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8 Answers

Best roof assembly on a budget?

Thank you for your website and for the exceptional information available here. I am an active student of GBA and a big fan.

I live in Central East Texas, Hot Humid, and am in process of remodeling a mid-century modern home with low sloping roof lines: 1.5/12 to 3/12. Essentially the entire home and roof assembly will be a vaulted ceiling setup since the interior ceiling is the actual roof deck. Roof is about 50 square.

Asked By Chris | Nov 24 15
0 Answers

Brick veneer air gap vents into rim joist in crawlspace/basement

50's rambler with a few additions over the years.
I believe it is cement board siding with brick veneer around the lower base.
Blower door test came in around 4,500 cfm50

Asked By Brandon Dragos | Nov 24 15
0 Answers

Solar array positioning in Charleston, SC

Our home builder positioned our solar arrays facing east and southeast, but the angle is pitched east on both. One bank of panels are partially blocked by a large oak tree to the east, the roof of the building to the south, and a 2 level garage which partially obstructs the array (12 in each bank) eastward. The other array is pitched east and catches a glimmer of southern exposure sun, but is partially blocked by other large live oak trees to the south,

Asked By F White | Nov 24 15
17 Answers

It seems the trap was left out on the shower drain on a slab house. Any way to fix that short of a jack hammer?

My son just moved into a slab house on a septic system. After using the washing machine, they noticed a sewer smell coming from the shower drain. They had showered the day before. If there is indeed no trap between the shower and the septic tank, is there a solution short of a jack hammer? Perhaps a valve? The drain is a trough style with a 1.5 inch opening.

I told him that maybe the washing machine had emptied the trap. There is a vent for the washing machine and behind the shower.

Is there a simple way to tell if there is a trap? Thanks

Asked By Tooger Smith | Nov 10 15
46 Answers

Buyer education versus a good code and intensive enforcement of it

This is kind of a general question. I'm seeing more and more issues coming up on GBA questions and answers regarding shoddy construction that homeowners are having to deal with. I read it recently in Peter L's description of some builders in the Phoenix area. This is most concerning when one is having a new home built, or purchasing a previously built new home, and it has subpar construction.

Asked By Eric Habegger | Jul 21 15
0 Answers


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Asked By zoidyldwtu hvhibiaggxMQ | Nov 24 15
1 Answer

Builidng a house from the "Affordable Passive Solar Planbook for North Carolina"

I have the opportunity to possibly build a new house on a piece of farmland. I'm trying to keep the costs down, and I really want to incorporate ways to reduce build cost and future cost of heating the home. I'm in Calgary, Alberta.

Asked By Solange Pomerleau | Nov 24 15
7 Answers

Spray foam and Roxul for flash and batt?

Hey guys,

I am in the process of finishing my attached garage in zone 5a. It will not be heated year round, just when I am working in there. When it will be heated, I will be using a 240v 6k watt electric heater.

I am torn on how to go about insulating my unvented cathedral roof. I ready that fiberglass batts against the sheathing are a no no but what about roxul? If that's no good either, can I just spray 2" of closed cell and fill with roxul then sheet rock?

Asked By Steve | Nov 23 15
10 Answers

Adding insulation to a 1930s home with a slate roof

Location (New Jersey)

Asked By David Adler | Nov 23 15
10 Answers

Closed-cell spray foam between studs with various exterior continuous insulations

I want to make a few questions very explicit to get some good solid answers.

Asked By Patrick | Nov 19 15
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