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8 Answers

How much R-value would a human need to stay outside indefinitely at -25°C?

I'm assuming those heavy winter coats have an R-value of less then 10, considering they are not many inches thick. Also air tightness is also probably a concern, though ability to breathe would be required.
What is the R-value of the different materials in winter coats?

Asked By Alan B | Sep 21 15
11 Answers

My old house came with a gas water heater that isn't venting

My old house came with a gas water heater that isn't venting; I need to replace it. Getting the venting right, even with a high efficiency, power exhaust, heater may be quite expensive. I am considering a heat pump electric. Has anyone done a comparison?

The house is big. Three floors with three bathrooms per floor. Our first-hour demand is maybe 50 gallons.

Asked By David Williams | Sep 18 15
3 Answers

Locally sourced wood siding in upstate New York

Reading through the QAs has convinced me to pursue locally sourced wood siding instead of vinyl siding. What trees from the area around upstate New York are best for durable siding? I'm thinking stained and sealed siding, rather than painted.


Asked By John Ranson | Sep 17 15
1 Answer

Smoke puffer for blower door testing?

I used to buy TiCl4 smoke puffers (okay, maybe not such a green product but a little TiCl4 never hurt anybody, it's the HCl that forms in your lungs when you breath it in that's the problem) from Zerodraft in Toronto for less than $100 including shipping. Now they only seem to be available from Retrotec and the shipping is outlandish (not Retrotec's fault, they are now considered a hazardous material) and I haven't bothered to find out how much it would be to ship to Canada.

Asked By David Baerg | Sep 9 15
4 Answers

Does anyone have updated (current product information) on water heaters with heat pumps?

I am looking for a DHW heater (with heat pump) which will service both DHW and a radiant floor system? The project in question has approximately 1300 sf radiant floor system and having one appliance to service both efficiently would be very beneficial.

I’ve looked at the Sanden Eco (good information here in this forum) but it’s too late for the current project to design an exterior heat pump into the residence exterior; but I will certainly consider this next for future cleints since they will be available (I'm told) at the end of this year.

Asked By Caroline Di Diego | Sep 7 15
1 Answer

Has the Roxul sub slab technical bulletin been axed?

Back in May, there was a posting that Roxul will be publishing a technical bulletin about sub slab rockwool insulation. So far, I haven't seen anything from Roxul. Is anyone aware if the bulletin is still in the works?


Asked By John Ranson | Sep 6 15
21 Answers

Alpen vs Inline


I am comparing Alpen and Inline products. I have recieved quotations from both companies and I would like to pose a few questions to those that have a little more experience in this relam.

Both companies use fiberglass frames and Cardinal Low E Glass. Inline makes their frame and Alpen purchases the frame material through Inline.

Alpen makes a double pane window, their 525-s Series, that have a whole window U-factor of .19 for casements and .15 for pictures. Inline offers a triple pane window with a whole window u-factor of .17 for a casement and .14 for a picture.

Asked By David Mosijchuk | Mar 25 15
3 Answers

Damp spray cellulose in Los Angeles

Does anyone have a recommendation for a damp spray cellulose installer in the Los Angeles area?

Also, out of curiousity what is the going rate in your neck of the woods for damp spray cellulose (2x6 wall)?

Thanks in advance

Asked By Jack G. | Nov 4 12
10 Answers

I am considering getting solar panels on my roof

I am considering getting solar panels on my roof and have quotes from 2 different companies. Is there anywhere I can go to get help on determining which are the better panels?

Asked By Dave Sanda | Aug 31 15
3 Answers

Freestanding kitchen sink cabinet recommendation?

Can you recommend a retail source for a free standing kitchen sink cabinet that is not MDF or pressboard? Thank you.

Asked By Mary Schwaba | Aug 23 15
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