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2 Answers

SIGA Majcoat vs VaproShield SlopeShield

I'm designing my LAST house-- my retirement home, after having built several homes over my lifetime. My last was in Vermont in 2000, using ICF, in-floor radiant heat (walkout basement with concrete slab, upper floor with 1.5-inch poured gypcrete), standing seam roofing, closed-cell spray foam under roof deck.

Asked By Peter Martin | Mar 23 17
6 Answers

Eco Star windows and patio door

A friend had a sales visit from a contractor that installs Eco Star windows. Some of the R/U values my friend said he was promised sounded questionable to me. On the web I see they are reviewed well but would love a "real" experience from anyone in GBA. Anyone work with these?
Thanks, PK

Asked By Paul Kuenn | Mar 20 17
6 Answers

Question about wiring minisplits — electrician's mistake

I consulted with the electrician before he ran the wiring for our new home. I knew that mini splits weren't something they would see everyday, so I wanted to make sure everyone was on the same page. We noted that the unit needed three wires plus the ground, and everyone knew what that meant because I had to run to Lowes to pick up some extra 12/3 wire since they were running low.

Asked By Clay Whitenack | Mar 21 17
9 Answers

Canned spray foam: a reliable air seal?

Simple question, folks ... Canned spray foam is widely used to seal between a window frame and it's rough opening and around all sorts of envelope penetrations. But are canned spray foams open or closed cell? Does this vary by product? And if they're open cell (my hunch based on stated R values), then are they reliable air barriers if they're less than 3.5 to 5.5 inches thick? See ...

Asked By William Costello | Mar 19 17
8 Answers

Starting point for affordable triple-glazed windows?

Hi guys, we are building in the White Mountains in New Hampshire. 1250 square-foot oneday retirment house with a small loft. We haven't solidified any details yet but are shooting for a pretty good house.

Asked By John Williams | Mar 18 17
7 Answers

Reclaimed and factory second rigid foam

I have seen a couple of recommendations here and there on obtaining reclaimed rigid foam. One post actually mentioned the Syracuse area, close to where I live, so I checked craigslist as they suggested and sure enough there was--new, reclaimed and factory second rigid foam.

Asked By Nina Saeli | Mar 16 17
23 Answers

White Cedar Wall Shakes

All you "up north" guys, White Cedar is a foreign product to me.

Can anyone give real world life expectancy for Eastern White Cedar shakes, 5/8" thick , 18" long / 6" to the weather over slicker type product. I (really the Mrs.) would like them but, I'm concerned about longevity and upkeep. They would either be left raw or treated with a clear product.

Also, is the slicker product THE best practice or is there a better way, over spaced lathe, etc.??

Thanks.. once again!

Asked By Russell Miller | Mar 7 17
2 Answers

Why are my post rejected as spam?

Post and questions are rejected as spam. Why?

Asked By Steven Johnson | Mar 8 17
2 Answers

Anyone know of a supplier of low volume decent windows in the NJ area?

Hi All,
Looking to replace my old 1970 windows. But due to fund restrictions I can only do a room or two at a time. So I am only looking to buy 4-5 windows at a time. Anyone know of a place around NJ that can supply windows without a minimum shipping charge like you get from high quality window places. The big orange home improvement store hasn't been very helpful as they can't give me concrete specifics on the windows they sell beyond its energy star rated.

Asked By Chris King | Mar 11 17
11 Answers

How to prevent leakage through the range hood?

We are building a net zero house and are concerned that leakage thorough the range hood will be a major loss of conditioned air or gain of unconditioned air. Is there a device to install where the duct exits the house that will close tightly when the hood is not in use?

Asked By Courtney McCracken | Mar 6 17
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