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4 Answers

Affordable Air-to-Water Heat Pump for climate zone 6B, Colorado

I'm looking for an air-to-water heat pump that I could use with a low temperature hydronic distribution system for space heating. I would also like to use the heat pump as the preheat for domestic hot water.

The mini-split air-to-air heat pumps are pretty ideal in many climate zones in the USA. On the western slope of the Rockies in Colorado, air conditioning isn't usually necessary. So I'd prefer one heat pump to provide space heating and much of DHW.

Asked By Pat Kiernan | Jun 14 16
8 Answers

Minisplit controls?

I'm planning a ducted minisplit system for our renovated large house.
It will be 4 floors (inc basement and cathedral attic) but likely 6+ zones given the size of the house (6k above grade).
Im looking at mitsubishi hyperheat or the fujitsu ducted sustems.

Q. Is there a major difference in the contrils in terms of features / quality?
Q. How do these work in a whole-house heat/cool use? I have wall mounted units currently but the have IR remote controls. What about zoning a whole house?

Asked By Edward Cambridge | Jun 13 16
10 Answers

Can one use a slab-over-slab radiant heat system?

Thank you all that answer my question.
Here is my question in short form:
Pole barn that was built as a small factory to be revamped to a new business and add radiant heat?

Can one add the heat system on the current slab and re-pour a new slab on top, where height and doors are not a issue? or Should one cut out the old slab add needed equipment and re pour a new slab. Again or Could new construction be a better option? Time and cost factors are important.
As a added note this is in mid northern Minnesota.
If you need more just ask. Thank you again!

Asked By Ken Jackson | Jun 10 16
10 Answers

Venting for kitchen, bath, electric clothes dryer — duct paths?

The bath and laundry are on the second floor. The master bath can go to the rear exterior wall. What about the other bath? Would a vent hood look out of place on the long side (front) of the house? Siding will be white Hardie lap siding.

Or would you run it through the framing to the back exterior wall (20 ft.)?

How about the clothes dryer?

How about the kitchen? Better to go straight up through the metal roof or to the exterior wall?

Would the vent around the white siding be a issue?

Thanks so much for this site.

Asked By Quinton Bryant | Jun 3 16
4 Answers

Mini split layout ideas for a 1928 Tudor/Colonial in New York

I started some research on trying to figure out the best layout, size etc, for a mini split system for my house. This was after getting some prices for central air and hi velocity systems, and the high tonnage they were specing, I decided to do so additional homework. This was primarily for cooling, but I do have an interest to use the heat on the front end and back end of the heating season which prevails in Westchester County, N.Y.

It is a 1928 Tudor/Colonial, based on my measurements its approx. 1300-1400 sq.ft. The house is 2x4 framing with stucco, with vinyl siding .

Asked By Greg McCann | Jun 5 16
4 Answers

Ways to graph air conditioning run times?

I'd like to be able to graph and visually see the cycling pattern of my traditional split system heat pump here in Central Florida. The thought is that if I can determine that it is off, say, 25% of the time in the afternoon on the hottest summer days, that I could probably downsize the tonnage by 25% when it comes time for replacement. Of course, I would want to make sure that my system was properly charged and operating before conducting such a test.

Asked By david jensen | Jun 1 16
5 Answers

Instananeous hot water with a tank

I'm looking for the manufacturer of an instantaneous hot water heater with a thirty gallon tank mounted above it. The manufacturer advertises it as a complete unit. Any info will be appreciated.

Asked By Scott Goodman | May 29 16
10 Answers

Sun Pump solar heat pump

Does anyone have experience with the Sun Pump solar heat pump, either with the product itself or dealing with the company? It's a relatively new company located in Vancouver BC.

Asked By Peter Schonherr | May 19 16
2 Answers

No minisplit contractors close by

Would it be stupid to install a Fujitsu or Mitsub minisplit with the nearest Fujitsu or Mitsub contractor 60-75 miles away? Can other contractors work on these?

Asked By brad h | May 25 16
4 Answers

Connection between GSHP and Zehnder's ComfoFond-L

I wish to make a connection between the ground loop of a Ground Source Heat Pump and the air tempering unit of a Zehnder ERV ventilation system, the ComfoFond-L (which usually utilizes it's own independent ground loop).

I believe that I remember reading about a project in Vermont, perhaps with a government associated housing project, that used ClimateMaster GSHPs and Zehnder ERVs in just this way.

Asked By Ted Cummings | May 24 16
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