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5 Answers

Has anyone used Airfoil electrical boxes in Ontario, Canada?

Will they meet code?

Asked By User-7049195 | Apr 25 18
3 Answers

Cold pantry in a Passive House via hot water heat pump air exhaust

We're building a passive house and one thing we had to give up was the idea of a cold pantry for long-term storage of root vegetables, apples, etc. But after learning about hot water heat pumps and the fact that you can duct the cold exhaust air, I started thinking it could be possible exhaust the cold heat pump air to the pantry. The pantry would have to be tightly sealed and insulated and have a returning duct back to the mechanical room. That would essentially create a cool, dry cold pantry with constant air circulation.

Asked By Mike AbiEzzi | Apr 25 18
4 Answers

Estimating usage for PV system and choosing panels


I'm remodeling a home and have received two proposals for a rooftop pv system. Having never lived in the home, and likewise having rented for the last ten years with my utilities covered by the landlord, I don't have a good reference point to provide for my normal usage of electricity. Both estimators assured me they could estimate based on the information provided below:

Asked By User-6952755 | Apr 25 18
5 Answers

Vented and unvented ceiling, Zip System, metal roofing, underlayment question

I am seeking some advice, and have been researching for quite a long time, but can't really seem to find the best answer for our situation.

Currently building New Construction in Climate Zone 5. Using ZIP System for the walls and roof.

In the center of the home, we have Unvented Cathedral Ceiling. We decided to use Unvented design, and insulate with Closed Cell Spray Foam.

On the two sides of the home, we have Vented Ceiling, with unconditioned attic space, insulating with fiberglass batts.

We plan on installing a metal roof.

Asked By Bridget Lamberson | Jan 10 17
17 Answers

Recommended European Tilt Turn Options with Thinnest Site Line

We had originally specced our project with Yaro UPVC but were considering options with smaller frames and similar high performance windows. One option is the Tanner Vitra.

The Vitra frame is 3.3” while the Yaro frame (currently specified product) is 4.6”. A difference of 1.3” in frame width. This equates to 2.6” more glass in both height and width (2 x frame dim.). This narrower frame will significantly change the feeling of openness one gets from a window of equal size. Of course the Vitra is more expensive and we're estimating about 45% more. Performance-wise they're very similar.

Asked By J M | Apr 7 18
4 Answers

Old adobe home: Flooring/ heating/ insulating quandary

Hello, I am remodeling a 1930s adobe and considering flooring/heating/insulating options. Already determined is that there will be in-floor radiant with brick as finish floor.

Asked By User-6952755 | Apr 24 18
16 Answers

Heat runs to unfinished basement? Pacific NW area

I realize the basement is considered part of the conditioned space, but I was a little startled at an HVAC guy proposing to cut heat runs into the basement (which we do not plan ever to finish). It's a 1901 basement with concrete walls to ground height and wood joists above that. Previous owners had put fiberglass insulation in the joists, which was a really bad idea as one can see from old water stains. That's long gone, but when we first lived in the house we used to get water coming up through the floor drain during storms (no leaks through the walls that I am aware of).

Asked By Irene3 | Apr 20 18
12 Answers

Heated bath floor - system and flooring?

Is there any metric by which to measure the efficiency of electrically heated bath floors? Is there any system that if preferable to others? What about the Schluter Ditra system? If you have one, would you do it again? If so, what would you change about how it is installed?

Asked By c l | Apr 23 18
6 Answers

Energy-efficient iron door (Energy Star)

I am looking for an iron door that meets Energy Star specs, but am having a hard time finding one in my area (Greenville, SC CZ 3A). Any ideas?

If not, what about a designer style door, like an eyebrow or radius double door, with wrought iron in the glass?

I have looked at Pella, Jeld-Wen and others and am coming up blank.



Asked By Norman Bunn | Apr 24 18
7 Answers

Can stone veneer be applied to polyiso foam board?

We are building a new home, our forever home. We are adding 1 inch, Polyiso foam board, foil backed on both sides to the exterior of the home under the siding. We want stone veneer on the bottom of the house up to the windows. Can stone veneer be applied to the Polyiso foam board? Thank you so much for any and all of your advice and suggestions!

Asked By Bubba52me | Apr 24 18
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