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0 Answers

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Asked By Cathy Justice | Jan 17 17
0 Answers

WILL THERE BE Money To Be Made With Development Of Iphone Apps ?

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Asked By Micheal Cadman | Jan 17 17
0 Answers

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Asked By Maxie Broun | Jan 17 17
0 Answers


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Asked By Emily Nesbit | Jan 17 17
7 Answers

Exterior Rigid Foam Under Sheathing?

In my local area there is a green building consultant that recommends a CI panel which is basically EPS foam glued to OSB. The way this is installed would be the OSB to the exterior. Almost every house I see with exterior rigid foam in my online wonderings is covered with blue and pink XPS, the OSB sheathing is nailed directly to the studs and is completely covered with the rigid foam. This leads me to the following questions:

- Is anyone familiar with these kind of CI panels?

Asked By Joshua Greisen | Dec 8 16
0 Answers

Apple Hinders App Store Reviews Through Devices Running IOS 9

Protection service Trend Micro on Wednesday reported a device-crashing glitch within the widely utilized smartphone operating system. Absolutely, I agree with you there… Android's security upgrade model is busted badly… Hence the article… If Google places Android Vehicle into cars and does't have a patch strategy then that is very bad media. A genuine reviews of ten best HP, NeuTab, Pronto and android Tec cheap tablet pc, including standards &answers to question a common customer may ask, helpful information to your tablet computer buying.

Asked By Maxie Broun | Jan 17 17
5 Answers

ZIP Window Detail with Exterior Insulation

On ZIP's website, they have window details which appear to combine the flashing/window buck of an outie window, but it is shown flashing into a WRB (in this case the ZIP sheathing) located behind the exterior insulation.

Asked By Derrick Krienert | Jan 15 17
1 Answer

Construction Docs, quick review please

It's been a long journey but we're at the stage to begin construction in the next couple months. My architects did a stellar job combining our aesthetic vision with green energy design. For my own peace of mind I am hoping to have the experts here take a look at the construction details. Let me (and my builder, who will be dropping in on this thread) know if you have any major concerns with the construction details. The house is in 5A, oriented East-West (roof slope facing south). There is a wrap around porch, a root cellar beneath one side of the porch, and a walk out basement (south side).

Asked By Clara Kim | Jan 16 17
4 Answers

What to do with torrents off the roof?

Zone 4A, East TN, annual rainfall >50" and downpours can be significant. Upslope lot.

Downspouts will tie into 4" pipe to daylight, but then what? Seems responsible to NOT discharge it down the driveway. But if I discharge it onto the slope it would soon create a local grand canyon.

There will be a 3' garden wall to provide a level grade in front of the house. The 4"gutter drains will exit through that wall in two or three places.

Any tried and true remedies?

Asked By David McNeely | Jan 16 17
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