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1 Answer

French Drain Question on Small Flat Lot in High Desert Idaho


Asked By John Brown | Jul 26 17
1 Answer

What is heating the floor in one room of my stilt home?

I live in the Florida Keys, in a frame home on concrete posts and beams. There is a carport with concrete pad on each side of a storage room at ground level, then two stories of living space. Double hip roofed. The house faces west. Every day in the summer, BEFORE THE SUN REACHES THE FRONT OF THE HOUSE, the floor in the room above the north-side carport heats up -- not the whole floor but eight feet or so nearest the front of the house. I measured the temperature rise and it is about 5 degrees - noticeable to a bare foot. The double window at the front is covered by a Bahama shutter.

Asked By hojgard | Jul 26 17
9 Answers

My double stud wall assembly

We are in Minnesota (Zone 6a). 2200 sq/ft single level, slab on grade.

Finalizing my 10" double stud wall assembly details and want to get your suggestions and recommendations for improving the assembly without increasing significantly increasing costs.

-Certainteed Membrane 1-10 perm
-Dense pack cellulose
-1/2" plywood
-Tyvek 58 perm
-furring strips on the (north and east sides of the house)
-LP smartside lap, b&b, & shakes (north and east sides of the house)
-No furring strips, just vinyl siding (south and west sides of the house)

Asked By Scott K | Jul 22 17
0 Answers

Install rigid foam while the wall is lying down

Has anyone tried installing the rigid foam EPS or XPS while the wall is on the floor deck and then installing the plywood over the foam overlapping foam seams before lifting the wall into place ?

Asked By susan cosentini | Jul 26 17
1 Answer

Fujitsu cold weather heating capacity

I am trying to determine the low temp heating output of the Fujitsu 18000 rlxfwh. I see it is rated to -15F, but I can't find actual capacities at low temps like I can for the competing Mitsubishi unit. Sorry to ask you guys to do my googling for me, but I can't stare at spec sheets on my iPhone anymore this morning. Can anyone tell me where to find this data?

Asked By Jim Tyler | Jul 26 17
2 Answers

Considering replacing current blown cellulose with open-cell spray foam on attic floor. Is this crazy?

My wood frame and stucco home with cedar shingle roof is almost 100 years old. We live near Chicago (Zone 5). We have blown cellulose on the attic floor, ~r45. A furnace with duct work is in the attic (there was no other place to add a needed zoned furnace), in a small room with some rigid foam board. The duct work was sealed as carefully as possible and is covered in some cellulose.

Asked By Tutorcottage | Jul 6 17
1 Answer

Need advice on ductwork in Florida condo: flex or ductboard?

I own a condo unit located near Sarasota Florida that was built in 1974. It is currently being remodeled and as part of that process (which involves removing drywall ceilings where the ducts are located) I want to improve on the current HVAC system, including reconfiguring and replacing ductwork.. To my surprise, I have found that the companies down here only offer flex duct (or if I really do not want flex then ductboard), but not sheet metal ducts (what I have in my home in Washington DC).

Asked By elizabeth hilder | Jul 26 17
1 Answer

Repairing hardwood floors -- need help with low VOC option

We have to repair part of a bedroom's hardwood floors. The current floors are stained with Minwax oil-based Provincial stain and finished with Bona.

I've become chemically sensitive so I'd prefer not to use an oil-based stain on the new floor going down. Anyone have a recommendation? I was thinking of trying to match with a Minwax water-based stain? Thx in advance!

Asked By Masb333 | Jul 26 17
1 Answer

What is the best way to treat the main level floor on a coastal home elevated on pilings?

I have a client who has a bay front home on the eastern shore of Virginia that is built on pilings that put the bottom of the main level framing about 10' off the ground. The majority of this space has been enclosed for parking and storage and houses the base of an elevator shaft. There are codes dictating the construction of these in-fill spaces limiting their connectivity to the structural elements of the elevated house. The concept is that storm surge or shore erosion damage would be isolated to this space.

Asked By Mike Labesky | Jul 26 17
7 Answers

Curious on thoughts about insulation on a new house.

Will be building a house in southern ontario, cold in the winter hot in the summer. Been reading up on insulation techniques, as i like the idea of thermal bridging but hate the idea of trapping moisture in the walls as i have seen some ugly things over the years in renovations and what moisture can do. Im unwilling to put foam board on the outside and vapor barrier on the inside. Just seems wrong. So here is my thought. Build the walls, apply a one inch foam straight to the studs with a layer of plywood fastened overtop with tyvek.

Asked By user-6782048 | Jul 25 17
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