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2 Answers

What is the lifespan of a ductless minisplit?

I was chatting with my contractor and he said that heat pumps have a life span of only 10 years. Is this true? Or does it depend on the manufacturer? I live in Maine - not sure if that would affect things. Thank you. -Karen

Asked By Karen Harter | Aug 22 17
28 Answers

What heating system should I install in my 150-year-old house in Connecticut? Oil boiler, ductless minisplit, or something else?

My family lives in a 2-story 2000-sq.ft. balloon-framed house in Western Connecticut (zone 5A). We currently heat exclusively with a Harman XXV pellet stove, which surprisingly keeps most of our house pretty comfortable even in the depths of our cold New England winters. Of course there are some rooms that will get down below 60 on the coldest of nights, but that just means we stay in the warm parts of the house, which works fine for us. We used to heat with a Burnham RS-111 oil-fired boiler piped through about a dozen beautiful and massive cast-iron radiators.

Asked By Rob Wotzak | Nov 9 14
4 Answers

Check valve in between well and pressure tank?

I've lived in my home for about 4-5 years and have always wondered if the random cycling of my well pump could be do to me not having a check valve between the pump tank and the well/pump.

The house was pre-existing, but I really question the ability of the pump to hold the pressure in, let alone to not have any small leaks in the piping all the way up from the well in the ground.

Asked By Mike M | Aug 11 17
2 Answers

Inadvertant trap in mini-split line set?

I'm finishing the installation of my mini split line sets and realized I may have introduce a "trap" into the line set due to the way I had to route it.

The main line set runs from the compressor to the branch box in the attic. From the branch box, the line sets run down into one stud bay, in a 180 degree bend, through a stud, and pointing back up into another stud bay. This 180 degree bend is my concern.

Asked By Mike M | Jul 28 17
1 Answer

Wi-fi app to control minisplit systems


there have been a few different ways of achieving wifi / app / remote control of mini split systems, most all proprietary and quite expensive.

I came across one I haven't seen / thought of.and couldnt find here on a search

instead of directly controlling the mini-split via wifi, this method is to directly control a third party IR transmitter, in line of sight of the mini split, by wifi/app.

the IR transmitter then communicates with the IR mini split receiver

So the app will then duplicate all the remote control's buttons.

Asked By P Ha | Aug 10 17
2 Answers

Want to install minisplit — need advice

Hi everyone!

Our master suite has only 1 small ac vent, none in the closet or bathroom, this makes it very uncomfortable in the summer in Florida. We have a large slider window and a really small double hung window in the bathroom. This makes windows units not a good choice as I've tried to install many without success.

We have a flat roof over this part of the house so we can't run more ac to the other rooms.

3 walls are outside walls, one wall is concrete the others are basic construction, minimal insulation and no insulation on the roof. Both windows are double pane.

Asked By jgraeff | Jul 22 17
3 Answers

Manual J, D, S

I am working on a major remodel of my 1950s house. The existing ducts are metal. I am looking for someone who can advise me on whether my existing ducts are properly sized and who can perform a Manual J and S since I will be replacing the air conditioner and furnace. I am outside Houston. I would prefer a 3rd party consultant over an HVAC company. I see some companies perform this service without a site visit.

Do I need a local company who can come to the house or can they perform these calculations accurately without visiting my house based on the floorplan?

Asked By Kasey Doggett | Jul 25 17
4 Answers

Should I install HRV/ERV duct work for future-proofing?

I am in the process of planning a new house to be built in Maine. The builder likes building leaky houses, but after lots of questions and discussion we are agreeing on some targets and construction plans to support the targets. I am not sure that the house will ever get down to passive house standards, but I am thinking that I should at least put the HRV/ERV ductwork in the walls to add mechanical ventilation if needed - we will be doing blower door tests. When is ventilation required? what is the ACH threshold?


Asked By DenmarkDave | Aug 8 17
10 Answers

Vented dryer depressurization and its effects on radon levels?

Has anyone studied the effects on radon levels caused by running a dryer, or other unbalanced ventilation equipment, in a well sealed home?

Asked By Calum Wilde | Jul 24 17
5 Answers

Humidifier and HRV in the high desert and other HVAC add-on items

We're building a 4200 ft home in the high desert (Bend, Oregon) and are debating several HVAC proposal add ons. The furnace plan is for a conventional ducted system with a Trane modulating furnace and variable speed AC. We unfortunately couldn't get over the split system interior look. The proposal had several add on items which seem controversial.

Asked By Ben H | Jul 26 17
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