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9 Answers

Another "help me design a wall" thread

I've read wall build articles here but I'm still ambiguous as to the placement of barriers. I've also watched Dana's series titled, "Extreme 10 foot or less snowy knoll patch skiing", but couldn't find any relevant information there.

Zone 5. Inside to out: (sealed?) Drywall | 2X6 studs sealed with Ecoseal and filled with dense pack | either OSB or ZIP taped | 3" poly foam taped | rain screen, vinyl siding.

From what I've learned here this wall will need to dry to the interior.

a few questions, if I may?

Asked By Drew Baden | Dec 28 16
9 Answers

Exterior Rigid Foam Under Sheathing?

In my local area there is a green building consultant that recommends a CI panel which is basically EPS foam glued to OSB. The way this is installed would be the OSB to the exterior. Almost every house I see with exterior rigid foam in my online wonderings is covered with blue and pink XPS, the OSB sheathing is nailed directly to the studs and is completely covered with the rigid foam. This leads me to the following questions:

- Is anyone familiar with these kind of CI panels?

Asked By Joshua Greisen | Dec 8 16
0 Answers

Things For Ipod device and IPhone Touch

Asked By Micheal Cadman | Jan 19 17
0 Answers

How To Bypass IPad And IPhone Activation Lock FREE OF CHARGE

The researchers believe the application could replace subjective tests used to assess the severity of tremors now, while probably allowing more recurrent patient monitoring without costly goes to to medical facilities. crashes and errors with continuous patches and fixes to ensure continuous stability. Apple's design sense is definitely marvelous; the iPhone 3G doesn't break conformity.

Asked By Emily Nesbit | Jan 19 17
5 Answers

Fiberglass and Cellulose performing differently in attic

In our vented attic, we specified 18" of blown-in cellulose. In one particular location, the insulation contractors were called back to redo an area that was not covered. When it got cold outside, I noticed that the ceiling in that area was noticeably colder than in other areas. Suspecting that the insulation contractor didn't actually fix it, the builder and I went to the attic today to check. They had attempted a fix. Instead of putting cellulose in the problem area, they had installed fiberglass batts. The batts looked to be about the same thickness as the cellulose.

Asked By Reid Baldwin | Jan 17 17
8 Answers

Mount outdoor unit on the wall or on the ground?

I am close to installing 3 fujitsu mini split units at our home under construction. Two outdoor units will be installed near each other, with the third installed in a different area of the house. The HVAC installer asked if I wanted to mount them on the wall or on the ground. I can't decide which I would prefer. Any thoughts on the pros and cons of each?

I live in central KY, zone 4A. We don't get much deep snow around here, maybe once every 10-20 years.

Asked By Clay Whitenack | Jan 18 17
0 Answers

Excessive Heels Vs Flats Our lovely assortment includes the latest styles of.

Fabulous Satin 4.5 Inches Excessive Heel Platform Bow Bridal Shoes

Asked By Cathy Justice | Jan 19 17
0 Answers

HubPages Technological innovation

Technological advancement has been in the front of the human endeavor and is manifested inside the form of inexpensive android tablet. After getting CM10 & Google Apps, connect your device to Computer. Enable mass storage mode about it. Backup Cboth the files for your device’s SD card now. A Northland Capital Markets' financial analyst, in a study note issued Wednesday (Aug. A study on US smartphone use in 2015 discovered that the very best uses for smartphones are text/instant messaging and Internet browsing.

Asked By Charolette Oram | Jan 18 17
0 Answers

When an Individual Start Using An Anti Aging Skin ?

When under pressure, suck in and out deeply. This will help calm frazzled mood. The abundant associated with oxygen you are in will help increase energy levels and revive the is attracted to. It will also help builds up focus more beneficial. Moreover, this prevents your body from undergoing harmful cellular oxidation process that triggers could of harmful free radicals. Free radicals are single electrons that tend to snatch paired electrons and damage DNA.

Asked By Ismael Cushman | Jan 18 17
0 Answers

PP On IPhone 6, six Plus, 5s, More Updated

Dragon Mania legends lets you have your very own dragon park, manage properties, breed dragons to acquire stronger dragons, take component in events to compete against other players, allow this guide help an individual start. Although poll is dependant on a limited test, it shows how Android products, which tend to be less expensive, have caused Apple to shed a few of its buzz. A side bonus offer to these Android application rapid program development software packages is tips and tricks to make cash with your Android apps.

Asked By Maxie Broun | Jan 18 17
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