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13 Answers

Cape Cod attic — cellulose machine

My finished attic in my cape cod has terrible temperature regulation up here in central Maine. So far I've put 1 inch foam between the floor joists sealed the gap with foam. I've also spent days air ceiling the upper attic. Next step is for me to dense pack the sloped ceiling, which is made up of 2x8 rafters. I'll be using accuvent cathedral ceiling extensions to provide ventilation. The sloped ceiling is about 5.5 feet long so I'll be connecting two of the vents together and stapling at either side. The house is about 34 feet long and I have slopes on either side.

Asked By SciFiJock | Apr 25 17
1 Answer

Linseed oil paint--your experience wanted!

Through the years there have been a couple mentions of the stuff (Allback, Viking--old school linseed based paints) on the Q+A section here, but to date I haven't seen any candid reviews or recaps of folks' experience.

Asked By jonathan nagar | Apr 26 17
4 Answers

Tar Paper vs Red Rosin Paper

I'm having hard wood floors fixed and the contractor wants to use Tar Paper vs. Red Rosin Paper. Is one more health-safe than the other?

I'm very sensitive to smells and chemicals. We had Fiberlock put down on the subfloor that I was sensitive to. The contractor said the Tar Paper would serve as more of a vapor barrier to it, but i don't want to add more chemicals if Tar Paper is less safe than Red Rosin. Thanks!

Asked By Masb H | Apr 26 17
15 Answers

Raycore - is it the product for me?

I was pretty much on board with buying Raycore for the 4500 s.f. home I am building in downstate NY, which is steel framed, so I actually don't need any structural value out of the exterior walls other than for supporting the windows and doors (and supporting the walls themselves). I am also going with a wire lathe and stucco on the exterior - Raycore told me I could direct apply the wire lathe and did not have to use any sheathing if I did not need the shear strength, but I am hesitant to do so.

Asked By Joe McCarthy | Jul 14 14
1 Answer

Can rigid foam insulation be used on brick and mortar walls?

Hello, I am looking to finish my basement. I live in Chicago. 2/3 of the wall is poured concrete foundation. The top 1/ 3( which is mostly above grade) is brick and mortar. The brick and mortar section is also recessed from the face of the poured foundation by about 2in. I was orginally thinking of using ridgid foam but now after research I feel unsure about which type would best in my application. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you , Steve

Asked By sburban | Apr 25 17
8 Answers

Roof membrane in ceiling?

In a commercial application we are putting a new floor over an existing roof that has an EPDM or TPO roof membrane on it. We feel this membrane should be removed for a variety of reasons, but, are getting questions from builders if it's necessary. If left, it would above a dropped ceiling, below the new floor deck. Is there a code addressing this or literature backing up it's removal? Thank you.

Asked By BryanD14 | Apr 24 17
3 Answers

Air or vapor barrier for attic (using cellulose)?

Is there a certain air or vapor barrier that I should install before hanging ceiling sheetrock? The attic will be insulated with blow in cellulose. The attic will be vented at the soffit and with a ridge vent, nothing else. House is in zone 5. Probably R-40 to R-50 in terms of the amount of cellulose. I am looking at using the Certainteed smart membrane like I will on mineral wool walls.

Asked By Ralph S | Apr 24 17
8 Answers

New house build, SIPs?

New member here, we are planning to build a new house this summer and I'm exploring my options for wall systems. I plan to do the framing myself. House will be roughly 2500 sqft in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. Not the coldest place to build but not far off, and just for kicks it gets pretty hot and fairly humid here in summer as well.

Asked By Lance Peters | Jan 15 17
0 Answers

Standard (non-custom) window sizes?

In the interest of getting the "most bang for my buck," I have been trying to find "standard window sizes," as opposed to what is generally advertised as "custom" windows... Perhaps this is something that is available in high performance windows, perhaps at widths which correspond to common framing widths such as 24" OC, 16" OC, etc. I would be happy to design around these parameters, but it seems that most high performance window manufacturers also tout "custom sizes." Does anyone have a lead on standard high performance window sizing?

Asked By Ethan T ; Climate Zone 5A ; ~6000HDD | Apr 24 17
3 Answers

Insulation for a DIY air cooling pot

we are building an air cooling pot from a food grade 1gal plastic bucket and need to LINE THE BUCKET with an insulator. Syrafoam is used in most cases but we would like to avoid it if there is something else available. It should be water poof as ice will melt inside the bucket. Need to be able to cut to fit easily and be very lightweight. oh--and cheap! because we're cheap. :)

Thank you very kindly!

Asked By Skadeetin | Apr 19 17
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