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1 Answer

Is a rubber/foam product a good choice for flooring underlayment?

Hi, Is a recycled granulated rubber tire and high density frothed polyurethane foam product on the market the best underlayment for a 2nd story 1883 farmhouse condo with plywood on top of sub floor where I am installing solid oak hardwood (2 1/4" strips)?
I like it because it has much published technical data that I can show my neighbor in the condo below where we are both interested in sound silencing. I thank you kindly for your expert advice.

Asked By Mary Schwaba | Jun 26 15
2 Answers

Introducing a new European window importer, Prossimo LLC

Hi Everyone,

My name is Ben Freed. I built a net-positive, 1250 sq ft, pretty (dang) good house in upstate New York last year. I couldn't have done it without my consultant David White of Right Environments, and the amazing community of contributors here on GBA.

I used a few of the European components on my house including, wraps, tapes and triple-pane upvc windows.

I thought all the products I worked with were great, save for one fact: they were too darn expensive.

Asked By Ben Freed | Jun 25 15
3 Answers

Linoleum over slab with a layer of insulation - Kerdi-board

My daughter's school (Vermont) has the pre-school on the walk out basement level. The floor is old vinyl tile directly on an uninsulated slab. The floor is cold in the winter and condensation is an issue in the warmer months. Donated carpets are changed out periodically and we did a whole building Air exchange system which improved air quality quite a bit. Headroom is an issue on this floor.

Asked By Robert Swinburne | Jun 22 15
7 Answers

How does the GWP of materials like XPS compare to other activities?

In considering different material choices, global warming potential (GWP) is one of my considerations, among many others. I realize that materials like XPS and closed cell spray foam have many times the GWP of materials like EPS. However, I would like to get a feel for the overall magnitude of the GWP of building material choices relative to other activities in my life, like driving a car. A big percentage change in a small contributor would be no big deal. A big percentage change in a big contributor gets more weight.

Asked By Reid Baldwin | Jun 12 15
3 Answers

Steel SIP manufacturers

Anyone know of steel SIP manufacturers on the west coast? Or Hawaii?
I can't seem to find any there.



Asked By Brian Whidden | Jun 8 15
3 Answers

Steel SIPs

I know that a steel stud dosent provide a thermal break. However this company seems to have
resolved that issue.
They put 2 steel studs opposite each other on the flat, with foam in between.
Any info on this type of SIP's would be appreciated.



Asked By Brian Whidden | Jun 8 15
9 Answers

Wasco Windows?

I'm shopping for windows in a very cold climate and so am looking for windows with a low U-value and high SHGC, which isn't very common (as Martin has explained in his articles). I found a nearby company, Wasco Windows, which sells windows using Cardinal 180 glass that meets these parameters pretty well. Whole-window specs are:

1400 Series Casement:
U-Value: 0.18
SHGC: 0.35
VT: 0.43

1400 Series Picture:
U-Value: 0.17
SHGC: 0.42
VT: 0.52

Example pricing I've received is about $36/sqft for the casement, $27/sqft for the fixed.

Asked By Nick Hall | Jun 5 15
33 Answers

Rainscreen differences when using mineral wool rather than foam?

Need to replace siding and roofing on my 1942-vintage house. Climate 4C. 8-in-12 gable roof. 2x4 walls.

Because I'll be removing all the contact-clad stucco and replacing it with rainscreened Hardi-Board, I thought it would be a good opportunity to add insulation to the outside of the house (right down to the footings). Ditto with the roof. Thought it'd be a good opportunity to add on over/under-roof with an air gap on top of the new insulation.

Asked By John Charlesworth | Apr 9 15
1 Answer

Are there any green products for block void insulation?

I am looking to have our block house treated with insulation in the block voids and have found most products to contain formaldehyde. I am looking to stay away from formaldehyde since my mom is very allergic to it. Is there any product that doesn't contain formaldehyde used to treat the block voids of my house.

Asked By Christine Musto | Jun 1 15
1 Answer

Solar reflectance index changes (for roofing materials) with age of materials - is it reasonable that the SRI might increase?

Looking at high(er) solar reflectance index shingles for a replacement residential roof in Maryland - generally, I would expect the SRI of the materials to stay the same or decrease slightly with age, but I'm seeing some products (at where the SRI actually increases at 3 years - is this reasonable?

Asked By Louisa Rettew | Jun 1 15
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