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3 Answers

6" wide aluminum insect screen

Anybody have a good resource with fast shipping? I'm looking at having to cut it into 6" strips from a 24" wide roll unless someone saves me!

Asked By Inger Peters | Jul 19 17
0 Answers

One more PEX (safety) question!


I've been reading over information regarding the safety of PEX for the last few days. It's safe to say, there is a lot of uncertainty and varied opinions on which type of PEX to use.

I have read over some of the posts here on GBA but am still not sure which to go with.

Several users have mentioned a weird taste in their water when using PEX A and that PEX B is the safest in regards to chemical leaching. One reviewer stated: "A-type PEX leaches 50-200% more chemicals into the water".

Asked By Tommy87 | Jul 22 17
2 Answers

Any new insight on Air Krete?

I've read the other posts, which are a few years old.

Does anyone have any new advice or guidance using the product? I have a client that is interested in the product. Specifically looking for any known issues or installation advice.


Asked By Cliff kornegay | Jul 20 16
2 Answers

Air Krete

Air Krete seems like an incredible product. Everything about it sounds great. R-value of 6. Inert. No VOCs. Fire Resistant.

How many builders, retrofit contractors are using this?

It does not appear to be widely popular but it seems like a dream come true.

What am I missing here?

What's the catch?

Asked By Reuven Walder | Aug 7 14
2 Answers

What is the best lumber to use that is anti-mold and low-VOC?

I am building a house and would like to use all low or no voc products from lumber to insulation to interior. I am also wanting to have as much anti-mold products as possible. What suggestions for the lumber, foundation and sealing, and insulation?

Asked By PenOC | Jul 11 17
0 Answers

Composite Kitchen Sinks - Granite/Quartz

Has anyone had any experience with the composite granite kitchen sinks?

I am torn between 2 brands; Kraus (made in India) or Elkay Schock (Made in Germany). The Elkay model is mostly quartz based while the Kraus is mainly granite based. The first Kraus sink was cracked in the corners and I had to return it. So that left me uneasy. The next sink was OK with no cracks.They are both priced the same.

Any input or experience with these sinks?

Asked By Peter L | Jul 10 17
13 Answers

Who has a favorite heat-pump water heater?

We are now underway with our "pretty good" house here in southern Oregon and I am committed to the hybrid heat pump water heater concept for our 2100 sq ft, three generation house. With four adults and a grandchild in the house, I felt that an 80 gallon unit would be desirable. We plan to locate the HPWH in a centrally located laundry room which is just under 700 cubic feet and have plumbed a floor drain into that room for condensate or tank failure (hope NOT). I had been inclined to go with the GE GeoSpring but I have heard a rumor that GE is going to discontinue manufacture.

Asked By Alan Hart-McArthur | Oct 13 16
0 Answers

Siga Wigluv or 3M All Weather tape for XPS?

I've read Martin Holladay's Backyard Tape Test articles, but am trying to decide between wigluv and 3m all weather for the seams of my xps sheathing. Anybody have experience with the two on xps that could assure me that the savings on 3m won't be at a higher risk of failure?

Asked By Daniel F. Vellone | Jul 7 17
7 Answers

Halogen-free electrical cable

Does anyone have experience using halogen free electrical cable in residential buildings? I'm going to have to do some rewiring in the house, and I'd prefer to keep it low halogen (for less toxicity if it burns and because I'm not a fan of PVC). I know that LSZH is used extensively in industry for certain applications, but I can't find much information on it for use in homes.

Asked By Kathryn Oseen-Senda | Jun 23 17
9 Answers

Heat-pump water heater: Rheem?

Looking to purchase a Rheem 50 or 80 gallon heat pump water heater. They sell for around $1,400 for the 50 gallon and $1,700 for the 80 gallon. 3.55 - 3.70 UEF

Are these units reliable?

Are they better units out there?

Is it better/more energy efficient to get the larger unit since it has more storage capacity?

Asked By Peter L | Jun 30 17
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