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2 Answers

Looking for removable air barrier

I live in an older house and discover new air leaks all the time (14.85ACH50), i pulled some panels and since its balloon framing they lead all the way to the attic, i can see the kraft paper from one of the fiberglass batts (with a flashlight and mirror).

Asked By Alan B | Jan 31 15
3 Answers

HRV removing too much humidity?

I have an issue that I hope to get help on. I just built a 3300 sqr ft. home in lower Michigan. The home has 6" exterior walls that are insulated with 1" of closed foam followed by high density fiberglass insulation. Windows are high efficiency resulting in a very tight envelope. In an effort to address IAQ, I had a HRV installed. What I am struggling with is maintaining a desirable humidity level (~35%). Currently my HRV is triggered during any fan call from our geothermal unit. I am struggling to get the humidity above 20%.

Asked By Derek Jamieson | Jan 31 15
2 Answers

Workshop/garage — Unvented attic & insulation questions

I live in a mixed-dry area (Lubbock TX). Technically I am within Zone 3B but from a practical standpoint, I am right on the border of Zone 3B & 4B. We average about 18” of rain a year but it’s been much less in recent years.

Asked By D C | Jan 28 15
1 Answer

How do I keep my sheathing dry?

This past summer and fall we renovated a 1950s bungalow in New Liskeard, Ontario (5700 Celcius degree days – that’s 10,260 F degree days if I’m converting correctly). We removed the interior drywall and the existing R6 batts. We also removed the siding, exposing the ½” plywood sheathing. Blueskin SA vapour barrier was applied to the sheathing from the sill plate to the top plate.

Asked By David Baerg | Jan 30 15
2 Answers

I will not be able to finish my deck for months but would like to get a final inspection signed off.

Suggestions for temporary deck railing that will meet code would be much appreciated. We are in Washington State.

Asked By Jacque Hyler | Jan 29 15
3 Answers

How can I stop snow from blowing into my soffit vents and up the attic vent chutes?

We live in Maine, next to the ocean, northeast exposer. When we get blowing snow, it comes up under the eaves, through the soffit vents, up the vent chutes and onto the insulation in the attic. How can we stop this problem? Should we cover the vents and/or stuff the chutes with plastic on the NE side?

Asked By Lynn Braff | Jan 30 15
4 Answers

Is 4" of foam worth it?

I am building an addition onto my house in climate Zone 4 (central Missouri). Part of the plans of the addition are trying to incorporate having 2x6 construction of the addition next to a 2x4 framed original construction.

I have decided to allow the 2" difference in framing to stick out to the exterior of the south side of house with the intention of having 2" of foam on the 2x6 wall (which appears to be enough to prevent condensation) and adding 4" of foam to the 2x4 walls.

Asked By Michael McArdle | Jan 30 15
5 Answers

Radiant floor vs. minisplits?

I have a 800 sq. ft. home in Asheville, NC, and am looking to put on a 550 sq. ft. addition. I have been looking into all options of radiant floor heat vs mini splits for our heating and get stuck between preference and practicality. I am adding three floors with each floor being about 190 sq. ft.

Asked By Clayton Hufford | Jan 29 15
15 Answers

House fully insulated with 2" rigid foam

I have been an avid viewer of this site for a couple of years now, ever since I knew I was going to be building my new home. This is, however, my first post to the site.

Asked By Nick Beining | Jan 13 15
18 Answers

Double Staggered-Stud Wall vs. 2x3 + Foam Strip + 2x4 Wall

My new house will be in a part of climate zone 2B in Arizona where the winter nights often dip into the 30s and the summer days often rise to 100 with around 45 days of "monsoon season" mostly in August when we'll get an hour of thunderstorms once or twice a week. We have moderate to severe termites.

Asked By Jeff Cooper | Jan 23 15
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