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28 Answers

Rainscreen differences when using mineral wool rather than foam?

Need to replace siding and roofing on my 1942-vintage house. Climate 4C. 8-in-12 gable roof. 2x4 walls.

Because I'll be removing all the contact-clad stucco and replacing it with rainscreened Hardi-Board, I thought it would be a good opportunity to add insulation to the outside of the house (right down to the footings). Ditto with the roof. Thought it'd be a good opportunity to add on over/under-roof with an air gap on top of the new insulation.

Asked By John Charlesworth | Apr 9 15
5 Answers

Trying to get quotes on windows for our renovation project in North Vancouver, BC.

I am trying to get quotes on windows for our renovation project in North Vancouver, BC. What a headache. Where do I start?

I would like to have an energy efficient window so my options are double pane or triple pane with 1 low-e coating or 2 low-e coatings. And then you determine which low-e glass you need; 180,270, or 366 Cardinal is the most common.

Asked By Aaron Gatzke | Apr 12 15
10 Answers

Rigid foam interior or exterior of basement?

I live in zone 5 and am planning to start the concrete work next month. Right now I am at or just over budget without factoring in any rigid foam insulation for the basement.

Asked By Nicholas C | Apr 6 15
0 Answers

Cost of European materials going down?

With the Euro getting very weak has anyone noticed materials from Europe getting cheaper? We weren't planning on getting quotes for European windows/doors because of price, but I was thinking that with the Euro plunging, maybe some stuff could be purchased 25% cheaper than a couple years ago.

Asked By Kristopher Steege-Reimann | Apr 9 15
14 Answers

Using recycled rigid foam

I'm considering using rigid foam on the exterior of my roof. Cost is of course a big concern with this approach. I'm found sites online that sell recycled rigid foam. Apparently, it is often recovered from commercial buildings and shipping containers.

I read one post on the site that caution against using foam that had been degrade during freeze/thaw cycles. Are there any other issues to look out for? Have anyone tried the "recycled" approach? Is there a reputable source for material? Any lessons learned you folks could share would be greatly appreciated.

Asked By Steven Knapp | May 10 13
6 Answers

BSC Task 11.4 cellulose product results

I'm currently working out the details for insulating the walls of my 1.5 story home, and I'm pretty settled on dense packing the walls with cellulose. (For reference, the walls are 2x4 with plaster/lath finish, and metal siding over what I believe is OSB sheathing on top of spaced plank, with a paper thrown in the mix on the exterior. As well, the home is in climate zone 5A.)

Along my research I ran across this paper which discusses results of 10 different loose fill cellulose products, and it notes that some are better than others due to contaminants and material consistency. --

Asked By Nathan Schulte | Apr 3 15
4 Answers

Holding back cellulose

I'm just about done air sealing our attic and getting ready to blow in cellulose. For a few sections I need to make a vertical "wall" of it. One part is where the stairs are. As discussed in another thread part is a flat ceiling, then a vertical slope down to the stair ceiling. I'm going to put fiberglass batts on the vertical sections, but want to blow in cellulose on the flat part. I'm thinking of stapling window screening to the top plate of the actual wall and then staple it to the ridge beam of the house.

Asked By Jeremy M | Apr 2 15
8 Answers

Alpen vs Inline


I am comparing Alpen and Inline products. I have recieved quotations from both companies and I would like to pose a few questions to those that have a little more experience in this relam.

Both companies use fiberglass frames and Cardinal Low E Glass. Inline makes their frame and Alpen purchases the frame material through Inline.

Alpen makes a double pane window, their 525-s Series, that have a whole window U-factor of .19 for casements and .15 for pictures. Inline offers a triple pane window with a whole window u-factor of .17 for a casement and .14 for a picture.

Asked By David Mosijchuk | Mar 25 15
0 Answers

What building monitoring OS and display technology would you recommend for an office building in Oakland?

We are a nonprofit office who recently installed a solar array on our building's flat roof with GRID Alternatives, and want to raise awareness for staff and visitors of the benefits even though they can't see the system working. By instilling a sense of pride in our system, we hope to encourage staff and visitors to track and be more aware of their behavior (plug load usage, water, etc) and how it ties in with the building's performance.

Asked By Annie Ledbury | Mar 10 15
4 Answers

Alpen Windows

We are planning a new home in Southeastern, Pa. We are located in climate zone 4. I have requested quotes from Bieber, Zola and have found the price too expensive for the budget. I have also received a quote from Alpen Windows. The price is slightly more than half of those that I mentioned. I realize there are major differences and tradeoffs. Does anyone have experience with Alpen Wiindows?

Asked By william dempsey | Mar 9 15
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