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8 Answers

Is a standard 'Home Slicker - 6 mm' for under wood shingle siding adequate for Cape Cod, MA area ?

There are two types of slickers by Benjamin Obdyk .... the 6mm is perfect for what Iwant to do, but there is also a 10mm which is required by code in certain parts of Canada. Is there a 10mm code requirement for rainscreens in MA ?

Asked By CUDJOE KUBUAFOR | Jan 23 13
3 Answers

Triple-glazed fiberglass windows - Zone 5A

What options exist presently for affordable triple-glazed fiberglass windows in New England? I like the wood interior of Integrity, but wonder if anybody has found windows that hit a sweet spot of performance, price, reliable customer service. Until recently, I'd been considering Intus windows, but ultimately don't want PVC or unpaintable, white interior sash and frames. Thanks!

Asked By John Rockwell | Jan 18 13
7 Answers

Why are bath fan dampers so lousy??

I just installed a couple of Panasonic WhisperGreen bath fans on a job, and before nailing them in I took a close look at the internal backdraft damper. I had two different types on the job... one had a curved plastic damper like a potato chip, the other had a flat piece of thin aluminum, which I am used to seeing. Both types had a gap all the way around the perimeter... not a large gap, but there was no foam seal there, and I'm sure these will let in a lot of outside air during the blower door test, as well as during some windy conditions.

Asked By David Meiland | Jun 17 11
2 Answers

Wet blown cellulose installer in Capital region, NY?

I am currently building a house and have the following plans for insulation:

1) open cell roof spray foam
2) open cell spray foam rim joist
3) wet blown cellulose for all wall cavities

Does anyone know of a wet blown cellulose installer in the Capital Region area of upstate NY?



Asked By Richard Spackmann | Jan 17 13
4 Answers

Graywater filtration system

I have a customer requesting the installation of a grey water filtration/recycling system. The customer lives in the DC area and has explained that these systems are common and considered "green" in application in the urban DC area. The home I will be building for the customer is in the rural mountains of West Virginia. There is no shortage of water up here we have received close to 35" this year to date and average about 60" a year.

Asked By Joseph Garten | May 22 11
2 Answers

Tiny House Building for Chemical & Mold Sensitive Person

My Son-in-law is building a tiny house for me.

I am really concerned about the insulation to use and putting vents in the eves or not, I've not seen people doing this on any of the build videos and I don't know why, my SIL wants to put in vents. There will not be attic space.

It is normal house construction with the the greenest materials I can afford on my limited budget.

It will be a gable roof, no fancy buildouts in the roof just a straight gable, loft for company to sleep in and open over the living room. We are going to use a metal roof.

Asked By Victoria M. | Jan 9 13
1 Answer

What are the chemicals used in GeoExchange?

Specifically, what are some common fluids used for circulation through the loops, and why? what properties make these liquids good for this purpose? Also, what are the refrigerants used for heat transfer from the liquid being circulated to the heat pump?

Asked By Louisa Murray-Bergquist | Jan 8 13
2 Answers

Tremco ExoAir Trio substitute

Is there a less expensive but just as effective way to insulate, air and water seal window installations? I like the Tremco product but cannot justify paying >$300 per roll on my larger windows applications. Does low expanding foam sealant in a can work just as well? Thanks.

Asked By Matthew Michaud | Jan 7 13
44 Answers

13 reasons why foam fails?

Jetson Green just reprinted some blog content from 475 Home Building Performance, here is the Jetson Green post:
and here is the original from 475:

Asked By Adrienne Burt | Dec 18 12
8 Answers

Proper use of various rigid polyiso facers?

I've come across a few different facers on rigid polyiso:

- foil
- trilaminate (foil-kraft-foil)
- glass fiber
- reflective vs non-reflective

Based on the manufacturers guidelines, I've seen recommendations based on wall construction and siding materials, but I don't understand the reasoning behind these guidelines.

How important is it to match the facer to your building context?. What's the difference, performance-wise? In what situations would you use one over another?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Asked By Andrew Thompson | Dec 7 12
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