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10 Answers

I am considering getting solar panels on my roof

I am considering getting solar panels on my roof and have quotes from 2 different companies. Is there anywhere I can go to get help on determining which are the better panels?

Asked By Dave Sanda | Aug 31 15
2 Answers

Damp spray cellulose in Los Angeles

Does anyone have a recommendation for a damp spray cellulose installer in the Los Angeles area?

Also, out of curiousity what is the going rate in your neck of the woods for damp spray cellulose (2x6 wall)?

Thanks in advance

Asked By Jack G. | Nov 4 12
18 Answers

Alpen vs Inline


I am comparing Alpen and Inline products. I have recieved quotations from both companies and I would like to pose a few questions to those that have a little more experience in this relam.

Both companies use fiberglass frames and Cardinal Low E Glass. Inline makes their frame and Alpen purchases the frame material through Inline.

Alpen makes a double pane window, their 525-s Series, that have a whole window U-factor of .19 for casements and .15 for pictures. Inline offers a triple pane window with a whole window u-factor of .17 for a casement and .14 for a picture.

Asked By David Mosijchuk | Mar 25 15
7 Answers

Anyone familiar with Insultex house wrap?

I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on this house wrap -

They appear to be making some exaggerated claims and I am not certain that the R-value claimed would be possible.

Any thoughts?

Asked By Marcus Sheffer | Jul 31 15
3 Answers

Freestanding kitchen sink cabinet recommendation?

Can you recommend a retail source for a free standing kitchen sink cabinet that is not MDF or pressboard? Thank you.

Asked By Mary Schwaba | Aug 23 15
3 Answers

"Pretty Good" Window Manufacturer?

Hi All,

I see GBA has a few articles on top-of-the-line window manufacturers. What about "Pretty Good" recommendations?

I live in zone 4A, and have my goals for U-Factor and SHGC specs, but I'm not sure what manufacturers to trust. Is it pretty much dependent on the quality of the local dealer?

Consumer Reports has a pretty limited list of ratings, and some surprising recommendations (they like windows from Home Depot and Lowes), and they aren't too impressed with fiberglass.

So, for those folks shooting for "Pretty Good", what manufacturers should I be considering?

Asked By Clay Whitenack | Aug 21 15
5 Answers

Windows with different sun exposures on same wall -- Glazing options

We are planning to build our house with a front porch, but the porch will not run from corner to corner. A room at the corner of the house will have two windows on the same wall, about 5 feet from one another. One will be under the porch, so fully protected from the sun, but the other will be out from the porch so it will be fully exposed. The wall these windows are on will be angled about 40 degrees East of true South.

Asked By Clay Whitenack | Aug 19 15
1 Answer

Is SoundSolution underlayment OK to use under hardwood flooring?

The hardwood floor is going on the second story floor of a wood frame brick exterior home built in 1883.

Asked By Mary Schwaba | Aug 19 15
5 Answers

Is a rubber/foam product a good choice for flooring underlayment?

Hi, Is a recycled granulated rubber tire and high density frothed polyurethane foam product on the market the best underlayment for a 2nd story 1883 farmhouse condo with plywood on top of sub floor where I am installing solid oak hardwood (2 1/4" strips)?
I like it because it has much published technical data that I can show my neighbor in the condo below where we are both interested in sound silencing. I thank you kindly for your expert advice.

Asked By Mary Schwaba | Jun 26 15
4 Answers

Does rigid foam sheathing squeak?

I had a Styrofoam cooler in my car this weekend. If it got next to anything else, it made an extremely annoying squeaky noise with every little bump. Does foam sheathing make noise when the house shifts a little from winds or other loads?

Asked By Reid Baldwin | Aug 18 15
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