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3 Answers

Sliding patio door track

I have a question regarding our sliding patio door. We had hard driving rain over the weekend. I noticed a small amount of rain water in the track of the sliding glass door. Not much, was able to wipe up with a paper towel.
Should rain water be on the interior side of the sliding door track? According to comments from the manufacturer, the answer is yes. Just doesn't seem right to me.

Asked By Birdie L | Nov 20 17
0 Answers

What is a minisplit's life span

A friend of mine here in Virginia (climate zone 4) heats his 1700 square foot house with a 50 gallon electric resistance hot water heater hooked to radiant coils in his floor. It is a tight, new house with cellulose between 2x6 studs. He generates 90% of the energy he needs for his all-electric house from a 6 kw solar array.

Asked By Timothy Godshall | Nov 20 17
7 Answers

Best way to insulate attic

My attic currently has R19 foil faced fiberglass batts installed. I would like to air seal the entire attic and re-insulate with blown in cellulose.
The original plan was to cut EPS to fit between the stud bays and seal with great stuff, followed by the fiberglass and blown cellulose. From my understanding, EPS or any rigid foam is not worth the labor for this particular application.

Should I remove the fiberglass batts, caulk/foam the seams and openings, and then reuse the fiberglass followed by cellulose?

Asked By craziekeiichi | Nov 13 17
13 Answers

Petrol-free home: Petrol-free housewrap

So I've got a plan that promotes petrol-free materials throughout the lion's share of the rehab of my shed, which is a lead-in project to the rehab of my house. It involves now a metal roof; Pavatex as a insulation above the roof rafters and Roxul between the rafters; Airkrete in the wall cavity; and Foamglas beneath the Rosendale Cement-based concrete slab.

Main remaining urgent challenge to get the plans to the buildings department ASAP as far as I can tell: "house wrap" "vapor barrier" situation.

Asked By Gregg Zuman | Nov 15 17
6 Answers

Which gas furnaces are most efficient in their use of electricity?

I am about to replace a 13 year old 120,000BTU furnace with a much smaller unit that will be less noisy.

I understand that the fans of these units are a significant power draw. The state of MA will give the same rebate to all 95%AFUE furnaces. Is there a difference, where some brands of 95% AFUE furnace will actually use a lot less power?

FYI my furnace is in the attic so I will end up putting in a horizontal downflow unit.

Asked By rich cowen | Nov 16 17
3 Answers

Attic fan for ventilation in winter?

I have ice buildup because of heat escaping and melting snow and causing ice buildup on my gutters. I have vented gables on both ends of my attic in a split foyer home. Can I install of ventilation fan and set the temperature at say 40 degrees to move that warmer air out and avoid the ice buildup??
Any advice is greatly appreciated... Mike F

Asked By Feiks | Nov 20 17
3 Answers

Carpet on concrete slab--vapor barrier?

We are working on a :budget restricted" fix-up of a house near Dayton, Ohio (Zone 5). The house is slab-on-grade with solid masonry walls (we are adding 1.5" of polyioso to the interior of them). The floor is concrete slab on grade, and has had asbestos and then vinyl tiles applied to it in the past, and most recently had carpet over this. When I tore out the old carpet it was quite filthy, but I can't say I saw any visible mold, etc. on the surface or backing.
Approximately 75% of the slab is covered with these tiles, and the rest has various amounts of mastic or glue.

Asked By Mark Waldron | Nov 20 17
13 Answers

Condensation on windows

I am a HERS rater, back in the summer, i tested a house for a builder.
built about a year ago and lived in.
​they​ had a problem with condensation ​collecting​ on windows
windows face north, and air changes in house were 2.4ACH
they had one continuous fan that was not working
so they replaced this fan which is guest bath, off kitchen, near laundry.
this now is supposed to run at 60 cfm continuous.
They replaced a second fan in the master bath to run continuous at 50,
occupied at 100cfm. ​both on the main floor, there is no second floor,
but a finished walk out basement.

Asked By Dwayne Petko | Nov 17 17
11 Answers

Does Anyone NOT recommend using Zip R3 in CZ 4 (Northern Virginia)?

We are working with an architect to design a practical and cost-effective 'energy-smart' located Fairfax County, VA (outside Washington, DC). I am not an architect, engineer, or building scientist, so trying to decide on a practical, energy efficient, above-code (tight envelope and higher assembly R values, but not NZER or Passive), durable, cost-effective wall assembly has proven harder than expected.

Asked By user-6777975 | Nov 13 17
5 Answers

Foil vs Bubble Foil or Foam Foil

Hi I'm insulating a shed-like structure on my property to create a comfortable living space. With regard to the tin roof I've been advised to use a layer of Bubble foil on the battens directly underneath the tin and then below that in the remaining ceiling space (above the plasterboard) Fibreglass batts. My question is: In this kind of context will bubble foil give an improved insulating performance over and above foil (sisilation) on it's own directly under the tin? i.e. Is bubble foil worthy of the added cost??

Asked By AussieQ | Nov 15 17
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