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1 Answer

Is it safe to paint Polyisocyanurate Insulation?

I have a lot of Polyisocyanurate Insulation in my basement. We are not at a point where we can finish our basement, but I'd like to at least get it looking a little nicer so it can be used as a playroom - carpet on the floor, paint on the walls.

The top half of the walls is this Polyisocyanurate Insulation. It has a reflective aluminum facing.

Is it safe to paint this? Will it decrease the effectiveness of the insulation?

Thank you!

Asked By Brittaney King | Aug 15 13
2 Answers

Pesticide treated rigid foam

I am fairly close to a Cellofoam plant ( and can buy 25 pound, one inch rigid XPS for my slab edge insulation that has been treated with Preventol insecticide. I'm not wild about using insecticides anywhere, but this seems to be one of those situations where it is worth the risk. Zone 3 is a pretty tough area for termites and carpenter ants, and I'd like to keep them away from my framing.

Asked By Steven Knapp | Aug 5 13
2 Answers

Insulated Metal Panels in a PERSIST-type system?

3300 sqft house in Climate Zone 6 (Toronto). Considering using insulated metal panels (IMP) as external insulation layer in a PERSIST/REMOTE approach for wall and possibly roof.

Asked By Jerry Chwang | Aug 5 13
3 Answers

Gypsum products for basement wall

how does fibre reinforced boards differ from glass mat boards? I thought they the same thing.

I have to install a new drywall section in my basement that gets slightly damp sometimes. When i say damp, i don't mean wet.

I don't feel comfortable using any paper faced gypsum green/blueboard in the bottom section of the wall.

what is the best choice?

Asked By cory shwartz | Jul 31 13
2 Answers

EcoSeal in Maine?

Does anyone know where I can source a couple pails of EcoSeal sprayable caulk, in Maine?

I was fully intending to seal our house (new construction) with sprayable caulk, but I can't find a source anywhere . I've tried contacting Knauf, area reps, etc. but that does not seem to be getting me anywhere.

Any tips or suggestions, or better yet, somewhere I can place an order??


Asked By Mike McKernan | Jul 29 13
3 Answers

Unusual use of RainSlicker plus Typar: backwards?

I asked a question on this forum about some masonry details, and it suddenly occurred to me that I need a bit of advice on another aspect of my wall.

With a masonry/air-gap system, I am going with a 3d drainage mat in between two water-resistive barriers. The first is already on the sheathing, in the form of a liquid-applied membrane (StoGuard.) To complete the WRB system, I figured I'd use a product that integrates the drainage mat and a second WRB--HomeSlicker Plus Typar.

Asked By Andy Chappell-Dick | Jul 31 13
5 Answers

Insect chemicals in a green house

Our cat has fleas and the vet said we need to "bomb" the house to prevent an infestation. Our house is tight (745 CFM50) and IAQ compatible (we followed the checklist but didn't pursue certification) so the last thing I want is to spray a bunch of chemicals inside. Considering the house, are there any good options to eliminate the fleas?

Asked By Chris Baddorf | Jul 23 13
16 Answers

What is the best material for an air barrier?

Before I can ask my question, I should explain exactly how we'll be using the material.
I"m in Zone 5 (Massachusetts).

Asked By Bill L | Jul 18 13
3 Answers

EPDM Tape Gaskets

I'm looking for a recommendation from GBA readers on a single sided tape gasket (probably EPDM?) to be used in the airtight drywall approach. I like Conservation Technology's drywall gasket but I figure an adhesived backed gasket would go up quicker than stapling. Does anyone have a suggestion of a high quality, durable air sealing tape gasket?


Asked By Brian Beaulieu | Jul 23 13
0 Answers

Porch Roof Skylight

I'm looking for suggestions from the GBA readers for a cost effective way to let some light in through a farmer's porch roof. I am currently in the process of building my house which includes a farmers porch on the front/south face of the building. The roof is in front of the kitchen and dining area. I'd like to add some light to these rooms, particularly in the winter but block unwanted solar gain in the summer. My initial thought was to install a skylight and locate it strategically for solar gain in the winter but not in the summer.

Asked By Brian Beaulieu | Jul 22 13
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