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7 Answers

Front porch and back porch material recommendations

We are building a net zero, LEED Platinum home and need to decide front porch and back porch materials. Would love to get recommendations on beautiful and reasonably priced materials.. with low maintenance (at least for the porch). Too many decisions to make!
Thank you for your help, - Karen

Asked By Karen Miller | Nov 12 10
2 Answers

Is XPS insulation material suitable for a residential complex?

What type of insulation material are generally use for residential building? Is XPS insulation material suitable for a residential building? Have you provided a few residential project names in India, where builders have used XPS material as an insulation material?

Asked By anup kumar | Oct 21 13
4 Answers

Roxul Rockboard 60 vs Comfortboard for exterior insulation - availability

I am in Upstate SC, zone 3 mixed-humid climate in other words - termite and carpenter ant heaven, hence the desire to use Roxul. The plan is 2 inches of exterior insulation with a rainscreen created by 1" furring strips, plywood sheathing and 2 x 6 interior walls insulated with dense pack cellulose.

I am getting ready to order the exterior insulation for the house. I actually wanted Roxul Comfortboard, but haven't been able to find it locally.

Asked By Lucy Foxworth | Aug 12 13
8 Answers

Combination of Insulation Types

To insulate our home near the coast in Long Beach, NY we are looking at a combination of rigid foam board for the exterior and spray foam for the interior. We wish to achieve an R-value of about 20.

Since we should not use a vapor barrier on both the outside and inside, which option would you recommend:

Option 1) 2" close cell spray foam insulation (vapor barrier) for an R value of 14 on the inside with a 2" expanded polystyrene foam board (non-vapor barrier) for an R value of 7 on the outside

Asked By Cynthia Hartley | Oct 13 13
2 Answers

Best loose fill insulation for concrete block?

The frost wall of our addition is concrete block. What is the best loose fill insulation for the hollow cores? Vermiculite? Perlite? EPS beads? (I understand they are made with the waste of EPS board, so this mitigates the environmental impact? Other ideas?


Asked By Edward Krause | Oct 4 13
3 Answers

What is the least toxic pipe to use for a home water system?

We are considering changing out our copper system to something that doesn't freeze in winter and is non toxic. We were looking at PEX but toxicity is an issue.

Asked By Michelle Holman | Oct 2 13
2 Answers

New metal roof over unventable old cathedral ceiling?

Our 1955 house is in CZ 3C. Tomorrow its shake roof comes off, to be replaced with OSB + felt + standing seam metal. The problem area is over a cathedral ceiling: solid 2x T&G deck over 4x6 rafters, drywall below, rigid foam in between. Never vented. I bet that's OK because the T&G and felt and shakes are sufficiently permeable. What will happen with a metal lid on it?

Asked By Richard Feldman | Sep 30 13
1 Answer

More metal roof over unvented cathedral ceiling

This is a follow-up to my own question, posted earlier on 9/30. For some technical reason, the Q&A tab and its content, and the Answer button, became inaccessible when I logged in again. Even registering with a new username, and signing up for 10 day Pro trial, did not help.

So here's my response as a brand new question. The worry is about unvented cathedral ceiling under a permeable shake roof for 50 years, about to be replaced with new OSB + felt + standing-seam metal roof.
Thank you, Martin. Here's some more information.

Asked By Rich Feldman | Sep 30 13
7 Answers

Who makes a decent fiberglass entry door?

I've been looking at Therma Tru, Pella, and Jeld Wen. Ideally, I'd like an Energy Star door that seals well and offers decent quality. The contemporary style of our home means the door will be mostly glass, so that part is as important as the frame.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

Asked By Steven Knapp | Aug 25 13
6 Answers

We had a botched closed-cell spray foam insulation job

We had a botched closed cell spray foam insulation job. 99% of the foam has been removed and we need a recommendation for a vapor retarder sealant product to spray over the surfaces that were contaminated.

We sanded the surfaces we could and wiped with a washing soda neutralization solution and are now letting it dry.

Asked By Ann Katz | Sep 16 13
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