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1 Answer

I am going to put foundation drain around external garage. Where can I legally dump the water?

Is it legal to dump the water collected from the foundation drain into the gutters in the city streets?

Asked By jschee | Apr 30 17
16 Answers

Is a single head minisplit practical?

This is a mostly accurate plan of dear, old Mom's house.
2265 ft²; zone 4 marine; target ACH50 = 1.5; 5000 HDD; 22°F design temp;
2x6 walls w/2 stud corners, 24" o.c., 1½" horizontal cross-hatched walls (similar to "Mooney"), 7" of dense pack cellulose; front wall faces north; awesome PV potential on south facing roof.

Asked By Mark Walker | Apr 27 17
0 Answers

sealing air barrier to IC recessed lighting


I have a couple of IC recessed lights to seal to my air barrier (membrain). Can I tape the air barrier to the bottom of the IC light with house wrap tape? I've attached a picture. Thanks for any suggestions.

Asked By Betina Chaon | Apr 30 17
4 Answers

Exterior wall installed on perimeter of OSB floor, yet rest of room is a cement slab?

Hi all.
We recently purchased a house and upon ripping the carpet out in one of the bedrooms noticed that the exterior wall has been built on top of an osb type floor, however directly adjacent is the cement slab. I've attached a picture.

I'm hoping that someone here may provide some insight into why the slab/osb combo has been used. The cement slab has heating put in the cement.

The house was built in 1998. It's considered a 'walkout'.
We are Alberta Canada. Thanks.

Asked By Frugalmumma | Apr 26 17
2 Answers

Weight bearing capacity of electrical box for a chandelier

Hi everyone,
In looking for finishings for our house (new build) we found a crystal chandelier we liked but it's a bit on the heavier side (approx 40lb). in the foyer our electrician currently has an octogon box wired and attached to a 2x4 brace (see picture attached)..
My concern now is going with a heavier chandelier with this type of box and/or how it is supported in terms of its capacity to bear the weight of the chandelier we are looking at?

Many thanks in advance


Asked By Rick Manitou | Apr 29 17
4 Answers

Advice to GBA readers with goofy screen names

Because of a web site glitch, the GBA site hasn't been displaying the names of recently registered readers properly. Lately, we've been getting screen names like "N/A N/A" and "User-85612."

Some new readers have chosen aliases like YellowFrog or RedSoxFan.

GBA encourages the use of real names. If you have been assigned a goofy screen name like N/A N/A, or if you are willing to change your screen name from YellowFrog to your real first and last names, there's a way you can fix the problem.

Asked By Martin Holladay | Apr 30 17
1 Answer

We have a garage/workshop that is occasionally heated

We have a garage/workshop that is occasionally heated with an overhead suite that is kept at 5 degrees Celsius. The ceiling of the suite is vapour-barriered and insulated.

The floor of the suite is about to be insulated. Should there be vapour barrier in the suite floor/workshop ceiling, and, if so, where?

We live in Hazelton, BC - near Smithers, BC.

Asked By Mike Tomlinson | Apr 29 17
8 Answers

Deep blown in cellulose for attic - questions

I have a few questions regarding deep (beyond R60) blown in cellulose for an attic. Cellulose is relatively cheap and I'd like to maximise my attic insulation without causing any other issues:

1. Several manufacturers of cellulose insulation have depth/R-value charts that stop at R60. Is there any practical reason for this, or is it just because most people don't bother going above R60?

2. Does compression above a certain depth negatively affect the performance of the insulation in any way? I.E. does your R-value/$ go down appreciably beyond a certain depth?

Asked By Lance Peters | Apr 24 17
4 Answers

Is 35 year-old under-attic-floor fiberglass insulation a health issue?

I'm asking about the formaldehyde issue. We'll be spray foaming the attic soon--R38 rafters and R21 gable walls. The contractor would like to remove as much of the under-floor fiberglass as possible to make it a better conditioned space. We're not so inclined, since our attic will really only be for storage, central AC maintenance, etc. and as long as the temps up there don't vary by more than a few degrees, the winter cold or summer heat outside shouldn't affect us in the floors below.

Asked By David Goldman | Apr 28 17
6 Answers

Venting a roof framed over a roof

I have a ventilation question I have just thought of while designing a home. The house is a 1.5 story home (framed as a cape style but turned 90 degrees so the front entrance is the gable wall).

Asked By User-6801629 | Apr 27 17
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