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1 Answer

Large structure with sealed attic / fiberglass

I have a 48x75 post frame structure with a metal ceiling. Prior to putting up the metal ceiling I installed a 6mil plastic vapor barrier. The entire interior is encapsulated with the 6mil plastic under corrugated barn/ag panel metal. I want to blow R60 into the ceiling, but my metal spans 8.5'. I am worried about the weight of cellulose. I used R-panel on the ceiling for a higher load rating and span, but I still think R60 with fiberglass would be much lighter.

Asked By W Ahrens | Oct 22 14
6 Answers

Which point-of-use tankless water heater should I get?

I live in Cambridge Massachusetts. I need a point-of-use tankless water heater for 1 bathroom sink. I will use the hot water for about 5 minutes at a time. What is the correct size? Can you recommend a brand?

Asked By Eve Schlapik | Jun 9 14
7 Answers

Outdoor catalytic wood stove: smoke reduction devices

Hi all,

We have an outdoor catalytic wood stove with an 8-inch pipe, and our neighbors want us to cut down the amount of smoke. It sometimes drifts over in their direction... We live in the Northeast US and it's starting to get cold around here!

We found this Catalytic Add-on Stove Damper online:

Asked By Alex Forbes | Oct 13 14
0 Answers

Rheem's condensing water heaters (storage)


My 14-year-old electric water heater is starting to look a little long in the tooth. Time to upgrade.

So, I'm looking for intel on Rheem's Professional Prestige Series: High Efficiency Condensing Power Direct Vent (RHE50) or its sister sold by Home Depot - Rheem EcoSense High Efficiency Power Direct Vent (ECORHE50).

I can't find any online reviews of either product (save one favorable review on HD's site).

For several reasons, I'm looking at a high efficiency storage water heater instead of tankless.

Asked By Michael Brahmey | Oct 11 14
9 Answers

Post-cure/long term off-gassing with Bayer’s Bayseal closed cell spray foam insulation (“SFI”)

I am considering having Bayer’s Bayseal closed cell spray foam insulation (“SFI”) installed in the attic and basement rim joist at my New Jersey home. I am interested in hearing thoughts on the recent concerns over off-gassing of the SFI that I have been reading about. My questions assume SFI installation gets done correctly (I have read about the improper installation problems causing odors). Anyway, the issue of concern/interest for me is long-term off-gassing AFTER a properly done SFI job.

Asked By D S | May 14 14
18 Answers

Windows for my Pretty Good House

Hi all

Another question for the experts here at GBA--this time about what windows I should install in my Pretty Good House (PGA). I've written here before about this house and you can likely find the threads of previous questions. Basically, we're building a single level, 1700 sf house in Hood River, OR and we're trying to meet PGA and passive solar "standards". Currently, we're trying to decide what windows to put in this house, and the candidates are:

Marvin Integrity
Milgard Ultra
Intus Arcarde or Eforte

Asked By Matt Mesa | Sep 29 14
3 Answers

Vapor barriers & mold

I live in a rural area (95415) without attic , only some walls with R13 insulation.

I am considering NSF certified elastomeric paint to cover shingles for the purpose of collecting rainwater for potable uses. It serves to cover toxic shingles, acts as a cool roof as well as a vapor barrier.

I am also planning on 2-3 coats of latex paint for the interior walls and ceilings of the kitchen and bathroom. This should also act as a vapor barrier.

I'm wondering if any building science folks might comment on the potential for mold potential between 2 vapor barriers.

Asked By Laura Diamondstone | Oct 2 14
5 Answers

LED GU24 base bulbs

I plan to buy new lighting with GU24 2-pin sockets for my kitchen renovation. But I'm noticing many more choices of LED lights with the regular twist on base now. Will the LED GU24 base bulbs continue to have a poor pool of choices while the LED twist on consumer choices will grow? Basically I will always use LED, but I want to have the option of "nice looking" bulbs too.

Asked By Kelly Proctor | Oct 1 14
10 Answers

Has anyone worked with ISO from Insulation Depot?

Was wondering about experiences purchasing re-claimed insulation from the Depot. I can get a truckload of 3" full sheets of ISO. Will I need to cut new edges and will it be full of holes? They're finishing a job in Chicago the the price for shipping to Appleton, WI is good.

Asked By Paul Kuenn | Mar 27 14
88 Answers

The differences between mass and insulation

The "I installed more attic insulation and now my AC runs more" thread got me thinking about the mass effect a bit.

Asked By Nathaniel G | Sep 15 14
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