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11 Answers

Anyone have experience with Chilltrix equipment?

A client has asked me to evaluation Chilltrix HVAC systems:

It appears to be an inverter driven mini split style system that uses a chiller rather than a condenser. I am assuming that it uses and expels significant amounts of water as it does not use a refrigerant, but their documentation is not very specific.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Asked By Carl | Oct 4 15
1 Answer

Does this vapor barrier underlayment offgas?


Thanks in advance for any help! Putting cork floor in a basement and need a vapor barrier. Of these three choices, does it matter which one I use from an off-gassing standpoint? I am trying to understand if these products off gas toxic chemicals into the home. The cork flooring is pre-treated so we won't be sealing it once it is down.

This one is "Bonded polyethylene" but I don't know if that off gases.....?

These two seem less likely to off gas based on description but I don't know:

Asked By Melinda S | Jun 27 16
14 Answers

Options for replacing 2-cycle gas weedwhacker / string trimmer?

I recently replaced my gas-powered push lawnmower with a manual reel mower (Fiskars Staysharp Max Reel Mower, 18-Inch) for maintaining the grass on our small (7,500 sq ft) lot.

Asked By Robert Hallenbeck | Jun 26 16
3 Answers

Atlas ThermalStar X-Grade Reviews?

Does anyone have experience using Atlas's ThermalStar Product -- X-Grade?

I am looking for an alternative to XPS in a below grade product. It will be used beneath the thickened edge (essentially a footer) of a monolithic slab on grade. The 25 psi version of this product seems like it could be a winner for me but I wonder if others have tried it out? What is your opinion of it?

I recently spoke with Bob Murphy of Universal Forest Products about this EPS foam board and it sounds like it has a lot of promise.

Asked By michael Iacona | Jun 24 16
5 Answers

How to insulate and soundproof with least emissions/toxicity?

We live in zone 3C, and we're thinking of putting Roxul between studs of interior walls we want sound-proofed along with double sheetrock and Green Glue to bind staggered sheetrock panels together. For external walls we're trying to decide between a denim insulation or Roxul. The house originally had a moisture barrier on the outer side of the studs on the exterior walls and close to the house side in the attic.

Asked By Molly Maloney | Jun 16 16
13 Answers

Engineered Hardwoods?

Hello. We are building a new house and are looking for a flooring other than carpet, tile, or linoleum to put throughout our entire ranch and finished walkout basement. I was considering a green guard certified laminate, but heard that floating laminate does not do well on stairs (we have stairs to basement). I do not want any carpet or a runner due to allergy issues and want the same flooring on the stairs as the basement and main level. Does engineered hardwood do well on stairs? Normal hardwoods are out due to needing to be in a basement.

Asked By Kara English | Jun 20 16
3 Answers

Frigidaire Mini Split a good deal?

Looking at options for a 12,000 BTU mini split, I find the Firgidaire is about 1/2 the price of a Mitsubishi or Fujitsu. Does the price reflect quality?

Asked By David McNeely | Jun 16 16
35 Answers

Post-cure/long term off-gassing with Bayer’s Bayseal closed cell spray foam insulation (“SFI”)

I am considering having Bayer’s Bayseal closed cell spray foam insulation (“SFI”) installed in the attic and basement rim joist at my New Jersey home. I am interested in hearing thoughts on the recent concerns over off-gassing of the SFI that I have been reading about. My questions assume SFI installation gets done correctly (I have read about the improper installation problems causing odors). Anyway, the issue of concern/interest for me is long-term off-gassing AFTER a properly done SFI job.

Asked By D S | May 14 14
2 Answers

Anyone look at GEALAN S 9000 windows?

I was visiting my mom in Lithuania and she just had new windows installed in her condo. They really caught my eye so I asked where she got them. I really love using tilt and turn windows every time I come to Europe.
Looks like Intus isn't the only Lithuanian brand that makes really good windows (though I am pricing out CPVC versions too for my house).

Windows in my mom's place are these:

Anyone tried to import Gealan windows? I think they are German brand but manufactured in Lithuania.

Asked By Apollo S | Jun 13 16
3 Answers

R-30 Per Inch? Vacupor

I read online about a new product called Vacupor that claims R-30 per inch. Is this true?

Asked By Peter L | Jun 6 16
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