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31 Answers

I'm looking for an air-to-water heat pump and feedback from those who've used them. We have a LEED for Homes project in Victoria, BC, perfect climate for heat pump, affordability of project prohibits groundsource for 36Kbtu heat loss of 1800 ft2 home and for optimal comfort, low temp/efficiency, to avoid ducting we're selected hydronic in-slab for heating distribution thus standard air-to-air heat pump is a no-go.

Asked By Allison Ashcroft | Jul 28 09
5 Answers

It appears my water heater is coming to the end of its useful life. I currently have a tank style gas hot water heater. I've been reading about tankless ones but get mixed reviews on whether it's actually worth the upfront costs.

I mainly like it for the fact of having hot water on demand, however, don't want to buy something that isn't worth the investment (I realize I probably won't fully break even on it). Is it worth getting the tankless?

Thanks in advance for the comments.

Asked By Aaron Phillips | Jan 20 14
3 Answers

Wondering if I can use an exhaust-only ventilation system in a new home constructed of SIP panels that is heated by 1 to 2 wood stoves depending on outside temperature. I have 6" duct work going the two bathrooms and also installed 6" ducts to be connected to an HRV for fresh air.

Recently I have been wondering whether it is cost effective or necessary to install the HRV. It seems as though the exhaust only route would be fine, but I'm wondering if there will be an issue using wood stoves and creating negative pressure with the exhaust fan.

Thanks to all in advance,

Asked By Ben Geissinger | Jan 18 14
9 Answers

I have a new home now for 8 months that has 3 stories and 1 mini split unit on each floor. I have noticed that there is an abnormally large amounts of dust in the home. I had an idea that this dust was from not having enough air movement in the home. Has anyone else experienced this or have any suggestions when using mini split systems?

Asked By Jon Lane | Jan 15 14
0 Answers

I want an externally vented microhood for my electric range. I know the Broan 40000 series is a recommended under cabinet model, but can you recommend a microwave/hood combo?



Asked By Andre Jones | Jan 18 14
6 Answers

We are installing a steel bathtub. Does it make sense to put insulation under it? What kind would you recommend? Thanks!

Asked By Daniel Herskowitz | Jan 15 14
1 Answer

We are building a relatively tight house with a balanced Lunos (through the walls) ventilation system. 2 of the bathrooms are on interior walls so they need additional (unbalance) exhaust fan that will be user controlled and turned on whenever needed. This is being vented to the roof. What mechanisms do we use to prevent cold air entering these exhaust ducts? And also, to minimize thermal bridging through the duct penetrations? thank! Daniel

Asked By Daniel Herskowitz | Jan 11 14
13 Answers

In general, what are the most efficient electric space heaters for spot heating small rooms (eg 90 sf) in a tight and well insulated home, a hydronic baseboard or a convection wall heater?

Any opinions?

Asked By Daniel Herskowitz | Jan 8 14
4 Answers

I'm building a 1,043 sq ft, 1 and 1/2 story cottage. I had independent heating and cooling load calculations done. I'm going with two Mitsubishi Hyper heats, one up and one down.

Asked By Andre Jones | Jan 2 14
1 Answer

I'm building a small house with a detached garage/apartment. I really want to go all-electric, but gas is available.

I was considering two electric tankless, but plumber is recommending single gas tankless. In reading your blog, I believe the best option now is an electric tank in the garage to serve both and a demand pump in the main house.

I want an elegant all electric solution, but I also want it to be simple and cost-effective. Which option make the most sense?

Asked By Andre Jones | Jan 2 14
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