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3 Answers

Spare the Air days and mechanical ventilation: are filters or cutoffs recommended?

Our local air pollution control district is promoting awareness of days when air pollution is particularly onerous (in our area due to winter still air and wood burning fires). Has anyone analyzed the need for HRV air filters or temporarily turning off mechanical ventilators in these conditions?

Asked By Bill Fitler | Nov 21 16
0 Answers

Open a side exhaust port in a shrouded industrial fan

Editor's note: This question was accidentally posted twice. Here is a link to the page where the question was first posted: Side opening on a shrouded industrial fan. All comments on this question should be posted on that thread.

Asked By Mike Lish | Nov 22 16
6 Answers

I have recently completed my new home. I was successful in making it air tight. Now I need controlled ventilation.

I have a commercial range. The pilot lights give off enough CO to set of the CO detectors after 18 hrs. I have a vent hood with make up air but of course this does not run when the range is off. The home air is also stale. I want to install an HRV. From an energy efficiency standpoint would i be better off to install a stand alone unit or one that ties to my air handler. I live in Wyoming and the home is 2300 sq. ft.. Thank you in advance for the advise.

Asked By Charles Cloud | Nov 21 16
2 Answers

I need advice about a new central heating system

I have to replace our central heating system within the next year or so. We live in a gas-heated wood-framed 3-story colonial with 4 zones, built in 1987 in eastern MA, located on the water.

We have no central AC but want to install AC. Tankless hot water is appealing though our water tank is new.

Please advise if possible. I am investigating Navien, Burnham, Lochinvar, Viessman.

-- Ann Tauro

Asked By Ann Tauro | Nov 21 16
2 Answers

Is this a better way of installing tubing for radiant floor heating?

This is a build residential build in Germany. I found it interesting because as you can see the tubing was added after the walls, framing, etc had been built whereas in the on this site I typically see PEX being incorporated into the slab itself.

Asked By John Clark | Nov 17 16
4 Answers

“Smooth” flex duct

I understand that flex duct is bad in most situations--it decreases blower efficiency and just generally impedes air flow. That said, for a longish (25ft) run of 6" duct, I wonder if it wouldn't be okay to use one of the 'smooth wall' plastic ducts on the market (see for a good example of what I'm looking at. This would be in a relatively low-pressure type of situation (Minotair hybrid HVAC system installation).

Asked By Jonathan Nagar | Aug 26 16
6 Answers

Include basement area in ventilation rate calculation?

I am unclear on whether to include our basement square footage in the ventilation rate calculation for our new house. It is a 2357 sq ft ranch that sits on top of a full 2357 sq ft walkout basement. We have three bedrooms, but it's just me and my wife primarily. One of the bedrooms we are using as a den and the other as an office. We are in zone 5 Michigan, and are considering using a combination Lunos Nexxt and E2 HRV system. The basement will be unfinished for at least 5 years, but we were still wondering if we should include that space in our calculations. Thanks for any advice.

Asked By Brian W | Nov 7 16
2 Answers

On-demand hot water recirculation system

One of the criticisms I've read for the on demand HW recirc system is that they take too long to get hot water. Never having used one of these I'm wonder what is too long? I'm looking at the readytemp TL4000 which has a taco model 008 pump and my quick estimate is about 35 sec. That seems reasonable to me.
The TL4000D is $435 for pump and controls. Any other suggested alternates? This is for new construction.

Asked By Brad H | Nov 6 16
2 Answers

Is it possible to have propane fire places on separate floors in the same flue stack?

New construction planning

Asked By Stephen Herbaly | Nov 1 16
3 Answers

Are there any condensing residential steam boilers out there?

Or is there just mid-efficiency stuff? This is for steam heat, not hydronic.

Asked By Nate G | Oct 30 16
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