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8 Answers

How are people prepping for wall penetrations?

I am hoping to start building an energy efficient house this year with an ACH50 below 1. To achieve this I am trying to have all the penetrations figured out before I start to build. My basic wall construction will be from the outside: LP smart products over 2X4 rain screen, 3" XPS, zip system sheathing(air barrier), 2X6 cavity with dense pack cellulose, and finally sheet rock. Since the zip-sheathing is the air barrier and the exterior surface is where the zip-tape seals to best I am trying to pre-plan all the penetrations before the exterior foam is applied.

Asked By Dillon Vautrin | Apr 3 16
3 Answers

Wood floor installation

We are working on a house in Houston where the wood flooring installer is requiring the wood flooring to acclimatize in the house for 4-5 weeks with the permanent HVAC system installed and running in order to provide his warranty. The contractor usually installs temporary AC during construction so as not to clog the permanent system filters from the sanding, dust, etc and so when the owner moves in, the system is brand new as should be expected with a new house. The flooring sub is not accepting that. Has anyone come across scenario before?

Asked By Heather Gayle Holdridge | Apr 4 16
11 Answers

A need for clean air

We live in North Vancouver, BC.

I need to bring clean air and fresh air into our newly renovated home, with emphasis on clean as my wife is extremely affected by wood smoke and VOCs. She developed this condition near the end of the construction.

Lennox has an option of using an HRV in tandem with their powered HEPA/activated charcoal filter system (Healthy Climate High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Filtration System).
The fresh air port of the HRV Ducts directly into the intake of the powered filter.

Asked By Aaron Gatzke | Mar 30 16
9 Answers

Ground-mounted vs. rooftop solar

If you have a lot with plenty of unshaded open space, is there any reason to choose rooftop solar over a ground mounted array?


Asked By John Ranson | Mar 29 16
3 Answers

New Mitsubishi FH06NA ductless minisplit

searched, couldnt find any info posted here;

looks like there is a new, smaller Mitsubishi Hyper heat [6000btu] available for pre order

seems like this is a good new option for increased flexibility/zoning.

hope that helps

Asked By P Ha | Mar 21 16
3 Answers

Life-cycle costs of air-source heat pumps?

We have installed individual and central (VRF) heat pump systems in several of our affordable housing projects (multi family). I would like to be able to develop a replacement reserve based on the actual service life of the heat pump system and its components. I realize they have not been used in the US for that long but does anyone have data on how long these systems last. Thanks for any help.

Asked By Julie Klump | Mar 29 16
1 Answer

Sealed wood burning stoves - a list? (for a TIGHT house)

I've been looking through this site and found some helpful information and also spent time on the web (to no avail)

Does anyone have a source or 'list' of sealed combustion wood burning stoves? We'd like a fireplace/stove in our in process house and other than picking up tidbits from the Q&A, it has proven hard to find a list that we can pick from.
Morso, Jotul have the odd unit, but again - others?

Asked By Edward Cambridge | Mar 29 16
2 Answers

HVAC, hot water, pool heat dump, combination supplier?

I am building a new home for myself that I am trying to make as
efficient as possible , the home will be in Cave Creek , Arizona , in the
summer it reaches up around 115 degrees . The home itself will have approx.
3700sqft liveable , will have a swimming pool ( approx. 800sqft ) approx. 9ft deepest ,
there will also be a Jacuzzi , the pool will be a natural one ( no chemicals ) and will
have a constant flow of water through plants and a waterfall , additional
sprays can be used at night to aid cooling , I will also have solar

Asked By David Lowe | Mar 24 16
2 Answers

New high-efficiency furnace installed

I had a high-efficiency forced-air furnace installed along with a setback thermostat.
The installer said that with these new furnaces, you just set the thermostat to one temperature.

Is that true?
I live in North Vancouver, BC where the climate is milder but I would think it is still more efficient to setback the thermostat at night.


Asked By Aaron Gatzke | Mar 22 16
1 Answer

New Kumo Cloud for Mitsubishi Mini Split

is anybody using the new Kumo Cloud / app ?

I have read here that for some, the temp control /performance was improved when using the remote thermostat, MHK 1 , which was also a part of the honeywell gateway system

will the kumo app work with the MHK1?


Asked By p Ha | Mar 22 16
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