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3 Answers

Recommendations for concrete sealer?

Our contractor is recommending Clementone Clear Sealer for our new basement slab, which will be frequently used living space. The MSDS lists ethoxylated acetylenic diols, and the regulatory info says it contains substances listed under Title III of the Superfund Act and Prop 65. What less-toxic alternatives would be appropriate for this residential use? We will be moving in with a 1-year- but intend to add a large dog. The uses include mud room and playroom as well as laundry and guest quarters. The concrete has a black tint but otherwise as yet unsealed.

Asked By elizabeth skewgar | Jan 21 15
1 Answer

WRB recommendations for interior fireplace surround

I am redoing a fireplace surround with synthetic stone and need to know what to use for a WRB under lath mesh and scratch coat

Asked By John Bertelsen | Jan 19 15
0 Answers

Would you be concerned about interior Formaldehyde levels with mineral wool

I was looking at using mineral wool batt insulation between studs in a staged retrofit situation. It looks like most of the mineral wool batts available still use a formaldehyde binder.

I wasn't too worried because the home is very leaky right now and I thought that I might "dilute" out the formaldehyde over a few years before I tightened up the envelope. However, I found this article by Dr. Joe

In it he shows/states that :

Asked By MIke Truxillo | Jan 19 15
2 Answers

Double glazing

I am replacing some glazing in home built units. Planning low E-argon. Looking for recommendations re alternatives to aluminum for the edge spacers of units. Minimum thickness of space between glass will be 3/8".

Asked By Doug Clayton | Jan 17 15
0 Answers

Triple Pane - Bristol Windows?

Anyone hear of Bristol Windows out of PA? They make a triple pane window but looking at the frame profile section compared to a European triple pane window, it's a night and day difference. The European frame is way beefier and reinforced with steel.

Just curious if anyone has seen these windows up close or used them?

Asked By Peter L | Jan 14 15
2 Answers

Firestone ISO-R foam. 1" R value? Worth keeping?

The previous owners had our house (1957 bungalow in Zone 7) wrapped with 1" Firestone ISO-R foam and then vinyl siding nailed onto the foam.

Not only is 1" not enough for zone 7, the contractor just laid the foam directly over the old cedar siding, as far as I can tell this is useless because of the giant air space behind the foam.

I'm in the process of stripping the exterior to the wood plank sheathing and planning to add 2" of foam to achieve the R-10 required.

Asked By Dan FromRegina | Jan 9 15
9 Answers

Least toxic closed cell 2-part spray for DIY?

All the reading I have done, I see a lot of issues brought up with 2-part closed cell spray foam being kind of bad for you even with respirator.

I want to do the band joist in my crawlspace and with only entry door there isn't much room for ventilation. I need about 500 board feet.

Any recommendations for least toxic (fire-rated preferred) 2-part closed cell spray foam?

Asked By Apollo S | Jan 8 15
2 Answers

Dricore Smartwall basement product

I'm in the process of refinishing my basement in East Lansing MI (posted previously a question about the insulation on the floor).
I found this relatively new product at the local big box store and it's a bit different in structure than some of the recommendations I've seen from Building Science on finishing a basement (specifically the addition of an internal vapor barrier).

Asked By Phylis Floyd | Jan 7 15
5 Answers

Acoustical caulk/sealant confusion

I keep hearing the term "acoustical sealant" in the context of air sealing, as in "use acoustical sealant for air sealing because it remains flexible", but am a little bit confused as to what it means. Does it refer to:

  1. Tremco accoustical sealant, the specific product?
  2. Any caulk or other sealant that exhibits the "remains flexible forever" property?
  3. Something else entirely?
Asked By Aaron Birkland | Aug 29 14
101 Answers

The differences between mass and insulation

The "I installed more attic insulation and now my AC runs more" thread got me thinking about the mass effect a bit.

Asked By Nathaniel G | Sep 15 14
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