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12 Answers

Passive house exterior door for reasonable price?

Has anyone come across an exterior door that provides good insulation and beefy frame that's worthy of a super insulated home but comes at a reasonable price? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Asked By Matthew Michaud | Feb 4 13
3 Answers

Is there an electric system that can heat water for radiant floor heat, domestic hot water and air conditioning?

I am constructing a new 1000 sq.ft single story with 6' crawl space. Two bedroom, 1 1/2 bath cottage. I would like to have electric solar panels on the roof to offset 90 - 95% of the load. Does this sound doable? I have unobstructed S SE exposure and can fit approx. 20 panels on the roof. This is on Long Island New York

Thank You

Asked By Michael Kinney | Feb 15 13
1 Answer

Spray foam insulation

We will be building a new house this spring and are concerned about using closed cell spray foam insulation as spec-ed by our architect due to potential health risks. Even though the manufacturers say it is non-toxic and safe, there seem to be many people out there who have found otherwise.

Can anyone recommend a product that is safe to use, non-toxic and affordable?

Asked By Shepherd Smith | Feb 15 13
4 Answers

Alternative for White Kraft Faced Foamboard

Hello, we currently are using 1/2"x4'x8' White Kraft Faced Foamboard. I would like to use a environmently friendly product. Does any one know of an alternative for this product. We use it to pack doors for protection. Let me know. thanks.

Asked By Susan Kolletzki | Feb 12 13
2 Answers

R-value of high density urethane?

Anybody know the approximate r-value/inch for high density urethane (HDU) board? This is the stuff used for sign board or other carving. I've found it in densities between 10-30lb/cf., in blocks, sheets, etc. It can be readily machined, glued and is waterproof. I used to use it for product design prototyping years ago. I don't think it is typically used for insulation which may explain why I can't find any r-data on it. I was thinking it might serve well for door cores or rigid thermal break applications.

Thanks in advance.

Asked By Andrew Thompson Zone 3a | Feb 8 13
9 Answers

Seeking dense pack cellulose installer in New Jersey

Can not find cellulose installer with experience (or even without) to dense pack my 12 inch walls with cellulose in NJ Philly area. Local cellulose installer suggests I install drywall and then pack the walls. I would like to have the walls netted. Any suggestions for tradesmen or alternative approaches welcome.

Asked By Michael Arnold | Jan 24 13
4 Answers

Any recommendations for a particular type/brand of wall mounted electric radiator?

Is their a particular brand of wall mounted electric radiators that tend to be more efficient at distributing warm air into a room as compared to traditional floor mounted types? Thanks.

Asked By Matthew Michaud | Jan 27 13
1 Answer

What is the best economical way to maintain landscapes?

Please share your cost-efficient ways to maintain landscapes.

Asked By Jenny Belman | Jan 27 13
0 Answers

Salutations! I am building an aquaponics greenhouse and am wondering what anti-mold/anti-fungal to use?

I am building a greenhouse to house an aquaponics system in a northwest climate, and am wanting to use as environmentally friendly anti-mold as possible. I am constructing the main portion of the frame and windows using cedar and polycarbonate and am thinking of using either Fiberlock sealant or OSMO wood finish. Any thoughts? Thank you sincerely, much gratitude.

Asked By Evergreen State College | Jan 25 13
8 Answers

Is a standard 'Home Slicker - 6 mm' for under wood shingle siding adequate for Cape Cod, MA area ?

There are two types of slickers by Benjamin Obdyk .... the 6mm is perfect for what Iwant to do, but there is also a 10mm which is required by code in certain parts of Canada. Is there a 10mm code requirement for rainscreens in MA ?

Asked By CUDJOE KUBUAFOR | Jan 23 13
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