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5 Answers

Interior window shutter/slider

Newbie here. Planning a new house in zone 10-high desert of California. Going with cmu exterior wall with separate 2x4 stud wall. Double wall basicsally, instead of strapping onto cmu for drywall. Thinking of leaving a 1-2" gap between the 2 walls and using that gap to house a sliding/pocket shutter to greatly increase the effective R value if all windows. Haven't seen any good commercially available products and I don't want to Mickey Mouse a diy shutter. Anybody try this? Any insights?


Asked By keithtom | Aug 17 17
2 Answers

Paper-faced fiberglass batts in attic, mixed with cellulose?

On new construction - I am thinking about doing 12" Paper Faced Fiberglass for parts of the roof that are going to be hard to get to (hip roof) and then using cellulose everywhere else after the ceiling is drywalled. I know that adding cellulose on top of existing paper-faced fiberglass is common.

My question is, is there anything wrong with mixing the two types? I can easily blow in cellulose for 75% of the attic area, but the far corners will be very difficult, and insulating from below before hanging the ceiling drywall would be easier.

Asked By Nicholas C | Aug 16 17
5 Answers

Steel SIPs

I know that a steel stud dosent provide a thermal break. However this company seems to have
resolved that issue.
They put 2 steel studs opposite each other on the flat, with foam in between.
Any info on this type of SIP's would be appreciated.



Asked By Brian Whidden | Jun 8 15
4 Answers

FORCE/2 Rental Locations in NY 10956 area, I am having trouble finding a place to rent a FORCE/2 for dense packing of walls.

I put up my fabric a while ago without first checking my area for a force/2. I am getting to the point where I am thinking of buying one just to do my project, which is relatively small, I a guessing a day with the right machine. All the rental places near me that I have contacted have the force/1. I am willing to travel an I am often between Albany new have and Washington DC. Please share any know rental locations.


Asked By Gregg Mastropolo | Aug 8 17
3 Answers

Polycarbonate "glass" block

I'm trying to come up with translucent, bullet proof walls, and had a thought that a "glass" block, made out of polycarbonate would be bulletproof for small arms fire. I can find acrylic block, but not polycarbonate.

Does anyone know of a manufacturer/source?

Asked By Randall Thomas | Aug 7 17
3 Answers

Intus exterior door hinge adjustment

I own an Intus exterior door. I am trying to adjust the hinges but I am unsure how. The door did not come with any information and internet searches have come up with nothing. Unfortunately my distributor has not been able to provide me with any information. I am looking to adjust horizontally, vertically and gasket pressure. The door was ordered in late 2014 if that helps to determine the model of hinge. I have included pictures. Any help would be appreciated.

Asked By Matthew Michaud | Jul 28 17
5 Answers

6" wide aluminum insect screen

Anybody have a good resource with fast shipping? I'm looking at having to cut it into 6" strips from a 24" wide roll unless someone saves me!

Asked By Inger Peters | Jul 19 17
1 Answer

Repairing hardwood floors -- need help with low VOC option

We have to repair part of a bedroom's hardwood floors. The current floors are stained with Minwax oil-based Provincial stain and finished with Bona.

I've become chemically sensitive so I'd prefer not to use an oil-based stain on the new floor going down. Anyone have a recommendation? I was thinking of trying to match with a Minwax water-based stain? Thx in advance!

Asked By Masb333 | Jul 26 17
0 Answers

One more PEX (safety) question!


I've been reading over information regarding the safety of PEX for the last few days. It's safe to say, there is a lot of uncertainty and varied opinions on which type of PEX to use.

I have read over some of the posts here on GBA but am still not sure which to go with.

Several users have mentioned a weird taste in their water when using PEX A and that PEX B is the safest in regards to chemical leaching. One reviewer stated: "A-type PEX leaches 50-200% more chemicals into the water".

Asked By Tommy87 | Jul 22 17
2 Answers

Any new insight on Air Krete?

I've read the other posts, which are a few years old.

Does anyone have any new advice or guidance using the product? I have a client that is interested in the product. Specifically looking for any known issues or installation advice.


Asked By Cliff kornegay | Jul 20 16
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