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1 Answer

EPA-approved wood stove with sealed-combustion design?

I'm working on a retrofit that mandates that any wood stove must be EPA approved as well as have dedicated combustion air. I have had trouble sourcing a wood stove with a dedicated combustion air inlet . Is anyone aware of a product with this feature?

Asked By John Kidda | Oct 8 15
24 Answers

Anyone familiar with Insultex house wrap?

I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on this house wrap -

They appear to be making some exaggerated claims and I am not certain that the R-value claimed would be possible.

Any thoughts?

Asked By Marcus Sheffer | Jul 31 15
9 Answers

Anyone have experience with Chilltrix equipment?

A client has asked me to evaluation Chilltrix HVAC systems:

It appears to be an inverter driven mini split style system that uses a chiller rather than a condenser. I am assuming that it uses and expels significant amounts of water as it does not use a refrigerant, but their documentation is not very specific.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Asked By Carl | Oct 4 15
10 Answers

Value of Phase Change materials

Our passive solar house was completed in June of this year. I designed it using principles learned on this web site and Fine Home Building magazine. I followed somewhat the Pretty Good rules found on this site and a great deal of input from the Energy Nerd blog.

Location is Bellingham, Wa north of Seattle right on the Canadian border.
10-20-40-60 insulation.
Triple glazed windows with a good solar gain. Approx 8% window to floor ratio.
Overhangs to provide appropriate shading. South facing.
Double wall, advanced framing. ACH 1.0.
HRV and a mini-split.

Asked By Stephen Carlton | Oct 4 15
1 Answer

Sourcing Foamglas

I'm considering Foamglas as footing insulation. Does anyone have contact information for pricing and ordering Foamglas T4+ boards in the US? I've started working my way through the contact info on their website, but I'm hoping someone may already have found the right person to talk to.



Asked By John | Oct 4 15
5 Answers

Tilt turn windows with good visible transmittance

Can anyone recommend manufacturers of quality, energy efficient, tilt turn windows with good visible transmittance. If I'm going to put a hole in my wall for a window, I don't want to fill it with a thick frame and dim glass. The NFRC website lists 64 manufacturers of tilt-turn windows, and I don't know where to start. I'm designing for zone 5. I am cost sensitive, but willing to pay for quality.


Asked By John Ranson | Sep 24 15
0 Answers

More Roxul woes

I wanted to follow on to this thread about finding sources for
the more esoteric Roxul products. I would have added to the comment
chain over there, but doing that never seems to make the thread
actually become visible again in the "QA" section. It also relates

Asked By Hobbit _ | Sep 25 15
0 Answers

European IGU seal questions

My Passive House Consultant has asked me to choose some windows so that she can plug them into the PHPP.
According to the PHIUS listing of certified products there are no qualifying operable windows for the South side of my house to be in Central Ohio (5A)
But I must persevere.
Having just returned from the PHIUS conference in Chicago, I saw lots of windows, including many European, North American and a hybrid manufacturer.

Asked By Steve Young | Sep 25 15
7 Answers

Spray foam insulation post-install chemical smell (not rotten fish)

I've read many articles on this subject, but I wanted to ask a more specific question as my case doesn't seem to match the other's horror stories with poorly-installed Spray Foam Insulation.

Asked By Scott Roberson | Sep 10 15
3 Answers

Phase-change materials in a heating climate, Zone 6B

I'm hoping to break ground Spring 2016 on a Pretty Good (or better) House in Carbondale, CO (climate zone 6B).The site has excellent solar for winter heating and broad diurnal swings for summer cooling. It would seem that PCM would be a great technical solution, but I haven't seen any compelling case studies. Has anyone seen good research on the use of phase-change materials (PCM) in a heating climate?

Asked By Pat Kiernan | Sep 21 15
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