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0 Answers

Mini split for a new garage in zone 6B


I am building a detached garage in zone 6B. Zip 54016. I'm leaning toward a natural gas unit heater , because I assumed that my climate would not permit a mini split heat pump only. Am I wrong?

Asked By Jeff Bednar | Aug 5 15
0 Answers

Best foam/product to air seal large and irregular penetration

I'm trying to air seal around the intersection of my cathedral roof trusses and the sheathing that rises up to meet the roof deck. I'm left with some one inch to two inch openings where there are diagonals in the truss. It's possible to tape them up but I had hoped to find a foam solution. Is there a foam product that can be a long term solution?

Asked By Geoff Frood | Aug 4 15
6 Answers

Final advice on insulating a basement correctly

Hi I’ve read the great articles here on how to insulate the basement correctly - I just want to make sure I'm going to do the work right and I trust the folks at GBA


• Southern exposure home – south has 2x6 pt walls with a few windows and doors (basement level)
• North has an 8ft concrete wall that behaves like a huge cooler – it also has a 24inch 2x6 pt wall on top of that, so the basement ceiling height is 10ft.
• In the worst heat in summer 90 degrees + the basement is extremely cool with the windows closed – just like air conditioning

Asked By Robert Metelsky | Aug 4 15
7 Answers

Heating system advice for zone 7 new build

I am building a home in Grand County Colorado, climate zone 7 that will be used as a vacation/ second home for my family and as a rental property when we are not there. It is still in design but the plan is around 3,000 SF on 2 stories plus around 1,500 SF basement, R35 walls/ R75 roof/ triple glazed windows. The property does not have natural gas service but does have electrical service and we plan put in a propane tank.

I am researching different options for heating and DHW, cooling will not be required.

Asked By Chris Armstrong | Aug 4 15
1 Answer

Hot Water Heater using the boiler

using my boiler that has a heating coil and is plumed into the hot water tank-- my hot water is coming out brown looking and sulfur smelling but not bad --just brown colored-- can the coil be bad?

Asked By Chris Kennedy | Aug 4 15
0 Answers

Do you recommend closed or open cell spray foam on roof sheathing in a finished attic space in Chicago that incl HVAC system?

Would closed cell spray foam insulation on roof sheathing impair the ability to detect water leaks via the roof? I'm being told by an insulation contractor that using closed cell spray foam in the roof area would cover up any water damage coming from the roof and the possibility of mold issues would be greater than if I used open cell spray foam. Other insulation contractors are telling me to use closed cell spray foam to R-49 on the roof sheathing in the finished 3rd floor space. Which way is recommended?

Asked By Christine MacVay | Aug 4 15
0 Answers

floor plans

I am in beginning stages of diy renovation of a rundown double wide mobile home.

52' x 28' . the midline where they meet is 13.5' for each side.

I was wondering where i could go to get a better floor plan that is more energy
efficient. I believe that i can move things around. the limiting factor is the
walls in certain sections needed to support the roof.

Any advice on who I can contact ?

Would it be an architect ?

Thanks for any help.!!

Asked By jacq snow | Aug 4 15
6 Answers

Zone 7 wall help - 2" foam exterior, 3/4" plywood to interior - need vapor retarder?

Need help on this wall. Live in far northern MN. Talked with the local building inspector and found out that he is insisting on me using an interior vapor retarder (class II) on a high-r wall that I would like to use. After 25+ years in the window/door industry and seeing the damage that a "tight" wall can do, I am trying to avoid this. Any help would be much appreciated/

Here's the rundown of the wall construction.....exterior to interior

* House wrap
* 2" insulated sheathing (XPS, etc.)
* 2x6 studs
* Cellulose fill insulation

Asked By brett mattson | Aug 3 15
5 Answers

Best type of windows to use? And brand?

Hello all have question I am building a new home out side of Philadelphia zone 4a/5a and the home is a more contemporary style was thing of using fiberglass windows , can any one recommend different window brands to me and what type of windows I was looking at casement and picture windows , since the home is more contemporary there will be a lot of windows I do not know if in my area it makes sense to use triple glazed windows , the major brands in the area are Marvin , Anderson, Pella , from what I have found out Marvin is the only one that makes an all fiberglass window which is what i want

Asked By Boris Rubinstein | Aug 3 15
4 Answers

Reduce thermal bridging

Hey Everyone,

I live in zone 4 and have open-cell foam on the underside of my rafters which will be an insulated cathedral ceiling. The rafters are 2x6, and I want to address thermal bridging while the drywall is down. I've read many other questions by other posters, and although I understand the merits of putting rigid foam on top of the roof sheathing, that's just not feasible in my current financial state. Additionally, the roof is young and in no need of being replaced. I've considered the following scenarios:

Asked By Steven Dunkel | Aug 2 15
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