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8 Answers

What would a weighted average R-value be for a Superior Wall Xi?

I am trying to determine what the weighted average R-value of a Superior Wall XI and XI plus wall is. Does anyone know? I can post cross sectional diagrams if someone can tell me how.

Asked By Chaz Steffen | May 23 16
7 Answers

What is the best airtight LED retrofit for can lights?

I couldn't talk the builder out of can lights on the top floor, so I thought I could fix the problem once he's all done.

Asked By Kevin Dickson | May 20 16
6 Answers

Choosing window brand — Fiberglass frame, double and triple pane

I am preparing to build a "pretty good house" in Gloucester, Massachusetts, climate Zone 5/coastal. I have gotten quotations on Marvin Integrity casements and awning windows, but did talk to the reps at the Building Energy 16 conference in Boston from Comfortline/Fiberframe and Accurate Dorwin. I do want to install good performing fiberglass windows, but also want to have a reasonable budget for the windows for the project. Does anyone have experience with these manufacturers to compare the performance and pricing of the three?

Asked By JAMES KREYLING | May 20 16
10 Answers

Do ductless mini splits make sense for a large house?

Hi Guys.

We're in the middle of designing a new house to be built at the Jersey Shore and would like to keep our carbon footprint as small as we can for a rather large house (about 3600 sq ft). We're interested in ductless mini splits so we don't have ductwork in the attic and crawlspace and for their superior efficiency. Can this system work with so many rooms? The first floor living space will be a fairly open floor plan, but the second/third floors will have 6 bedrooms/6 bathrooms, so lots of closed doors.

Asked By Cherylann Schieber | May 19 16
18 Answers

Pretty Good Historic Double Hung....

We're doing a DER on a house in a historic district and tying to balance performance with aesthetic appeal that will be tolerated by the local historic commission.

This is a house in the Boston area and so largely a heating zone.

Is there an 'acceptable' window that gets the obvious thumbs up from our community?
Marvin's next generation double hung looks good and is available with a narrow 5/8th muntin.
I can't find much information on its performance BUT as I begin to (quickly) research are there other specific products within other lines that should be considered.

Asked By Edward Cambridge | May 17 16
14 Answers

NanaWall......$$$....Marvin $$$? / Panoramic Door$?

I've been looking at a configuration for a 12' wide opening that we'd like to make into a glass wall.
Nana is the brand everyone is familiar with but preliminary pricing is running $1300 a linear foor PLUS a substantial installation charge (they will actually discount the doors by 10% to 'help' with installation cost (!)

Marvin has their new Scenic Door system
There are other suppliers such as Panoramicdoors DOT com that offer products at a significantly lower price (50%) but I can only find limited feedback and some (Yelp) reviews are not positive

Asked By Edward Cambridge | May 18 16
6 Answers

Luxury vinyl tile / plank

We need to select our flooring. Our plan had been to use wood laminate, but several people we know have recommended that we look into luxury vinyl. We hear that it looks very similar to wood or tile, is much easier to care for than wood, and is much cheaper than tile. Do people on this forum have experience with and/or opinions about this type of flooring?

Asked By Reid Baldwin | May 3 16
5 Answers

Dow Powerhouse Solar System 2.0 PV shingles

An architect I know asked about these ( I found Martin's review from 2012, and I wonder if anyone has more recent experience?



Asked By Andy Engel | May 12 16
15 Answers

Comfortboard pricing - Triple $ per R vs foamboard??

Hi all,

Asked By Keith H | Apr 21 16
4 Answers

Cork insulation as finished facade

anybody out there have experience with the expanded cork insulation out there? here's my situation: the higher density facade grade cork is just too expensive to make it work for my application. the standard grade would work, but it's not recommended as a facade. the cork in question would be used as insulation + facade (no siding), but would be in a very low-exposure area, and subject to less weather extremes (it's under a covered area).
i'm trying to get the 'coolness' of cork, plus like the idea of needing less siding material.

any thoughts?


Asked By Jonathan Nagar | May 5 16
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