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11 Answers

Repair or replace sheathing behind brick veneer

I wanted to get some advice on what to do with existing sheathing material that is currently installed behind brick veneer in a 1980's home I'm currently renovating. It's located in Houston, is 2x4 wood frame construction on concrete slab foundation, and the other parts of the house have T1-11 and vinyl siding (which will all be eventually replaced), but my questions concern what to do behind the brick for now. Much of the interior has been gutted down to the studs due to issues with mold and pests.

Asked By sdcnyhou | Dec 8 17
4 Answers

Rain Screen material options

I see a lot of different products commercially available to create a rain screen - basically a gap between the external sheathing and the siding. But why would I not do something simple/cheap like ripping 1/4"-1/2" pressure-treated plywood into ~2" wide strips, and nailing those up in line with my studs for my rain screen spacers? What benefits do I gain from buying a more complicated product? Separately, I still need to think through the correct kind of "bug filter" at the bottom - this is where a commercial product makes sense to me - I appreciate any recommendations on that.

Asked By MarkM3 | Dec 6 17
5 Answers

Why is my canned spray foam product inconsistent?

I'm using Great Stuff Pro spray foam (windows & doors, as well as gaps and cracks) with the Pro 14 gun, and I keep getting the same problem occur. The first 10-20 linear feet or so I spray out of a fresh can seems to come out of the gun really well, but when it drys it'll get super hard and crumbly. After the first 10-20 feet it comes out of the gun super slow, and cures more like it should. So I ether get good application, poor end product, or vice versa.

Asked By Adam Peterson | Dec 4 17
9 Answers

Comfort Board 80 vs 110 - density worth extra cost?

For our upcoming house build using 4" of rigid mineral wool we have been quoted for both Roxul comfort board 80 and 110. Over the top of this we will install 2x4 furring and cedar siding.

The 110 has a compressive strength of 1120 PSF at 10% deflection, the 80 is only 439 PSF at 10%, using the 110 will simplify the installation of furring as it will compress less, but I don’t know that the furring installation sub would price their install any differently between the two products. (Furring install not by insulation contractor).

Asked By Chris Armstrong | Nov 16 16
4 Answers

Anyone Familiar with Enerlux windows?

I have been scouring the net for info on fiberglass window manufacturers and I have gone to see a Marvin Integrity install, Alpen install, etc., but in all this time of looking, I had never seen the name EnerLux until today. I am not sure why, other than they look to be very small.

Asked By Kevin Spellman | Nov 6 17
13 Answers

How can I find an efficient electric oven for my kitchen?

My electrical oven adds a tremendous amount of heat to the house. The top surface, beneath the broiler pans, is 175 degrees when the oven is at 350. The sides of the oven are at 125 degrees.

The expensive ovens don't seem any better. A GE smoothtop range I used in a rental condo blew air through vents at the top of the door - it seemed to be for keeping the door cool to prevent folks from burning themselves on the door. The fan continued to operate for about 15 minutes after the oven was turned off.

Asked By Kathy Reynolds | Mar 6 14
5 Answers

Open-cell foam with Tyvek?


We will be starting a new home next year. We are located in the mid lower peninsula of Michigan. We are going with the standard 2x6 exterior framed wall, with sheathing, Tyvek, and vinyl siding on top of that. I am pretty much convinced of open cell foam inside the walls.

My question is, using open cell foam is the Tyvek a good idea for the external face of the walls (just under the vinyl siding? Any issues with this?

Thank you.

Asked By css1813 | Nov 28 17
0 Answers

I am managing all of the reclaimed materials off of the Colorado Mills Mall Project and am looking for volume buyers.

I habve approximately 80 (256 sheet ) truckloads of excellent condition reclaimed 4" x 4 x 8 Polyiso available at $4000 a trucklooad. These are all solid sheets with clean edges that are dry and free from water damage or mold. I need to keep this material moving quickly. I have already sold over 20 truckloads and everyone has beenexceptionally happy. I also ahve screws, rhino plates and like new Tpo 60 ml roof membrane that is less than 6 months old.

Please call Melanie 925-956-6152

Asked By user-6962002 | Nov 27 17
3 Answers

Spray foam VOC: trans 1,2-dichloroethene

Hi everyone,

We had a closed-cell spray foam installation go horrible wrong. It was installed on the underside of the roof and had that horrible fishy smell everyone else complains about. The contractor did remove about 98% of the spray foam. After the removal the house still smelled of the spray foam so they did an air quality test. The test came back with a 820 ng/l / 210 ppb of trans 1,2-Dichloroethene VOC compound in the house.

Does anyone know what this is? Is it toxic? I know it's related to spray foam insulation.

Asked By Ian Needham | Nov 27 17
2 Answers

Product thoughts

In my quest to build, I would be interested to hear any feedback or criticism around the Thermobuilt system. ( for reference. I am not affiliated. )

I don't really have a specific question. It's always nice to hear input from to professionals on this site revolving around products.

Green-does this use nasty blowing agents? The product appears to be type 1 EPS. Good product? Something worthy?

Asked By Drew Baden | Nov 20 17
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