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6 Answers

Insulate an unconditioned structure?

I am working with a client to design a detached 3 car garage in the Kansas City metro area (climate zone 4A). The structure will have either a brick veneer (with air space) or stucco cladding over a standard 2x4 stud wall with sheathing and weather resistive barrier. The roof structure will be trusses. The attic will be vented at the eaves and ridge. The client wants to install gypsum board on the walls and ceilings as well insulation in the wall cavity and above the ceiling plane. There are no plans to condition or ventilate the space.

Asked By Matt Van Becelaere | Oct 28 16
0 Answers

Can I put poly under the underpinning to create a capillary barrier?

So I bought a century old Row home. and I'm about to pour the first sections of the underpinning.

Its sitting on very firm clay.

However, the groundwater can get pretty high now that I've dug lower, and I'm starting to see some water come in to the open pits. I'm not concerned about this as I'll have a good weeping system in place.

However, what I am concerned about is Rising damp, aka capillary action. The basement will be living space, so I don't want any moisture issues.

Asked By Jamie B | Oct 28 16
6 Answers

Ground Source Cooling, no heat pump ?

I've been reading a lot of the questions and comments on different variations of ground source heat pumps, I've been kicking around an idea for while that may be unconventional because I haven't seen it mentioned yet.

My requirements may be unconventional as well, as I am interested in comfort, more that cooling, and a solution I am interested in needs to minimize its affect on the original fabric of our 1928 brick Colonial. Which I will explain.

Asked By Kurt Kiley | Oct 28 16
7 Answers

Design help for combined DHW and Space Heating


I am finally at the point of my remodel where I can get the mechanical design completed and so I'm following up on my earlier post 'Radiant heat design details - Bosch or Navien combi boiler?'.

Asked By Torsten Budesheim | Oct 26 16
2 Answers

daylight basement insulation - exposed XPS and other questions


I’m about to insulate the floor and 2 walls of my walkout/daylight basement, and I was hoping to get a little advice on a couple of points I’m not clear on. I’ve researched quite a lot, and learned a lot on this site, but I’m still not sure on a few things. Any help is much appreciated.

Asked By aggy clayton | Oct 28 16
3 Answers

Crawlspace dilemma and recycling fiberglass batts

Hey Fellow Builders and Consultants,

I've got a semi-unique weatherization project that I'm about to start and need some advice.

The building in question is a 24' x 24', single level, four-season cottage on piers, ranging from 3'-4' tall from grade, with a loose-fitted board skirting on 3 sides, and open on 1 side; very high and dry and well ventilated "crawlspace"......sort of.

The floor deck is 12" I-Joists with 8" fiberglass batts and 1' rigid foam rips, loosely stuffed into the joist bays. (Very leaky!)

Asked By Dylan Kinsey | Oct 28 16
4 Answers

Creating a Major Vapor Issue with this Wall System?

I have a friend that is having an old farmhouse renovated. Half the building is old 2x4, half the building is new 2x6. They've already installed high efficiency windows and 1" of XPS wrapped around the building. I was out the other day checking it out and he stated they're going to be using closed-cell spray foam. I've been wondering to myself if this is potentially dangerous per this article that I've read:

Here is what he is doing:

Asked By Michael Sterner | Oct 28 16
6 Answers

Insulating in basement ceiling under porch

Hi All,

I apologize if I am asking a common question. Rest assured I did a lot of research before coming here to no avail.

So here is my situation. My semi-finished basement (concrete floor, concrete walls, etc.) is divided into three sections:

1) Section 1 is under our covered porch
2) Section 2 is under our covered porch
3) Section 3 is under the rest of our house.

I am wondering whether it is a good idea to insulate the ceilings in either Section 1 or 2. I know section 3 is a no-no because it is covered by our house which is heated.

Asked By Briz Katzman | Oct 27 16
2 Answers

Devil’s triangle and cathedral ceiling insulation

I've been reading this forum for a long time now and am at the point where I'm beginning the work.

I have a 1.5 Story Cape. Roof is vented, I am unable to build an unvented roof at this time.

I have derived a plan to insulate the kneewalls and sloped ceiling but am concerned that my plan may lead to a moisture build up. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Sloped Ceiling (Roof Sheathing Down):
1) Continuous and Sealed Ventilation Chutes from the Unconditioned Triangle to the Attic Space
2) Fiberglass Batt Insulation

Asked By Brian Beck | Oct 27 16
18 Answers

Mitigating high indoor humidity

I've been battling indoor humidity issues for some time now and need more advice.

Here are some quick stats:

--Location: Western Washington

--1600 sq ft one story rambler built in 1987

--Two adult occupants and two indoor cats

--Main heating is supplied by a free standing propane stove that vents to the outside. Supplemental cadet wall heaters

Asked By Travis Canfield | Oct 18 16
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