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0 Answers

Can I put Roxul over sheetrock? On the interior

I was planning on creating a built in window seat/bed in a bonus room over the garage. We just purchased the house and I am guessing It's likely one of the coldest parts of the house in the winter. It's just above the garage doors. Likely has little insulation in the floor, vaulted ceiling so probably R13 at best. The house was built in 1991 +/-. I am toying with the idea of furring out and insulating with some roxul boards around the window and vaulted ceiling area. I was going to just put it right on top of the sheet rock and cover it up with bead board or something similar.

Asked By Andrew Bennett | Oct 3 15
9 Answers

NON-Flanged (Insert) Window Replacement + Flashing

I changed out my rotten wood framed windows for all vinyl ones. The original wall was aluminum siding. I fixed the rotten sheathing, applied house wrap. Then strapped (furred) the wall with plywood. The pictures show how I flashed the rough window openings. I did NOT want flanged windows because I did not want to have to disturb the siding when the window needs to be replaced in the future (far into the futuer I hope). I see a lot of articles on how to flash flanged windows, but I never see methods for Insert (non-flanged) ones.

Asked By Alexander Sanita | Sep 28 15
6 Answers

Insulating a flat roof in Chicago

I have had continued problems with my flat roof on our 10-year-old 3-unit building. This will be the 3rd time having to do major work.

The ceiling below has about 8 inches of blown in insulation with an 8 inch or so open space above. All of which is within the engineered floor joist that should allow for air flow.

On top of the joists is the main roof deck and on top of the deck is an additional deck that is sloped with the roof membrane on top. The wood is completely rotted out but the main deck appears OK.

Asked By Andrew Rothstein | Sep 16 15
0 Answers

Typical Youth Mixed Martial Arts Training Session

Technology is supposed to assist us save time. Although the majority of us may spend hours playing video games on our iPhones, the little gadget is supposed making our lives simpler and let us do more things in less time. While there isn't much any iPhone app designer can do not make you more disciplined, iPhone apps development companies around the world have been attempting to construct apps that help you save time. These apps will help you harness the power of your smartphone to get things done quicker.

Asked By Riley Dorn | Oct 2 15
1 Answer

Sub-slab condensate drain

This article mentions running a condensate drain for a mini-split to a leaching system under the slab, or tying it to the radon pipes. Is this a common/recommended technique? If tying to a DWV system risks leaking sewer gas through a dry trap, doesn't this system have the same risk for radon?


Asked By John Ranson | Sep 30 15
2 Answers

Insulating a pole barn

Hi. I am interested in building a small (20'x20') eco friendly pole building as a "tiny house". I like the idea of a pole building because it avoids the use of concrete for the foundation. I plan on using perlite bags beneath an earthen floor as the "sub-slab" insulation. For the walls and ceilings, I would like to use cellulose. I have not been able to find any details online for appropriately insulating and air sealing pole buildings. What resources I have found generally ignore thermal bridging entirely, for instance.

I would like to achieve R-40 walls and an R-60 roof.

Asked By Steven Gubkin | Sep 30 15
0 Answers

Detailing WRB/Roxul/siding in retrofit

I am putting together a plan for a client to add 2" rigid mineral wool as a continuous exterior insulation upgrade. One-story 1974 ranch house, huge 4' overhangs, zone 5 NW Ohio. Existing walls are 2x4 with fiberglass batts and interior poly vapor barrier. Current siding is vertical pine board-and-batten. Already encapsulated crawlspace and insulated foundation walls, air-sealed in attic and blew in more insulation, so doing the walls is Phase 3.

Asked By Andy Chappell-Dick | Sep 30 15
2 Answers

Ground gutter/curtain drain techniques

I have a 1920s home in Columbus, OH. As is typical of the neighborhood, it's a small footprint (~800 sf) and more vertically oriented (finished space on 4 floors). The house has an existing gutter system, but the west wall (picture attached) still receives water exposure during heavy rainfall. We have an interior french drain system that functions - water will come through the weep holes during heavy rain, but there has not been water infiltration on other parts of the wall.

Asked By Matt Bierlein | Sep 24 15
18 Answers

Air barrier in middle of double wall in mixed climate?

I'm in central Arizona, at the cold end of the Climate Zone 2B range, where I have around four months of moderate heating and five of moderate to heavy cooling.

Asked By Jeff Cooper | Sep 20 15
1 Answer

PERSIST / REMOTE door installation quandry

OK, I have decided to build a PERSIST house with a frost protected insulated slab. Now there is a good manual on REMOTE ( A very similar type of housing), but I am stuck on how to install the door, with a bridge over the the exterior insulation..Because the door is an Innie, it will sit in line with the framing on the slab perimeter, but I have to bridge that exterior insulation somehow..
Do I inset a thick PT plywood bridge in a void in the slab to keep the door at the same height as the slab floor? This would result in a very difficult air/water/vapour detail.

Steve Young

Asked By Steve Young | Sep 25 15
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