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0 Answers

Turning a barn into a house roof quandary?

Hi GBA community!

Asked By David Bailey | Aug 16 17
12 Answers

Insulation retrofit

Looking for some advice on a smallish rehab project I am about to start. I've read many of the great articles and Q&A discussions here, so I think have bit of direction...but as I am novice, I am interested in some feedback before I moved forward.

Asked By Jeremy Kachejian | Jan 12 17
8 Answers

Interior Rigid Foam on Solid Masonry Walls--Am I Going to be Okay?

I have bought a home with solid masonry walls (CMU block interior wythe, concrete "crick" exterior wythe, plaster on the interior of the wall). I would like to add rigid foam insulation to the interior, with a gypsum board interior finish. The foam would be 1.5" XPS (caulk around sheet perimeter, foam and/or tape between sheets) , then 3/4" furring strips 24"OC, affixed with Tapcons to the block, with 3/4" XPS between the furring strips. Attach drywall to the furring strips.
The home is near Dayton, Oh (extreme southern part of Zone 5).

Asked By Mark Waldron | Aug 15 17
2 Answers

Surface Mount LEDs

I understand how recessed lights are a problem with air sealing, so I want to go with surface mounted LEDs wherever I can. So, how are these mounted and wired? Is a 4" box sealed with foam and then the box sealed to the ceiling, followed by the surface mount?

Also, are there any smart LED fixtures that work with Google Home?



Asked By Norman Bunn | Aug 16 17
0 Answers

Sealing exhaust fans

Most exhaust fans you get from Home Depot have tons of places for air to leak through. Is there a good way to seal these or are there better fan options out there?



Asked By Norman Bunn | Aug 16 17
6 Answers

Re-roofing a flat roof in Utah


I'm re-roofing our flat roof single-story home in northern Utah -- dry summers and sometimes snowy winters. Air humidity is very low and we get about 19" of precipitation, much of which is snow. We have about 2650 ft2 of conditioned space (walk-out basement) and used 510 therms of natural gas last year for heating at a cost of about $500 with a forced air gas furnace that is probably < 75% efficient. The interior of the house is tight based on a blower door test.

Asked By mtaylor12345 | Aug 15 17
5 Answers

Advice on tight building

I have my house rough framed, we are framing out the roof now. Climate Zone 2 ( Just north of Austin). 2x6 conventional framing 16 on center, and has the typical double headers around windows etc. I am nearing having to lock down my decisions on sheething, insulation etc. I have been considering using Zip R for a couple reasons.

1. breaks my thermal mass, that I have plenty of
2. Weather and air seal.

It is anything but cheap, I am looking probably 7000 for the 1inch.

However I am looking at other options

Asked By Sleaton | Aug 15 17
2 Answers

Paper-faced fiberglass batts in attic, mixed with cellulose?

On new construction - I am thinking about doing 12" Paper Faced Fiberglass for parts of the roof that are going to be hard to get to (hip roof) and then using cellulose everywhere else after the ceiling is drywalled. I know that adding cellulose on top of existing paper-faced fiberglass is common.

My question is, is there anything wrong with mixing the two types? I can easily blow in cellulose for 75% of the attic area, but the far corners will be very difficult, and insulating from below before hanging the ceiling drywall would be easier.

Asked By Nicholas C | Aug 16 17
26 Answers

What heating system should I install in my 150-year-old house in Connecticut? Oil boiler, ductless minisplit, or something else?

My family lives in a 2-story 2000-sq.ft. balloon-framed house in Western Connecticut (zone 5A). We currently heat exclusively with a Harman XXV pellet stove, which surprisingly keeps most of our house pretty comfortable even in the depths of our cold New England winters. Of course there are some rooms that will get down below 60 on the coldest of nights, but that just means we stay in the warm parts of the house, which works fine for us. We used to heat with a Burnham RS-111 oil-fired boiler piped through about a dozen beautiful and massive cast-iron radiators.

Asked By Rob Wotzak | Nov 9 14
3 Answers

Quick question about repairing an expansion joint in concrete

The joint is about 3ft x ~1.5 inches and the gasket put in place by the builder is long gone. I plan to install a new gasket and top off with the appropriate caulk/sealant.

Since the gap has been neglected I anticipate having add fill with some sort of material.

Q: What material should it be? Sand or soil? I have an opened bag of potting soil that I could tamp down in order to raise the gasket to the correct height. I'm thinking maybe a half inch of fill.


Asked By John Clark | Aug 16 17
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