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5 Answers

Insect chemicals in a green house

Our cat has fleas and the vet said we need to "bomb" the house to prevent an infestation. Our house is tight (745 CFM50) and IAQ compatible (we followed the checklist but didn't pursue certification) so the last thing I want is to spray a bunch of chemicals inside. Considering the house, are there any good options to eliminate the fleas?

Asked By Chris Baddorf | Jul 23 13
16 Answers

What is the best material for an air barrier?

Before I can ask my question, I should explain exactly how we'll be using the material.
I"m in Zone 5 (Massachusetts).

Asked By Bill L | Jul 18 13
3 Answers

EPDM Tape Gaskets

I'm looking for a recommendation from GBA readers on a single sided tape gasket (probably EPDM?) to be used in the airtight drywall approach. I like Conservation Technology's drywall gasket but I figure an adhesived backed gasket would go up quicker than stapling. Does anyone have a suggestion of a high quality, durable air sealing tape gasket?


Asked By Brian Beaulieu | Jul 23 13
0 Answers

Porch Roof Skylight

I'm looking for suggestions from the GBA readers for a cost effective way to let some light in through a farmer's porch roof. I am currently in the process of building my house which includes a farmers porch on the front/south face of the building. The roof is in front of the kitchen and dining area. I'd like to add some light to these rooms, particularly in the winter but block unwanted solar gain in the summer. My initial thought was to install a skylight and locate it strategically for solar gain in the winter but not in the summer.

Asked By Brian Beaulieu | Jul 22 13
3 Answers

Passive air inlets still useless?

I remember passive air inlets made it on Martin's list of useless products a few years ago. Is that still true for a home that has been retrofitted to be pretty tight? Haven't done the blower door yet but we are projecting about 1.5 to 2.5 ach 50. The home uses exhaust-only ventilation with a panasonic continuous bath fan in the hallway set to 60 cfm.


Asked By Roger Lin | Jul 17 13
4 Answers

This has to do with wall insulation in a partial re-build of a 19th cent. House in New Orleans

Climate is Deep South, or hot and very humid in the long Summer. I have heard and read that traditional batt insulation is practically useless. spray insulation is not an option !(for financial reasons) and it may, in any case, be a bad choice environmentally. Celluose . Does this product come in batt form? One further piece of info - the framing is wood on 16" centers. What choices do I have.
Thanks, Michael Higson in New Orleans

Asked By michael higson | Jul 12 13
0 Answers


I found a reference to a composite building product called Newwood, made using a lot of content from recycled plastic bags. Probably similar to several other mixed wood/plastic products out there, but seems to be marketed as a direct substitute for plywood.

Lots of testimonials on its weather resistance, but nothing about structural strength.

Anyone used this stuff in a real-life application?

Something like that might be nice as flooring over a basement slab, come to think of it... no moisture issues, in theory.


Asked By Hobbit _ | Jul 13 13
1 Answer

What are the best synthetic slate roofing products?

Must be durable and class A fire rating. Freeze-thaw resistant.

Asked By Michael Sanner | Jul 12 13
20 Answers

Hybrid heat pump water heater questions & recommendation

I am building a home in the central VA area and have some questions regarding the optimal water heater set up for my situation. I have a wife and 2 kids. We all like relatively hot showers. We tend to shower/bathe in AM, do laundry a few times a week usually in mid afternoon on weekends and evenings on weekdays, and run the dishwasher late at night around 9-11pm. Essentially we dont have much high flow simultaneous usage except AM showers once the kids get older.

Asked By Atul Gupta | Jul 5 13
5 Answers

Solar Reflective Index

We are building a LEED for homes house and our client wants to use gravel for a driveway and some stained (grey) concrete for the sidewalks and patios. We need an SRI greater then 29. Have not found anyone that knows how to measure this - can anyone provide any help or suggestions?

Asked By Danny Kelly | Aug 27 09
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