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5 Answers

Solar Reflective Index

We are building a LEED for homes house and our client wants to use gravel for a driveway and some stained (grey) concrete for the sidewalks and patios. We need an SRI greater then 29. Have not found anyone that knows how to measure this - can anyone provide any help or suggestions?

Asked By Danny Kelly | Aug 27 09
4 Answers

Are there any ductless GSHP systems?

It appears all of the mini-split systems available are air-source. Are there any mini-split systems designed for ground-source? All of the GSHP split systems I can find still require a large air handler and ducting -- is there a reason why small wall-mount or ceiling cassette units are not available as for ASHP mini-split systems?

Asked By Chris Schucker | Jul 6 13
1 Answer

Replacement of porch deck

We live in a 100+ year old home in Zone 4A. Porch is 12 x 38 and covered. It has been replaced many times but piecemeal by previous owners and now begs complete replacement of porch deck. We would like ti find composite matieral that would mimic the 21/2" tongue and groove boards used presently. We would need to either stain or paint in dark grey.


Asked By Daniel Roberts | Jul 8 13
5 Answers

Closed-cell foam vs. fiberglass

I have a shop bldg and am planning on insulating it for comfort. I was thinking of using closed cell foam on walls and should be straight forward. My question comes to the ceiling insulation. I have 9 1/2 inch manufactured H beams at 2 foot centers. I have a metal roof on top of bldg. I have soffits in front of bldg for air flow.

How can I insulate the ceiling with spray foam and not loose the ability of the cavity to breathe from soffits??


Asked By dave hebel | Jul 3 13
2 Answers

Would a gable fan in attic help with cooling costs?

I had radiant barrier insulation installed in attic, and so far I can not tell that it is helping. Was wondering if a gable fan would benefit me.

Asked By Elvis Bates | Jun 30 13
2 Answers

Looking for a 1h+ fire rated wall covering material, moisture proof like cement board

Dear experts & vendors

I am looking for a ceiling/wall material to safely cover XPS in a 'wet area' such as a bathroom.
Is there a material with the properties of type X or C drywall having the durability of cement board combined?

In particular I need fire rating 1h+ and moisture / mold resistance as with cement boards.

Can you recommend various materials I can use to cover XPS with above characteristics so I can install it in a 'wet' area indoors as wall panel or ceiling panel?

Thank you

Asked By Don J. | Jun 25 13
7 Answers

Radiant barrier sheathing: how does it work?

From the literature it seems that it doesn't matter which side of the foil the radiation is on, as long as there's at least 3/4" air space on one side of the foil or the other. I always thought the air space (which is why you're supposed to staple foil faced batts to the side of the studs, not the face) had to be between the foil and the radiation you want to reflect. With TechShield, they advertise that +90% of solar energy will be reflected away from your attic with the foil facing down, the air space being on the opposite side from the radiation being deflected.

Asked By Bruce Cole | Jun 20 13
3 Answers

8-inch cinder-block foundation insulation (1 in. thick) on top of block, under 1x8 plate

I need a insulation 1 inch thick by 8 inch wide to put on top of an 8-inch cinder-block for sill insulation between cinder blocks and 1x8 wood plate?

Where can we find this type insulation, that is not rigid like air conditioner duct insulation?

Asked By Freddie Howard | Jun 21 13
1 Answer

Thin-film solar laminate

We're in the process of designing a home in zone 4A, and leaning towards a metal roof. I'm hoping this question is too open-ended, but I'm wondering what your experiences are with thin-film solar laminates (link below)? From what I've been able to find, they seem to be more expensive per watt and not as efficient as tradition PV panels, but they sure look much better! Is it possible to install these after the roof is installed, perhaps once the cost is down and/or efficiency improves? Is the product durable enough to survive its payback period?

Asked By Bill Greene | Jun 20 13
4 Answers

Cost of a corrugated roof for a 1200 s.f. house?

I'm working with a design-build firm in Oregon and my builder doesn't want to use corrugated metal for the roof, saying it's way more expensive than regular standard roofing material. Is this true?

Asked By s. bonte | Jun 5 13
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