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45 Answers

Jetson Green just reprinted some blog content from 475 Home Building Performance, here is the Jetson Green post:
and here is the original from 475:

Asked By Adrienne Burt | Dec 18 12
0 Answers

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Asked By eyhoffeeshelb ken | Apr 24 14
6 Answers

I am exploring the utility of adding a low profile rainwater catchment system to the outside of a building. I would like to quantify the insulative value of adding a 9.5 inch water tank to the outside of a building.

Asked By Kevin Wyckoff | Apr 23 14
4 Answers

Don't you love radiant barrier websites? They are a constant source of amusement. My latest favorite stupidity comes from the EnergyFoil website, which helpfully defines R-value. Are you ready?

"An example would be a product with an R-Value of R-19 which means that it will take about 19 hours for the temperature on the inside to become the same as the temperature outside. R-38 = 38 hours, R-11 = 11 hours, etc."

And all these years, I mistakenly thought that R-value was 1/U.

Asked By Martin Holladay | Apr 24 14
11 Answers

How should we deal with Private Rooms?

1. Don't worry about it
2. Seek clients who are not too concerned about comfort
3. Keep bedroom doors open (especially when occupied)
4. Provide Radiant Panels and Don't worry about Cooling
5. Preheat the Ventilation Air and Don't worry about Cooling
6. Undercut the door and pray
7. Provide a Ductless in every Private room instead of the Common Space(s)
8. Provide Transfer Fans between Public and Private Rooms
9. Don't Do Ductless
10. Other

Asked By John Brooks | Apr 8 14
0 Answers

I have a 4' deep stem wall with a independent concrete slab floor. I have a 2" XPS foam thermal break around the entire slab edge except for at door openings where the frost wall was dropped to accommodate a thicker slab.

I want to add an exterior thermal break at the door opening locations. How far past the door openings should I run the thermal break in order to prevent heat loss from "sneaking past"?

Asked By Rick Van Handel | Apr 24 14
2 Answers

I have a 4/12 roof that is being converted to an unvented attic. The foam subcontractor assured me that he could get foam, being sprayed on the underside of the roof, to the plate line. He finished the job assuring me that they had been successful.

I drilled holes and used a scope to see the void that extends out to 6 -10" from the exterior wall plates. How much of an issue is this?

Asked By Hugh Stearns | Apr 24 14
2 Answers

I live about 30 miles south of St. Louis and own a 2006 home that was built using construction techniques that are standard for our area, but far from using green building and building science principles. For example, our home was built without the use of exterior insulation or a housewrap, meaning we have our OSB/plywood followed by the vinyl siding.

Asked By Ken French | Apr 22 14
13 Answers

Hi all,
Can editors step out from behind the curtain to ask opinions, too? I'm planning to redo my garage shop this Fall and although my primary heat for the space is a woodstove, I'd love to have some supplemental heating, and cooling in the summer would be great, too. I'm no schlep when it comes to remodeling work, but have never installed or seen a mini split install. Would I be a fool to try the install myself or have the kits gotten streamlined to the point that its basically plug and play, complete with factory-charged units and quick connect line sets, etc?

Asked By Justin Fink | Aug 22 13
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