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1 Answer

Air sealing abilities of spray-in Spider fiberglass?

More and more, it seems like clients in my area are hesitant about open and closed cell polyurethane foams. I’ve never had an issue with them, though having a minor background in polyurethane chemistry through a family connection, I dislike the narrow tolerances for field conditions and component mixing. I’d like to try spray-in Spider (the sticky stuff) for a current project but have been unable to find good information about its air sealing capabilities compared to open cell foam – just a minor comparison of the loose fill variety spider to blown cellulose, which showed them as about equal.

Asked By Chris B | Aug 10 15
3 Answers

U.S. availability of rigid mineral wool

Is Roxul Comfortboard IS or some suitable substitute readily available in the United States? I found a few discussions of this issue in comments to earlier threads, but those were a while back or specific to particular cities. Roxul's website lists Home Depot and Lowes as dealers, but they appear to only carry the batt types.

Asked By Reid Baldwin | Aug 8 15
2 Answers

Heat pump water heater size and brand

I'm getting ready to pick my heat pump water heater for the house I'm building. I was leaning towards Airtap but they seem to be gone. the house has 3 bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths with one fairly big tub. I am trying to decide on a reliable brand and looking to see what people recommend. I think I need at least a 60 gallon tank but it seems like the resistance electric would kick on a lot less if I got a 80 gallon tank. what are the disadvantages of the larger tank besides a little more surface area for heat loss?

Thanks for any feedback


Asked By Andy Kahn | Aug 6 15
5 Answers

Best type of windows to use? And brand?

Hello all have question I am building a new home out side of Philadelphia zone 4a/5a and the home is a more contemporary style was thing of using fiberglass windows , can any one recommend different window brands to me and what type of windows I was looking at casement and picture windows , since the home is more contemporary there will be a lot of windows I do not know if in my area it makes sense to use triple glazed windows , the major brands in the area are Marvin , Anderson, Pella , from what I have found out Marvin is the only one that makes an all fiberglass window which is what i want

Asked By Boris Rubinstein | Aug 3 15
16 Answers

Air Sealing - Tape, Sealant?

I am looking at the articles here about air sealing and most of them provide information such as where to seal but the products are not so easily determined. I am planning on taping either the OSB Seams before house wrap with 3M All Weather tape - or possibly only taping the house wrap seams. (as long as I get the right tape that doesn't allow problems with taped horizontal seams)

Asked By Nicholas C | Jul 29 15
15 Answers

Proper way to detail bottom edge of rigid foam next to sill plate

I am going to be installing 2" of rigid foam over my OSB sheathing soon and I have two concerns. The current one is what is the most DIY friendly method to protect that bottom edge of foam that is under the siding, but next to the ground near the sill plate? I want to prevent bugs of course, but also keep moisture out too. I see videos of pros using aluminum flashing but they have fancy breaks and coils of it. Is there a DIY alternative? Local supply store would be Menards if there is a certain product to suggest. Thanks.

Asked By Nicholas C | Jul 25 15
2 Answers

Wet cellulose blown-in insulation — is mold a concern?

I am building a house in Kansas City, MO. The brick contractor did not flash the windows properly and the cellulose blown in insulation has taken on some water. Moisture readings in the walls are 25%-35% with a normal of 15%. Windows are being flashed properly to prevent future water leaks. Will there be a mold problem with the cellulose blown in insulation or does all of the wet areas need to be removed and reinsulated with dry insulation?

Asked By Stevee Busser | Jul 25 15
25 Answers

What's the range of window air leakage values for good-quality US windows vs. garden-variety vs. Passive House-quality?

It's very hard to find published window air leakage rates (in cfm/ft2), harder still to get independent test reports with this information. So far I've found the following data points:
* a maximum of 0.3 for all of one US mfr's product line (in an internal manual);
* .02 for a tilt-turn unit by same mfr (from independent test report);
* .003 for a Canadian mfr's tilt-turn unit (from website literature).

I've also been told that the test apparatus doesn't yield a result smaller than .01.

Asked By Ann Edminster | Sep 19 09
1 Answer

Need to know how good Prodex insulation is for under metal roofing?

Thinking about using Prodex insulation under metal roofing need advice.

Asked By Troy Tubbs | Jul 16 15
1 Answer

Intus finishes: Any chemists or PVC film experts out there?

About to get quotes for 2 jobs on Intus vinyl windows. Never heard of this technology and its pretty amazing how dark they are offering for some of their exterior color selections in vinyl. I will recommend staying on the lighter side to be safer but does anyone have any opinions on this film technology and color choices that Intus is using?

Click on "colors" for description of the film technology.

Asked By Brian Knight | Jul 2 15
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