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1 Answer

Should I install a vapor barrier behind cement board in a shower?

I live in a cold climate.

Asked By Lindsey Love | Nov 7 13
6 Answers

Warmest Insulation Option under floor

I live in the mountains of Colorado, dry and cold.
I live above a loading dock, so semi trucks can drive in and unload the truck under me, so there is tons of cold air that sits directly below my floor. I cannot insulate the ceiling of the loading dock, or make it warmer.
I have a concrete sub-floor.

What is the warmest insulation layer I can put before I install a floating bamboo floor?

Asked By Renee West | Sep 19 13
6 Answers

Energy Efficient Lighting Gallery / Tour / Tutorial or Video

I am looking for some visuals to help design energy efficient lighting for a new home (and persuade others in the project!). Can anyone point me to some good resources for reviewing some options for the various types of lighting and rooms? I would like to see some good photos / video of installed lighting - ideally not focussed on the modern look, but something more traditional. Ideally it would be good to have the model and brands of the fixtures pictured. Are there any online design tools that allow one to play with the lighting options?



Asked By Patrick Walshe | Dec 31 12
4 Answers

Living in a very small space

Here's a link to a fun video about interior design: how to make a very small apartment work well:

Thanks to Anna LaRue, who posted the video on her Web site, ZeroResource!

Asked By Martin Holladay | May 16 11
8 Answers

Vinyl Wallpaper

I've been trying to educate myself on vapor barriers since they are by far the most complicated topic I've ever come across.

One thing that kept popping up is the notion that vinyl wallpaper is bad (except for very cold climates). It is a vapor barrier and thus keeps the walls from drying to the inside, right?

Suppose I want vinyl wallpaper in a climate zone 4 or lower. Suppose I like the look of it, and I still want air conditioning. What can I do to make sure it doesn't cause damage to the walls?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Asked By J S | Jul 11 13
7 Answers

Who pays for fixing builder error?

I am building a house and I gave the builder the floor plan of house I wanted. I signed off on the plan, not knowing how to read a blueprint, not realizing the builder changed the entrance to the basement from my kitchen to entrance to the basement from my foyer. Also the arch from the foyer was to be wall-to-wall, it looks like an entrance from the foyer.

Asked By Burma Stewart | Apr 13 12
1 Answer

Will VOC's from paint travel through flooring of apartment?

I have a severe allergy to anything new (carpet, paint, most flooring, etc.). I currently live on the 2nd floor of a 3 story apartment building. I just found out that the tenant above me will be moving out - so the apartment will be painted and prepared for the next tenant. My concern is that the VOC's from the new paint will pass through the flooring into my apartment. Is this something that occurs rapidly almost effortlessly, or something that is rather slow? I really appreciate your time.

Asked By Trent Pain | Aug 26 12
5 Answers

Can I embed LEDs into EPS?

I'm working on a project that would be made a million times better if I could embed LED diodes into the EPS that I am using....

I understand that EPS is by nature highly flammable, but seeing as it's used as insulation, I'm wondering if embedding the diodes in it would really be a problem.....

Any insight would be very appreciated...

Asked By Krista Pegg | Sep 24 11
1 Answer

I am looking at a project with a crawl space with 6 mil poly over dirt floor with air vents

Which has exposed piping to the weather. Should I close off vents or insulate the piping better?

Asked By Christopher Lorden | Apr 26 11
12 Answers

Vented versus unvented attic retrofit

I am considering having the fiberglass insulation removed from the attic floor and having open-cell foam sprayed in its place. Most foam installers are pushing the idea of sealing my ridge and soffit vents, spraying the underside of the roof and creating a so-called conditioned attic. This is a 2,100 square foot all brick ranch with a 6-12 roof built in 1967. We want to keep the insulation within the 2 X 6 framing as we have much of the attic floor covered with osb. We use it for some light storage.

Asked By Russell | Feb 27 10
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