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20 Answers

Partition walls AFTER outer walls?

Looking at a picture of the ADA recently, it occurred to me that installing partition walls after the exterior walls are sheet rocked would eliminate a few lines of goo, and another source of air leakage. What would be the problem w/ doing that? Build the partition wall, stand it up, shim over the top plate, and sheet rock it. No? Thanks. j

Asked By John Klingel | Dec 11 10
15 Answers

What type of board in bathrooms

I am building a new home and have a question about wall and ceiling board in bathrooms. My confusion is over where to install normal drywall, where to install greenboard or moisture resistant drywall, and where to install non-paperfaced board such as hardibacker 500 cement board. Any advice appreciated.

Asked By Chris Johnston | Sep 21 10
10 Answers

Can I do CFL recessed lighting in a recessed closet?

We're doing a project where the client wants recesssed lighting in a walk-in closet. The electrical code requires lighting in closets to be low heat floresecents, (to prevent fires in overstuffed storage areas, presumably). And there are no good florescent-specific recenssed lights.

We proposed to do a CFL bulb in a traditional recessed housing, and the cheif and field electrical inspector can't decide if this is kosher.

YES: The CFL bulb meets the spirt and technical requirements of NEC 410.16

Asked By Aaron Lubeck` | Jun 11 09
4 Answers

Lighting in a home office

What would be the preferred method of recessed lighting in a large home office? The home office is in a large bedroom (16'x15'). There are two desk areas. It is an older home and the ceiling is accessible from the attic space. The space has two good sized windows on the north elevation but is still somewhat dark during the day. I'm curious if it would be better to use LED recessed lights, low voltage, or halogen. Would the layout advice be similar for all 3, i.e. no more than 3' from wall and 4 lights for a room this size?

Asked By Karen Soorikian | Sep 17 09
4 Answers

Do your clients ask for green interiors? And if not, how do you integrate sustainable strategies into your projects?

As an interior designer, I'm curious if your client's come to you asking for green projects or are you the one bringing it to the table? I'm excited to have this venue to create a community of support for interior designers. I look forward to your thoughts, questions and input!

Annette Stelmack - Interior Designers & Sustainability Consultant

Asked By Annette Stelmack | Jan 19 09
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