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8 Answers

Thoughts on insulating a solid brick house in a cold climate

Hi everyone!

I've purchased an old brick house near Ottawa, Ontario (closing in September) to fix up for my mother with eyes open about the associated energy costs and upgrades factored in. I'm now trying to solidify my plans for the house, and wanted to get some input on insulating the exterior solid brick walls.

Asked By BrianV_ | Aug 23 17
1 Answer

All my fascia lp smart trim was stapled today.

Suggestions? I'm so disappointed. Not sure if there is a reasonable fix or if it all should come down and start over. Climate zone 3. Central oklahoma. Water/wind resistance gone?

Asked By Inger Peters | Aug 23 17
0 Answers

insulating an on-grade floor

I am planning a shop building in Ontario... I want it to be as energy efficient as is economical... for walls I will probably do a double stud construction with Roxul insulation and most likely similar for the roof... the floor will be on grade and I would appreciate suggestions for construction... I need a level floor capable of supporting woodworking machines, the usual- table saw, bandsaw, jointer, workbench,etc. all of medium size...

Asked By mark godfrey | Aug 23 17
2 Answers

Where's the best place to purchase windows from?

I'm looking to replace multiple windows in our house, and I would like to tackle the job myself. I fairly handy, and am not shy about tackling projects in our house. I'm curious to see what where people suggest to buy windows from. From reviews I've read, everyone says to stay away from the big box stores, like Lowes and Home Depot, because they say the windows lack quality. A number of my windows are special order, and I get to pick out the glass and such, so it is really going to be an inferior product compared to something else out there?

Asked By Andrew Simpson | Aug 23 17
3 Answers

Can't fit polyiso boards through trusses even with folding.

I did one side of a bonus room okay with folding the polyiso boards various ways.

The other side I probably can't do because of the smaller hole available to me.

Is there any alternative besides housewrap?

Asked By John Sean | Aug 23 17
3 Answers

Ductless Mini - Dehumidification Mode - Power usage?

On a Mitsubishi ductless mini split, when in dehumidification mode, how much power does it draw? Would it draw less or more power than when in cooling mode?

Asked By Peter L | Aug 20 17
4 Answers

Phased Construction-Two Electric Tankless Hot Water Heaters?

Climate Zone 3. Distribution water at tap temperature estimated to be 50-55 (finish water temp as it leaves the water plant). I'm phasing construction: Phase one: 1st floor shop/garage. One shower/one lavatory sink/one shop sink. Phase 2 is the upstairs living quarters that are estimated to be finished out within next 3-5 years. The electric service to the shop/home is 2/200 amp services. We are planning one panel for the 1st floor shop and one for the 2nd floor living quarters. ( I say living quarters..it turned into a 2000 square foot 3bd / 2bath space-basically a home!).

Asked By Inger Peters | Aug 23 17
21 Answers

3/12 pitch roof insulation

Hi all.
I sent a question and got a reply on a 2/12 pitch roof.

I have an architect working on my plans now. It is a single-slope roof at the widest part (of 32 or so feet).

I originally was going with 3/12 pitch, but he thought 2/12 would be a lower roof at the tall end, so I said fine!

Now, looking at the problems with 2/12, I asked to go back to the 3/12 pitch. So: If I go 3/12, would I (or should I) use R-60 fiberglass? It will have 24 in. parallel trusses.

Would I still need a cupola? (Zone 6, lower Michigan.)

This is TMI for my small brain...


Asked By Robertsoave | Aug 19 17
17 Answers

CLT + Wood Fiber + Cork Facade

I have been through the ringer here with these walls and have circled back to what seems to inadvertently simulate an actual tree buildup.

(Heartwood --> Trunk --> Sap --> Cambium --> Bark --> EXT) is replaced by (INT --> Cross LAminated Timber --> Air Barrier --> Wood Fiber --> Cork --> Ext).

The roof assembly is a bit different, replacing the cork with an air gap (is this necessary?) plus sheathing and either TPO or EPDM.

Asked By Ethan T ; Climate Zone 5A ; ~6000HDD | Aug 22 17
4 Answers

Electricians: Are copper main water lines still used for the main house ground?

I will be running my main water line under the footing very soon, and although I have selected Pexa for the main 550' run, I still have the option to connect it to a 12' piece of 1 1/2" copper pipe to make the through slab section/main ( I am just running a 3" abs pipe under the footing right now to allow connections at a later time)

Asked By Mai Tai | Aug 22 17
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