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2 Answers

How much air does dense-packed cellulose leak?

I've been thinking a lot about dense packed cellulose and reading up on it's various properties. I found an excellent discussion on this same message board:

Asked By Josh Engle | Jun 25 14
5 Answers

Vapor-permeable barriers and brick walls (MemBrain, Intello+, etc.)

I have a ~100 year old solid brick house in zone 5 - Northern IL ~1/2mi to Lake Michigan. The walls are 2+ courses wide with ~1" gap between.

We're slowly rehabbing the house floor by floor. And trying to decide what the best way to deal with air infiltration and vapor permeability. From my reading, it looks like I could put Membrain or Intello+ on the brick directly, then build a (non load bearing) studwall on the inside and insulate that.

Is there a problem with putting a variable perm barrier on a cold surface? .

Asked By Job Lenihan | Jun 22 14
3 Answers

Metal roof: pros and cons of going white

My shingles need to be replaced and I'm having a standing seam roof installed. Buy once cry once... Anyway, I'm a little bit torn on the color. Aesthetically, I'm pretty flexible, since I'm also having the stucco re-done soon and will be able to color it whatever will look good with the roof. I live in zone 5b in New Mexico. We need more heating than cooling, but the summer heat can be pretty unbearable. I use evaporative cooling due to the low humidity so my cooling bills are fairly low.

Asked By Nathaniel G | Jun 21 14
2 Answers

Foam insulation

Building a home soon. My contractor says he uses closed cell foam on the outside of the blocks below and above grade on the walk out basement for insulation and to seal against water penetration into the basement. I,m concerned that the foam will not hold up below grade allowing water into the basement. If I'm wrong, won't I still need french drains around the basement to keep water pressure off the block walls. or should I use Block-Out on the outside and put the foam on the inside between the studs.

Asked By Rus Pearson | Jun 19 14
1 Answer

How best to insulate the outside of the sheathing?

What say you wall system experts about this "new" product vs. my old favorite Thermax?

Asked By Morgan Audetat | Jun 18 14
3 Answers

I am looking for a table about triple-glazed windows prices

Could you please tell me how to get the table? Or do you have a website or link to help me?
My name is Shawn. I am with ABC Acoustics, Inc. in San Diego.

Asked By Shawn Sanavi | Jun 12 14
2 Answers

Where can I get the yellow mesh product in this picture or do you recommend anything else for the air gap?


You quoted an article (Mind the gap eh!) that has this product in it. When I google search, I cannot find it. Can you tell me the name of the product and where to purchase? I am starting my project his Monday.
I am not able to paste the picture here, but here is the link to the article from building science corporation.

Any other recommendations you have would be great. I am a home owner/teacher and these are my summer plans

project plan from inside out:

Asked By frost patrick | Jun 12 14
9 Answers

Best low-flow shower head?

I'd like to know what low flow shower heads folks are happy with. Let's define low flow as 1.5 gallons per minute, bonus if it's 1.25 and honestly does a decent job.

I previously obtained a Niagara Conservation 1.25gpm unit free from my utility company. I used it for a while but found the performance so unsatisfactory I was taking much longer showers than neccessary, particularly in the winter. Everyone in the house agreed when I yanked it in favour of the old supersoaker type.

Asked By Jonathan Dalton | Jun 9 14
3 Answers

Recommendations for exterior trim in the Northeast?

I am replacing windows and want to install a trim that is long lasting and environmentally sustainable.

Asked By matt dooley | Jun 1 14
1 Answer

What plumbing system is safe?

Buying house with polybutylene plumbing and read that it can leak. Is it a
health hazard re leaching chemicals into drinking water? Polytheylene (PEX)
tubing can be a health hazard and carcinogenic due to leaching chemicals. Copper has health issues from leaching copper as well.
What is the best plumbing piping that is also safe to our health? Thank you.

Asked By Katherine Webb | Jun 2 14
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