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5 Answers

How to get a Pretty Good House built?

Designing a Pretty Good House (PGH) is easy. Just spend a year or two reading at GBA, pay for a GBA Prime/Pro membership to get access to detail drawings, and bam, you're done. Kinda, not really, but go with it for a minute. So now that you've designed it, how do you get it built? This is the one article that I don't remember being specifically addressed.

Asked By Andrew C | Aug 24 15
2 Answers

Looking for a local designer/ builder in southern Rhode Island

A local designer/ builder in southern Rhode Island, by Todd Buckley.

My wife and I are interested in renovating a 1986 built passive solar house but cannot find local builders that can meet our needs. Do any of you know of someone like you that works in South Kingstown, R.I.?

Asked By todd buckley | Mar 12 15
3 Answers

Blower door test - Des Moines, Iowa


I'm trying to help a friend in Des Moines, Iowa obtain a blower door test & follow it up with directed air sealing. How does/should one go about finding a contractor to perform a blower door test? Is there a city/state database of contractors able to perform a blower door test? For renovation projects, how do most contractors who perform blower door tests receive new business? Lastly, what should one look for when choosing a contractor to perform a blower door test and/or air sealing?

Houston TX

Asked By Robert Hallenbeck | Jan 21 15
3 Answers

Condensation in (conditioned space) attic, built to "environmental standards"

I am in need of a (seasoned) building consultant, familiar with New England climate, able to make an "on site" evaluation in Guilford, Ct. 06437, for an attic space that was built to environmental standards and is a conditioned space) -- air conditioning, HRVs, etc etc., for a client that has environmental allergies -- mold, fabric softener, petrochemical products etc.

There is condensation from the attic space, with leakage of water into and onto the first floor after one year. Thank you in advance. We need help.

Asked By herbert suesserman MD | Mar 5 15
9 Answers

Should builder charge separate overhead & profit when using a cost plus % contract

I'm in the process of hiring a builder and three of them agreed to provide a "cost plus percent" quote.
They all independently came up with the same percentage, so it wasn't a figure I was forcing on them.

Asked By Adam Peterson | Feb 15 15
12 Answers

Bids on a new construction project

Hi all--I was wondering if you could offer some advice for a dilemma I'm having regarding who will build my house. A few weeks ago, I asked for advice re: HVAC for our new "Pretty Good House." Now, our plans are in engineering and we're getting close to permitting and breaking ground. The company we've been working with is a design-build company--but the two parts are separate. We hired the design part of things and have verbally told the build side of things that we want them to build our house.

Asked By Matt Mesa | May 26 14
0 Answers

New Home

My wife and I are contemplating building a new home. We are planning a small energy-efficient ranch, and are interested in the ideas discussed in the Pretty Good House thread. We live in central New York (near Syracuse), and wonder if anyone would know of either architects/designers or builders near us who have some experience and/or interest in this type of construction. Can answer here or email me at

I am new to this site, and have learned a lot from the material and discussion here. Very helpful!

Asked By Michael Miller | Mar 31 14
13 Answers

First time General Contractor

First, let me begin by saying that I have never built a house. I have, however, lived in 2 homes that I had built. Also, I am a skilled in finished carpentry, tiling, plumbing, and can hold my own in general framing and electrical work. For over 35 years I worked in Information Systems (my day job) specializing in project management.

Asked By Mike Turner | Dec 24 12
3 Answers

Communicate with subs prior to getting bids?

New Construction, Zone 4b, 50"+ precipitation

In addition to structural details on my plans, I am adding a whole page dedicated to emphasizing the priority of an airtight envelope. All details related to air barrier, flashing, wrb, and insulation, with exploded views in many cases.

I want to add a “Project Note to All Trades” on this page. I am asking for suggestions for what it should say.

For example: “All penetrations in the envelope must have prior approval by the builder.”


Asked By David McNeely | Jun 4 13
3 Answers

Quickly listing neighborhood amenities by LEED category

I am working on several LEED for Homes Midrise projects which are pursuing points under LL5 Community Resources. LEED outlines several categories of resources, like:

Arts and entertainment center, Bank, Community or civic center, Convenience store, Daycare center, Fire station, etc.

Asked By Kris Knutson | May 16 13
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