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1 Answer

To insulate or vent overhangs or not in conjunction with a non-vented attic?

If you are going to to have a non-vented attic area because of spray foam installation, would you insulate and/or vent any overhangs, i.e. in a hot and humid climate? This seems to be debatable amongst builders.

Asked By Norman Luke | Nov 7 13
1 Answer

Should I install a vapor barrier behind cement board in a shower?

I live in a cold climate.

Asked By Lindsey Love | Nov 7 13
4 Answers

Radon in well water

I think I saw articles on radon in well water here, but couldn't find them. Could you lead me to them and perhaps comment on my questions.

Asked By tom ruben | Nov 7 13
1 Answer

Vapor retarder under slab insulation?

I am about to start work on finishing my basement. I have had some small water problems in the past that should be taken care of with the new foundation drain system that was recently installed but has yet to be tested by a heavy rain. The water table in my area is relatively high as both next door neighbors only have crawl spaces and one has major water issues. I know from the trench that was dug for the waterproofing that there is nothing but dirt under my slab.

Asked By Andrew Sirianni | Nov 6 13
2 Answers

Renovating 2x4 walls and roof insulation options

I love this website!

I'm in the 5a climate zone. Hot humid summers, cold for 3-4 months - with cool lake breezes and lots of lake-effect snow. Just bought a fixer-upper we wish to retire in. House is one story 2x4 walls that currently have paper-faced somewhat ratty looking rockwool insulation, no interior vapour barrier - with drywall that I plan on leaving intact as it's in great shape.

The roof is 2x 4 rafters, with a few inches if fiberglass in the ceiling. I spray foamed (2 lb) the crawl space last year.

Asked By stu mcleod | Nov 6 13
4 Answers

Mounting posts on rubber roof - alternatives

Ok..I have a low slope roof over conditioned space accessed by a door off a second floor bedroom. The deck is currently clad in copper and in pretty poor condition (leaks) and I'm getting at tackling the problem today.

Asked By Geoffrey Cook | Nov 4 13
9 Answers

Do rodents nest in/with mineral wool batts, as they do with fiberglass?

In my area (NM), mice and other rodents often nest in fiberglass batts, or harvest the fiberglass and move it to nearby locations to build their nests. Do they do this just as much with mineral wool batt insulation? While major rework is needed on many aspects of this property, in making short term repairs to the insulation in a few locations, I wonder if using mineral wool would be effective in deterring rodents.

Asked By Derek Roff | Nov 5 13
1 Answer

How to install EPS around window area w/ recessed windows?

Anyone have a detail or written explanation on how to wrap EPS around a recessed or innie window buck area? The window will be sitting 5+ inches away from the exterior ICF wall. Stucco cannot be applied to the area without some EPS but how does one bring EPS into that recessed area and how do you attach it to the wood or concrete buck?

Asked By Peter L | Nov 5 13
3 Answers

In zone 4 (Northern VA), what is the best way to keep pipes from freezing in a 2x4 gypsum sheathed wall with aluminum siding?

Picture attached but the vent pipe will be cut out and adjusted to run to the other stud cavity and a 2x6 will be added above the copper to brace a pedestal. There is 2 3/8 inches between copper and exterior gypsum and a little over 1 inch between the pvc and exterior wall. Rain does not hit this wall because it is the house side of a semi-enclosed porch so it has another wall roughly 4 feet in front of it and it has a living space above the porch so it is not open to rain from above.

Asked By Zack Zarlenga | Oct 27 13
4 Answers

Heating Make-up Air

First the details that I hope will answer questions you might have before considering this:

Asked By Bill L | Oct 15 13
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