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0 Answers

Cellulose or BIBS fiberglass in 16" Ceiling Cavity ?

My house addition has an 800 sq ft ventilated attic. Ceiling joists are 16 inch I-Joists on 24" centers with 5/8 drywall underneath and 5/8 plywood attic floor on top.

The plywood attic floor is removable everywhere except the perimeter so that insulation can be blown from above into the 16" deep cavity. The current plan is to remove a row of plywood sheets on each side of the attic centerline. That will allow insulation to be blown from above and a maximum of 8 ft horizontally between the drywall and unremoved plywood.

Asked By Michael Tuso | Jul 24 17
28 Answers

Cheapest way to build net zero house?

Hi. I have some questions about building an affordable net zero energy house. I will present a basic outline of my plan, and then ask some questions. In addition, I welcome any comments on any parts of the plan which could use adjustment.

Note: I am not a professional and only know what little I know from browsing these and other websites.

Asked By user-6877304 | Jun 28 17
1 Answer

Walls and floor for one piece shower?


I have a one piece shower I just bought and am going to install it myself. I have never done so and am looking for a guide or advice on the best practice to make sure:

1) No leaks or water damage
2) Shower is properly stabilized

My first question is what materiel I should be using for the framed in walls around the shower? Can it just be directly against my studs or should I put up some mold free plywood/material first?

Asked By MichaelBa | Jul 23 17
2 Answers

How best to handle wet garage wall ?

I have a free standing garage that has poured concrete walls. The garage is built into a steep hill side that opposes the back of the garage and one side. I intend to convert the garage to a wood shop where I will store lumbar so I am trying to mitigate moisture issues. The garage has a new roof and interior spray foam in the rafter bays. My problem is that an area about one foot wide on the floor adjacent to the back and the hill side wall stays damp and the lower portion of the same two walls is damp for about 18 inches in height.

Asked By W. Timothy Ward | Jul 23 17
5 Answers

Furring down from trusses

I just received the engineering for my truss system and see that where I want to fur the 5 in 12 scissor trusses down with a 2x6 (so that I can insulate the attic out to the ext. walls), the notes say, "This truss design requires that a minimum of ½" gypsum sheetrock be applied directly to the bottom chord."
Trusses NOT over the vaulted great room spec "rigid ceiling directly applied or 6-0-0 oc bracing." Bracing is allowed in lieu of rigid ceiling elsewhere in the house.

Asked By Mark Walker | Jul 24 17
3 Answers

Vapor drive and porcelain tile exterior walls

The nice thing about building a house on one's own is that the building gives you feedback before the finishing touches lock things in. One such lesson for me is summertime vapor drive. I have had Durock CBUs installed over vertical 1x3 furring for some time now with plans to install veneer stone later. The rainscreen gap is ventilated below and above and the insulation behind is closed cell spray foam, so no moisture drives into the house.

Asked By Edward Mallett | Jul 24 17
3 Answers

Vented dryer depressurization and it's effects on radon levels?

Has anyone studied the effects on radon levels caused by running a dryer, or other unbalanced ventilation equipment, in a well sealed home?

Asked By Calum Wilde | Jul 24 17
2 Answers

New bath fan vent placement - seeking advice

We have a first floor bathroom on the home's gable end that currently lacks a vent fan. I plan on installing one next weekend, but am seeking advice on the fan's exterior vent placement.

I think I have two options:

1) installing a ceiling fan and running a 12-ft rigid pipe through/parallel with the floor joists and out the back end's vinyl siding. This places the exhaust vent ~10-ft below my attic's soffit vents.

2) installing a thru-wall fan through exterior brick.

Asked By hankla.lzo | Jul 24 17
8 Answers

My double stud wall assembly

We are in Minnesota (Zone 6a). 2200 sq/ft single level, slab on grade.

Finalizing my 10" double stud wall assembly details and want to get your suggestions and recommendations for improving the assembly without increasing significantly increasing costs.

-Certainteed Membrane 1-10 perm
-Dense pack cellulose
-1/2" plywood
-Tyvek 58 perm
-furring strips on the (north and east sides of the house)
-LP smartside lap, b&b, & shakes (north and east sides of the house)
-No furring strips, just vinyl siding (south and west sides of the house)

Asked By Scott K | Jul 22 17
3 Answers

What is the best way to reduce heat gain in South facing garages?

This forum has had a lot to say about how foil bubble radiant heat barriers are silly and a waste of money.

I'm interested in reducing the heat gain in my South facing garages from the intense high desert sun. My garage bakes, and my neighbors is quite cool and comfortable, for a garage. I know he has done attic ventilation above the garage, and installed a radiant heat barriers on the door.

Asked By pshyvers | Jul 22 17
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