foam + plywood bolted to the concrete has been suggested. (By Dana I think)
While that looks an good option I've been exploring more low cost options.

What about a Mooney wall, flooring variation.
Thinking about 2x4 + 2x4, filled with blown in cellulose. Likely GreenFiber or InsulMax.

Is that a good alternative?

Asked By Tony Tibbar | Aug 6 16
7 Answers

Choosing wall assembly discussion

I really tried to not ask this question since I'm aware that it has been discussed a ton, and I have read a ton on the subject. And even if I've accepted the fact that there's no clear answer, I still have to choose a wall assembly - double wall, 2x6+4"foam, SIP, or some hybrid. Around R40 (I have 12" to work with)

The top priority here is actually budget and ease of construction/quality control.

I've gone through many articles from BSC and GBA amongst many other case studies. This is how my thought process went:

Asked By Bernard Lam | Sep 27 16
8 Answers

Polyiso in bonus room

I'm starting the process of finishing my upstairs I'm located in piedmont of north Carolina. My house is 5 years old I have soffit and Ridge vents 1 dormer simple roof line 2x6 rafters . I found a deal on Craigslist for polyiso the problem is its foIL faced on both sides . My plan was to cut and cobble 3.5" pieces between rafters flush to interior of rafters leaving a 2 inch gap from soffit to Ridge vent then install 3 " polyiso on inside of rafters to adress thermal bridging then 1x3 nailers for sheet rock. Is this a sound plan?

Asked By Eric Teer | Sep 24 16
5 Answers

Is it possible to satisfactorily detail single layer of exterior xps square edge sheathing?

Having been directed to an insulation reclaimer I have the opportunity to purchase enough reclaimed xps to sheath my exterior frame though only with a single layer since the 2.5" panel thickness satisfies my requirement. Timberframe has a 2x5 (full dimension) exterior frame that gets cellulose densepack and sheathed with xps that will get 1x4 strapping prior to siding. This foam is square edge and I'm wondering if, in the absence of multiple layers with staggered seams as well as t+g edges, the detailing to adequately seal the seams of the xps will be possible or even approachable.

Asked By daniel f. vellone | Sep 23 16
5 Answers

Risk of condensation on ducts inside bathroom?

Hi all,

Getting ready to frame the soffit that will hide the ductwork that will run through the bathroom. According to what I read, insulation is not needed on ductwork that is inside the thermal envelope.

Is this true for bathrooms as well? I ask because there is obviously a lot more hot steamy air in a bathroom and I wonder about condensation on the ducts during the cooling season.

Asked By Clay Whitenack | Sep 22 16
16 Answers

Spray foam and a vaulted ceiling - working from the top of roof down


Thanks for all the insight on insulating vaulted ceilings - both vented and unvented.

Asked By Peter Zwarich | Sep 20 16
13 Answers

Strapping screws: to angle or not to angle?

For 4" of XPS, with a 3/8" airspace and 3/4" plywood strapping, is it sufficient to screw in straight, or do I need to screw in at an angle? I've read where both are "recommended". From my small-scale mockups, screwing straight through seems adequate, but I've never done this before so I don't want to screw it up (sorry :P). The screw pattern I'm using comes from the manufacture's data sheet, and it doesn't specify a screw angle.

Asked By John P. | Sep 19 16
40 Answers

North Idaho ranch house design

Our house will be around 1800 sq ft with a 600 sq ft attached garage. In northern Idaho, zone 6.

The plan is to build slab on grade due to water table issues in my subdivision.
Heat would be hydronic in floor heat. High efficiency natural gas boiler which would both supply hot water to floor and heat domestic hot water. Looking forward to no forced air noise or dust. We have Natural Gas service at street.

Asked By Steve Wolfe | Sep 15 16
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