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1 Answer

Source for rock wool batts in Albany, NY area?

I am interested in using Roxul or other rock wool peoduct in bith batt form and board form for my build in Saratoga County NY, near Albany. Is there anyone here that can recommend either or both a source and an installer in this area?

Asked By Joe | Nov 29 15
5 Answers

Leftover mineral wool shavings

I have about 150 1.5" thick pieces of 16" x 47" mineral wool insulation. From a prior post I mentioned I was going to try adding it to my attic as I began insulating it (new construction). However, I just got my 12" thick fiberglass batts and began installing them between the trusses. The insulation is very airy..or fluffy. If I put these mineral wool scraps on top of the fiberglass running perpendicular.. I actually see the fiberglass shrink some from the weight! It compresses a good inch or two. I wonder if I am doing more harm than good. I know fiberglass needs to be loose.

Asked By Nicholas C | Nov 24 15
14 Answers

HVAC Retrofit for 1918 Colonial Revival in CT

My husband and I own a 1918 Colonial Revival in CT... where summers are hot and humid and winters are cold. We bought the house 4 years ago. But we're not spring chickens... we're in our 50s so we won't see as much return on investments as say... a younger couple might. (We have no children but my husband's elderly uncle might stay with us in Feb. 2016 so we need efficient heat for him.) We also don't have a big budget - plus our house is in a neighborhood where the houses are losing value, so we don't want to spend a tremendous amount on renovations.

Asked By Margaret Tehan | Nov 22 15
5 Answers

Global warming impact of HFCs in CCSPF vs. transportation emissions of rigid foam

The consensus about the global warming impact of HFCs in closed cell spray foam and XPS rigid foam makes it pretty clear that they should be avoided.

Asked By Nick Welch | Nov 20 15
10 Answers

Cellulose retrofit

I recently acquired a late 40's vintage brick veneer house located in southwestern Pennsylvania. The house is a two story 30' x 22' rectangle topped with a hip roof. Like virtually every other house in this area, it has no overhangs other than oversized half-round gutters. Having said that, the bricks all seem to be in very good condition, and there are no signs of water damage on the interior walls or ceilings. Additionally, there is no insulation in the exterior walls.

Asked By Garrick | Nov 19 15
6 Answers

Heat pump water heater in an unconditioned attic... any issues?

I'm working with a builder building some townhomes in Orlando. One option is for them to install heat pump water heaters in the unconditioned attic (R38 blown cellulose floor). There are a couple concerns I have:

1. Will it be too cold in the winter? The 97.5% heating design temp in Orlando is 38F. I expect this, plus the small temp buffer from being in an attic, should make freezing not a problem. Does anyone have experience with this?

Asked By Cy Kilbourn | Nov 19 15
1 Answer

Venmar C12 HRV vs. Venmar E15 HRV

Is anyone familiar with the differences between the Venmar C12 HRV / ERV series and the E15 ECM HRVs? The E15 ECM HRV is about $650 more expensive. I'm having it installed in conjunction with existing furnace ducting, but hope to not use the furnace fan to distribute the air.

So I'm mainly looking for advice on whether the features or efficiency of the E15 is worth the upcharge here.

Thanks for your help!

Ryan Griffin
1450SQFT low energy home
Minneapolis, MN

Asked By Ryan Griffin | Nov 18 15
2 Answers

Smart Membrain installation details

I am installing CertainTeed's Smart Membrain product over 5.5" of Owens Mineral Wool insulation. The installation instructions are not very clear in the fine details unless I am installing the product as an 'air barrier' in addition to vapor retarder. Located in zone 5.

My insulation is obviously face-less and has no barrier. I have 7/16" OSB and Greenguard 3D Rraindrop House Wrap over that, with Vinyl siding covering the house. The house wrap was taped, but I am certain every staple and siding nail has punctured it in many ways.

Asked By Nicholas C | Nov 13 15
2 Answers

Gas Fireplaces

Hi all,

Looking for suggested brands/models on two types of gas fireplaces. We're specifically looking for options with the least toxic materials. We're hoping to not have fumes enter the home from the heating of the fireplace materials. Thank you!

(1) Direct vent gas fully enclosed/sealed fireplace
(2) Direct vent gas fully enclosed/sealed and see-through fireplace

Asked By J C | Oct 18 15
10 Answers

Anyone have experience with Chilltrix equipment?

A client has asked me to evaluation Chilltrix HVAC systems:

It appears to be an inverter driven mini split style system that uses a chiller rather than a condenser. I am assuming that it uses and expels significant amounts of water as it does not use a refrigerant, but their documentation is not very specific.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Asked By Carl | Oct 4 15
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