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5 Answers

Cut and Cobble


This is a follow up to my original post seen here:


Getting ready to begin this ceiling insulation project using the "cut-and-cobble" method. I have a few more questions.
1. would it be better to use XPS product or something like R-Tech?
2. I will be using can spray foam for the gaps, but how do we attach to underside of the roof sheathing?

Asked By Rob Henderson | Oct 3 15
0 Answers

Attic Kneewall Insulation

I have a raised heel truss system. The contractor installed wall sheathing up to the bottom of the truss 2x4 as shown in attachments. My overhang is 2' so I will have ~2' of soffit. I will vent according to the sq. footage of my ridge vent (hip roof). I am wondering if it is best to leave these gaps alone, at 3.5" tall or if I should put scraps up and make them closer to 2" tall, or if I should block the ones that will not line up with the vented soffit locations completely.


Asked By Nicholas C | Oct 3 15
7 Answers

Roof construction for low-slope roof


Asked By Kevin Hoene | Sep 21 15
1 Answer

Radiant heat and spray foam insulation

I have just installed radiant heat under my deck that is now part of our living space. The area is 24 ft by 6 ft by 6 in and 2 ft of the ground. The pex tubing is attached directly to the deck with alum. heat
transfer plates with a 6 in space from the outside edges. My question is: can I spray foam over the
pex and plates without any airspace at all ?

Thank you

Asked By Anthony Bartolotti | Oct 3 15
2 Answers

Outdoor reset vs setback on single-stage boiler

I'm trying to figure out what would be the more efficient thing to do in my situation. I've recently heavily insulated the house and installed a radiant hydronic system (making sure to do a detailed load analysis and system design by the Sigenthauler hyrdonic book). While the radiant system and boiler loop are new, the boiler is a 20 year old cast-iron boiler that I want to nurse along for a few more years (mostly because of current budget).

Asked By Eric Stormfield | Oct 3 15
0 Answers

Can I put Roxul over sheetrock? On the interior

I was planning on creating a built in window seat/bed in a bonus room over the garage. We just purchased the house and I am guessing It's likely one of the coldest parts of the house in the winter. It's just above the garage doors. Likely has little insulation in the floor, vaulted ceiling so probably R13 at best. The house was built in 1991 +/-. I am toying with the idea of furring out and insulating with some roxul boards around the window and vaulted ceiling area. I was going to just put it right on top of the sheet rock and cover it up with bead board or something similar.

Asked By Andrew Bennett | Oct 3 15
1 Answer

Factors That Counter Individuals From Starting An Internet Business

Before any company are created and anything be made, there should be a notion. Entrepreneur ideas would be the bread and butter to perform anything in the industry world.

Asked By Maude Yoo | Oct 3 15
13 Answers

Ideal window rough opening gap for good air sealing

The manufacturer I'm ordering windows from allows a rough opening gap around the window of 3/8" to 1/2" from all 4 sides (so the rough opening would be 3/4" to 1" wider & taller than the window).

Asked By Nick Hall | Sep 28 15
4 Answers

Odour from Certainteed fiberglass insulation

We just had some Certaineteed fiberglass insulation installed,in our house and have noticed a very strong odour from it. I thought it would dissipate relatively quickly but after 4 days , it is still quite noticeable. In fact, the odour was so strong that we had to go to a hotel because it made my wife sick.

As anyone ever had this experience with Certainteed fiberglass insulation before?
I have worked with other brands of insulation in the past and cannot ever recall that strong of an odour.

Does anyone have experience with Certainteed?
Is this normal for Certainteed?

Asked By Aaron Gatzke | Oct 3 15
13 Answers

ceiling insulation

Have several questions.

1. I found a lot of rigid form( 2.5 inch ) in the ceiling which is laid over the cellulose insulation. I thought that the moisture will be kept under the foam. Do I need to take off all the rigid foam? or just leave it?

Asked By Ben yoon | Sep 28 15
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