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5 Answers

Best brand of screws with washers for steel roofing?

The painted steel roofing panels on my simple 4:12 gable roof will be attached to 2x4 strapping with exposed fasteners. The #9 x 1-1/2" screws with EPDM washers used to secure the roofing to the wood range from around 12 cents each made by Metal Sales, who make lots of steel roofing such as ClassicRib, to a not-yet-specified brand that are 8 cents each. The Metal Sales screws are described as having "Metal encapsulated in EPDM for extra strength." How significant are the differences between the brands of these screws, and which do you recommend?

Asked By Jeff Cooper | Feb 9 16
13 Answers

Whirlpool HybridCare discontinued?

I was just looking on the Whirlpool website for some information on the HybridCare ventless heat pump dryer, and it is listed as discontinued!

I contacted them to confirm and find out if a new model will be coming out or if they are abandoning their heat pump technology, but have not heard back.

Anybody else hear anything on this?


Asked By Stephen Youngquist | Jan 27 16
2 Answers

Do they sell Dow Thermax anymore?

I have a big basement I need to insulate from the interior and I'd like to avoid the cost of framing and drywall since the basement will only be used for storage.

Do they still make Dow Thermax? I can't seem to find it anywhere. Is there a new product that meets the fire ratings as Thermax, that won't require drywall over it?

Asked By Clay Whitenack | Feb 9 16
33 Answers

Best insulation for indoor air quality?

I cannot decide on a type of insulation for our new home. I want something that is the safest for indoor air quality. I am worried about the off gassing of spray foam, but am also worried about the borate used in blown in cellulose (mainly the reproductive effects of borate). Please help! I want energy efficiency, but indoor air quality is of primary concern. Thank you!

Asked By Carolyn Farrow | Feb 8 16
3 Answers

What makes ceiling fan remotes break?

About 10 years ago, somebody at the Florida Solar Energy Center was involved with the design of the Windward III ceiling fan, which at the time was the most efficient fan money could buy. Due I think to the variable blade pitch. I installed a couple of them and now one of their remotes no longer functions. What causes this and is it repairable?

Asked By Charles Campbell | Feb 3 16
1 Answer

Thermoarcilla? Termoarcilla? Thermal Clay?

I've been working with a Spanish carpenter who told me that a lot of walls in Spain are being built with Thermal Clay, which I guess is the translation of Termoarcilla. I have had greast difficulty fining much information online in English (sorry my Spanish is not so good).

Here is some information:

Asked By E T | Feb 3 16
4 Answers

Waterproof, durable and easily removable panels?

Hello! First time here :)

I'm 25 years old, own 4 rental properties which i do all repairs and maintenance myself. As i have become more fluent in everything that comes along with doing that, i am now ready to do a fix and flip. Or i like to think of it more as a conversion. I have many questions and would love some dialogue in the future of what i want to accomplish.

My main focus is going to be making the house as maintenance free as possible. Super functional, strong and smart.

Asked By Silas De Vries | Feb 3 16
31 Answers

Which Weather Resistive Barrier behind new masonry?

I'm coming up on a project involving cladding Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) with a full-thickness veneer natural stone wall. So, from the outside in, it will be stone - 1" gap - WRB - 6.5" SIP panel.

Question: Which WRB is preferable?
Context: I am in northwest Ohio.

The following page on this site's Product Guide lists a number of products, but links only to manufacturers' info:

Asked By Andy Chappell-Dick | Jun 11 13
5 Answers

What is the R-value of blown in cellulose at different densities?

for a 2x4 wall
1-2 pcf = ? R-value
3-4 pcf =
5-6 pcf =
7-8 pcf =

for a 2x6 wall
1-2 pcf =
3-4 pcf =
5-6 pcf =
7-8 pcf =

What I really want to know is if there is a density where the R-value begins to decrease because it is too dense.

Asked By Tim Leasure | Jan 30 16
4 Answers

Good range hood damper and thermal break?

Looking at range hoods, it seems as though most manufacturers realize that their built-in dampers don't work very well as many of the manuals contain text like:

Cold Weather Installations:
An additional back draft damper should be installed to minimize
backward cold air flow and a thermal break should be installed to
minimize conduction of outside temperatures as part of the vent
system. The damper should be on the cold air side of the thermal
The break should be as close as possible to where the vent
system enters the heated portion of the house.

Asked By Nick Hall | Jan 27 16
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