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3 Answers

Does anyone know if there is a manufacturer that makes an energy efficient, dual HVAC/ ventilation system that would satisfy both of my needs and eliminate the need for 2 duct systems?

I'm planning a moderate size home in SoCal in a semi-desert climate with adequate thermal mass. The home will have a tight envelope and my understanding is that some sort of ventilation system with separate duct work is required.

I was planning on an air-source heat pump to meet heating and cooling needs, but this will only be used in the summer and winter months mostly.

Asked By Paul Minotto | Jan 20 17
12 Answers

Mount outdoor unit on the wall or on the ground?

I am close to installing 3 fujitsu mini split units at our home under construction. Two outdoor units will be installed near each other, with the third installed in a different area of the house. The HVAC installer asked if I wanted to mount them on the wall or on the ground. I can't decide which I would prefer. Any thoughts on the pros and cons of each?

I live in central KY, zone 4A. We don't get much deep snow around here, maybe once every 10-20 years.

Asked By Clay Whitenack | Jan 18 17
6 Answers

New house build, SIPs?

New member here, we are planning to build a new house this summer and I'm exploring my options for wall systems. I plan to do the framing myself. House will be roughly 2500 sqft in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. Not the coldest place to build but not far off, and just for kicks it gets pretty hot and fairly humid here in summer as well.

Asked By Lance Peters | Jan 15 17
1 Answer

Help identifying roof shingles

Hi - Can anyone provide insight into what type of roof shingles are used in the two attached pictures? I like how they present thick horizontal lines, but I can't find any shingle manufacturer websites with similar looks.  I think both of these houses were in Europe somewhere.


Asked By Brad White | Jan 19 17
16 Answers

Passive house exterior door for reasonable price?

Has anyone come across an exterior door that provides good insulation and beefy frame that's worthy of a super insulated home but comes at a reasonable price? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Asked By Matthew Michaud | Feb 4 13
0 Answers

Installation of a firebox in a very old stone fireplace that is on an external stone wall and is very damp.

Do I install a vapour barrier first and then rock wool or ceramic wool with aluminium foil in order to insulate the interior of the existing fireplace? would I use similar techniques to the techniques of shower construction e.g.. backboard etc?

Asked By Marina Stass | Jan 16 17
5 Answers

Bathroom drywall

I have been searching, but not coming up with a clear answer.

We are planning on using Dens Armor in our bathrooms walls, with the exception of Cement around the shower enclosure and also Cement as a tile backer.

With regards to the shower ceiling, is Dens Armor suitable?

Asked By Bridget Lamberson | Jan 12 17
3 Answers

Inline Windows shear blocks

I am strongly considering Inline Windows for our home in Lincoln, NE (zone 5). The Inline rep informed me that the shear blocks (see attached JPG) Inline uses to mechanically secure their frames are made of PVC.

Asked By Derrick Krienert | Jan 4 17
2 Answers

What is in solid glue-down cork tile ?

My wife and I are looking to install a glue down solid cork tile in our on-grade basement. Finding it hard to get definite answers. 1. Is there formaldehyde or other chemical used in production? 2. What is a high quality yet natural, low - no VOC oil finish to apply o cork once installed? and 3. What is a long lasting, high quality contact cement for installing over 1 year old slab? Slab is dry and clean with insulation and vapor barrier underneath. We're looking to keep cost of tiles low and have been looking at Jelinek and We cork in unfinished 12" X 12". 4.

Asked By Ben Williams | Jan 11 17
5 Answers

Green building concepts and expanded polystyrene

Hi, Thank you for adding me to this professional community. Expanded polystyrene and green concepts.

Hi, I am expecting experts advice on the Green side of expanded polystyrene (EPS) building materials. Currently, I am working here in the Middle East in a construction company.
Most of the works here are completed with one or other forms of polystyrene or other Styro varients. I need to know more about the Green concepts behind expanded polystyrene building materials.

Asked By Rich Scout | Jan 5 17
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