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4 Answers

Certainteed MemBrain cost

Does anyone have any data on the cost per sq.ft of Certainteed's MemBrain smart vapor retarder?


Asked By Brian Beaulieu | Apr 8 13
0 Answers

Stucco or plaster for AAC interior?


I have an AAC building and will be stuccoing the exterior soon. I will go with the STO stucco basecoat mesh, and finish. I could also use this on the interior, but it may be overkill. I know that plaster can be used on the interior, but I don't know what product or who sells it. I like the spanish knife texture so if there was an AAC plaster product that could be applied like that, it would be great. It would also be easier and faster than doing a stucco basecoat and finish coat treatment.

Any recommendations from anyone who has done AAC interior finishes?

Thanks & Regards,

Asked By Lance Pawlikowski | Apr 5 13
0 Answers

Quality exterior, eco-friendly spray primer for wood?

I am not having much luck finding an environmentally friendly (I use the term loosely) spray primer for wood. We are using it for end grain cuts for trim and siding, and occasionally for shorter (6' and under) edge grain rips. We have been using Krylon's Eco-Guard for years, which is the nicest product we have found to date. It has shown no signs of joint or paint failure after 5 years of Maine coastal/island abuse. The major downside to the Eco-Guard is the spray tip, it clogs fairly easily (even after inverting and spraying), and tends to spray "blobs" of primer.

Asked By Heather Thompson | Apr 3 13
19 Answers

Efficient low-cost thermal water/space heating

I am working on a project with an engineer friend,
we are trying to develop an efficient low cost solution to thermal solar energy for northern climates.

I believe that what deters most owners from using the possible free/green solar heating
for their residences is the payback and up front cost of thermal systems and PV systems
( at least here in canada )

I've seen quotes in the 5000$/kw installed PV which just doesn't make any sense
( when we can all purchase 25 years mitsubishi panels for ~ 1$/w )

Asked By Jin Kazama | Mar 22 13
3 Answers

Choice of caulks/sealants?

I know there's a completely bewildering array of caulks, adhesives,
sealants, etc out there on the market but I'm kind of interested
in what the building community prefers these days, and why. I'm
not even sure it's 100% kosher to do brand comparisons here on GBA
but if it's all in the context of *opinions* and real-life
experience, hopefully that's okay.

HD seems to sell more "contractor bulk packs" of certain caulks than
others, notably Alex Plus and Dynaflex 230 and maybe various types of
Liquid Nails. I've used all of these in some small ways but not

Asked By Hobbit _ | Mar 23 13
2 Answers

Basement insulation and air sealing question

I am insulating an existing basement. Assuming that the exterior drainage issues are taken care of, here's what I would like to do.

1. Lay 1"EPS foam on the slab, tape the seams.
2. Place 1/2 inch plywood subflooring, screw down with concrete screws.
3. Place cork flooring.

1. Attach by adhesive, 3.5" of EPS foam on the CMU walls, tape the seams.
2. Frame a wall to attach drywall by using 2x lumber
3. Drywall.

Asked By Roger Lin | Mar 21 13
1 Answer

Pros and Cons of different types of expanding foam for air sealing?

Hey there. I saw that in the last issue the magazine they did a "tape off" between the different types of tapes. Has there been anything like this for expanding foams used for sealing? There are quite a few on the market between the different brands....

I am asking because I need a foam for sealing between XPS and wood ceiling rafters. I would like something that is flexible due to the expanding and contracting as well as living in an earthquake prone area.

Any links for discussions on this?

Asked By Kevin Lauscher | Mar 20 13
10 Answers

SCIPs Please?

I’ve been reading about SCIPs (Structural Concrete Insulated Panels) as another approach to my hopeful project for a single story ranch in Zone 3. I’m not finding objective (i.e., third party) information on SCIP performance and, even more, on detailing them as walls or other panels in a building enclosure.

I could go to the individual mfgrs, but would love to find I’d missed something here, or at BSC …

Asked By Joe Wilson | Oct 26 10
2 Answers

Did I get the right spray foam?

Hi. First thank you to the wonderful people who contribute to this forum. I need some advice and hopefully reassurance that I did the right thing. We just had open cell spray foam installed on the roof deck of the attic, in the eves and dormer roofs of our 100 year old house. I thought I had thoroughly researched this before hand but I guess not because today I found a post here that says this is all wrong. I did ask the spray foam contractor why not use closed cell but he said that open cell was the way to go for this installation. We live in Philadelphia PA which I believe is zone 5.

Asked By Cherylann Schieber | Mar 17 13
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