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4 Answers

Does anyone have experience with the Dow Powerhouse Solar Shingle?

Can the Dow Powerhouse Solar Shingle be safely installed on an unvented cathedral ceiling/roof which is insulated below the deck with impermeable closed cell insulation. will this Dow system trap moisture and condensation below it? What about the Certainteed Solar system which is installed directly on the roofing deck? For solar PV systems with modules raised off the roofing deck, what is the long term effect of shading, moisture and fungus on these shingles? Do these shingles below the raised solar PV module have to be replaced before the life expectancy of the solar PV system?

Asked By JOSEPH POLAND | May 19 13
19 Answers

Experiences with grey-water and composting toilets?

Grey-water toilets: The Aqus toilet system ( like the most popular (only?) grey-water toilet available. I really don't like the fact that it installs with a purification system and electric pump. Does anyone know of a model that does not have these features?

Asked By Lucas Durand | Oct 20 10
5 Answers

Say you want a door but you also want to use it for solar gain. Is there a type of door style/material/size thats best?

I can't seem to get values for doors from manufacturers or when I do, the SHGC drops precipitously once you put the glazing in the door, e.g., Sungate 500 SHGC drops from .6 to less than .4 when put in a swinging fiberglass patio door. Of course glass size is limited to about 2 ft width, although the length is long. How I get what I need in SHGC in a south facing door. Do I change door style, size of door/glass, material, glazing brand, ? etc. Thanks

Asked By Lisa Young | May 16 13
1 Answer

Does anyone have experience with or an opinion of the Dow Powerhouse solar shingle and cathedral ceilings/ roofs?

The cathedral ceiling/roof is unvented, closed cell insulated. Will this solar shingle properly vent moisture upward from the plywood decking? Will there be any problems with running the multiple wiring conduits to the inverter in the basement?

Asked By JOSEPH POLAND | May 16 13
12 Answers

Complaints about fiberglass windows — plus what is the next best thing?

We are building a house in Quebec province, Canada — so very cold winters and hot / sometimes humid summers. We were set on installing fiberglass windows triple / double panes according to exposure of lot (mainly southern and eastern with a little western and very little northern.)

Asked By Tango B* | Jan 22 12
13 Answers

Interior Air Barrier

I'm trying to decide which product to use for my interior air barrier. I'm constructing a double stud wall system and intend on placing my interior air barrier on the outside of my inside stud wall. My choices are..

- Certainteed's Membrain
- Siga Majpell 5
- ProClima Intello +
- ProClima DB+

Asked By Brian Beaulieu | May 3 13
4 Answers

Window help!


Asked By Cristina Julia | Apr 24 13
18 Answers

Closed-cell spray foam insulation - is it safe?

We are reading lots of things about spray foam insulation, and have just had the attic space in our new home spray foamed with a closed cell variety. We are contemplating fiberglass batting in the rest of the house after reading that the offgasses from this spray foam installation can cause respiratory irritation, even after the initial 72 hours, particularly for those already suffering with asthma. The American Lung Asssociation recommends spray foam insulation. The EPA cautions about the respiratory irritation. What to do? Is this a safe product for home application?

Asked By Caroline Ferguson | Apr 21 13
8 Answers

Device to charge electric vehicle battery from PV during grid outage and draw from EV battery at night?

Has anyone heard of a manufacturer developing a device that would allow a homeowner to charge their electric vehicle battery from their PV array during the day and draw from EV battery at night during a grid outage, basically using the vehicle battery as one would on a off grid PV/battery-array system?

Asked By Marie McMahon | Apr 10 13
1 Answer
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