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3 Answers

Unvented gas logs

I was so excited to get vent free gas logs last year in my two fireplaces. Now I have a film on all my windows and mirrors. I've read your posts about vent-free products.

My brother is a firefighter and having a FIT that I'm polluting my home. In 6 months I've had 2 serious respiratory infections. (No mystery, right ?)

QUESTIONS: Is there a way to make the vent free logs ... vented? They are in the fireplace already -- I'm not mechanical at all but it seems it's doable. I'd hate to loose the logs but better them than me.

Thanks so much.

Asked By Kate Dolan | Nov 27 16
3 Answers

How do I bury a container in a hill (with needed drainage around it)?

I am not planning to have a basement in my new passive house, but I do want a place to store my vegetables and a place to go if there is a tornado. I am considering a shipping container

Asked By Steve Young | Nov 26 16
3 Answers

Should I add more venting to my attic, or seal it up, or do nothing?

Should I add more venting to my attic, or should I seal it up and run a dehumidifier to prevent mold, or should I do nothing, or should I go with some fourth option? I read the "All about attic venting" article, but it doesn't leave me certain about how I should proceed.

Asked By Michael Bluejay | Nov 26 16
8 Answers

How do I determine the size of a ductless minisplit?

How do I determine the size of a ductless mini-split Heating and Cooling for my new to me Cottage type home built in 1925.

It is 36 feet wide by 26 feet deep. It is an open ceiling type to the roof rafters about 12ft high at the center peak with R-19 insulation, the walls are R-13, Two inside rooms/divider walls with no ceilings (open concept).

The two side outside walks and the front wall get no sun there Is total of 9 double pain windows on these walls the back wall 30ft long has 10 single pain wood frame windows that slide open from right to left.

Asked By Mitchell Thompson | Nov 1 16
13 Answers

Looking for advice on a new build heating plan

I am trying to figure out the best solution for heating our new home and I would greatly appreciate any suggestion from the wise folks here.

Asked By Tim Burke | Nov 24 16
15 Answers

Window mix-up

We are in the process of dramatically upgrading the insulation of our 120 year old farm house and adding on a mudroom/laundry room, new bathroom and replacing the sunporch. We are in northern Michigan (zone 6a). Our original plans had Andersen 400 windows with a U-factor of 0.26 but our builder inadvertently ordered, purchased and installed an older version of the same window that is 0.30 for 12 windows. Everything else about the window is the same -- the difference is a coating on the glass.

Asked By Ryan Knight | Nov 22 16
29 Answers

Dense-packed cellulose might go extinct

I apologize for the clickbait title, but it seems all of the insulation contractors in my area are very wary of dense-packed cellulose in walls and often say, "we normally don't do cellulose in walls anymore." Part of their reluctance in my situation is attributed to my dpuble stud 10 1/4" thick walls that are 24" o.c. They think it will settle and bulge out. Still, I think even if I had standard 2x6 walls, 16" o.c., they would all try to convince me to do spray foam and offer a lower price to do it.

Asked By Jimmy Nguyen | Nov 14 16
40 Answers

Domestic hot water and space heating

I am trying to put together a system that can deliver domestic hot water and heat the house. The colonial house is in Brooklyn, NY ( zone 7), 29' x 33' and consists of 2 floors + basement. I am doing complete renovation and already removed all walls throughout the house and will use closed cell foam insulation in all walls and roof. I plan to run Pex in joists for both floors and I am thinking of using baseboard in the basement.

My questions are:

Asked By Vladimir Polyakov | Nov 3 16
1 Answer

Rebar splicing

I've seen footing rebar tied it two ways. One was the horizontal bar laying side to side at 24" overlaps. The other was horizontal bar facing top to bottom at 24" overlaps.

Which is the right or better way? The top to bottom seemed "cleaner" but not sure which is best?

Asked By Peter L | Nov 23 16
1 Answer

Insulation options to add R-value

I had the opportunity to reroof this spring and add exterior rigid foam. I used foil faced polyiso 2.75" thick. Due to time and money constraints I applied a single layer taped and foamed. Through fastened wth .5" OSB cut into 3" strips. A new OSB deck was installed and asphalt shingle roof on top of that.

Asked By David Mosijchuk | Nov 23 16
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