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5 Answers

Joist - Hard to Sister

A joist was cut, and I sistered it. However, the joist now is in the path of a toilet flange (which accounts for the original cut).

To get the additional joist to fit, I laid it on the two supporting walls nearly horizontally, and then used a series of clamps to get the board vertical, then bolted the joists together.

The other side of the wall has an open width of about 6 inches, and I was unable to fit the whole, additional joist in that space.

Asked By Erich Riesenberg | Mar 29 17
0 Answers

Energy Efficient Envelope advice

I'm building a high efficient cabin in climate 6 (dry) and have got a ton of helpful info from this site. I was hoping the the experts that frequent the site could make comments or give advice to improve the design. Also, let me know if there is something that doesn't mesh with the current building science. Any input would be helpful, thanks.

Foundation System:
Sealed crawl space with vapor barrier and 4” rigid foam insulating interior foundation walls.
Ground Floor System:
I joists with R30 batt insulation.
Above Grade Walls:

Asked By David Voros | Mar 29 17
5 Answers

Laminate floor underlayment in basement

I built up a basement floor with 3/4" OSB on 1.5" rigid foam over 6 mil poly on concrete slab (per this previous inquiry .http://www.greenbuildingadvisor.com/community/forum/energy-efficiency-and-durability/99205/insulation-basement-slab-question-polyethylene) .The difference this past winter was quite evident. Current question is what to use as underlay for laminate flooring. Some questions:
Should I use a permeable underlay so that the OSB is not encapsulated between the poly/foam layer below and an impervious "3 in 1" underlay above?
Or is conventional "3 in 1" underlay okay?

Asked By Grant Robinson | Mar 28 17
14 Answers

Insulation questions on a gut rehab

Hi all,

I'd like to comment on the usefulness of the website while conducting my research during our gut-rehab;we have been reading a ton of information about best practices during construction and what we should and should not do.

Some facts about the house:
Tri-level brick home in Chicago
2x4 walls
2x6 roof rafters
Roof pitch is 4:12
Forced air HVAC
Roof is 5 years old, one layer of asphalt shingles
Home built in 1965

Some facts about the project:

Asked By tkaj | Mar 28 17
4 Answers

Insulation help for attic garage in Zone 2A (while allowing for storage)

Hi all,

Long-time reader of GBA, very infrequent poster --- amazing resource here. Thanks to all who contribute.

Looking for input and advice on insulating my garage [in Texas] as part of a conversion into conditioned space for use as a workshop (no longer parking there, so very infrequent raising/lowering of garage door). Just installed high-efficiency (SEER 26) 1-ton ductless mini-split as HVAC (predominantly cooling, of course, but with heat pump for couple of winter months).

Asked By CJ Fox | Mar 29 17
7 Answers

Green & Passive design

As an architectural designer, I have long been interested in green and passive home design, having dabbled and dreamed. I now have a project that will encompass both, as well as the use of SIPs for roof and walls.
Simple questions with elusive answers:
1. Where can I find the angles of the sun at June 21 & Dec. 21 for a specific latitude?
2. How do a loft area and high vaulted ceilings fit in? It seems that both the Window to Wall ratios, and mechanical load numbers are all calculated using square footage. Surely ceiling height and volume have an impact.

Asked By Becky Nemetchek | Mar 29 17
11 Answers

Adding exterior insulation over stucco

I have a client who is looking at remodel and wants to improve the insulation and sealing. This is a rental property and wishes to minimize cost. The exterior is stucco (45 Years old) and I want to know if there is any way to insulate on top of the stucco and then provide a new exterior. Will be taking the interior down to studs.

Location is Western Canada, Souther Alberta.

Thanks for the thoughts

Asked By Christopher Houston | Mar 27 17
6 Answers

Ideas for this floorplan Pt. II

....and I'm back! The system wouldn't let me reply to my own thread. It kept marking my reply as spam.

It's been a while since I posted an update to my thread but here it is.

I have processed all of the feedback given to me and applied this to my original wants. The idea is an open plan, living areas to the south, concentrate plumbing in one area, large master with walk-in shower, tub, master bed with walk-in closet, large kitchen, et cetera and this is where I am. I moved the master closet back up to the north wall again and I've added lots of other closet spaces.

Asked By Drew Baden | Dec 14 16
5 Answers

Critique this rough floorplan

We are in beginning stages of choosing an architect/project manager, but we have some wishes on how we want the floor plan to be.

Being amateurs, I'm sure there are mistakes. Please critique.

Our goals, wants and needs:

- make the house as small as possible, ut with enough room for everything we need/want
For example, we want a study, though that is not common practice here. We took that good practice from USA and like it a lot.

Asked By davor radman | Mar 28 17
2 Answers

Insulation Question

First of all, great site. I wish I would have found this sooner.

I'm doing a home addition in region 4 (Northern Virginia). The house is about 70 years old. I'm pretty clear on insulating most of the house. We're using the Zip r-5 product on the exterior, sprayed cellulose inside the walls, and blown cellulose in the attic. Also, I plan to do the rim joists with open cell spray foam.

There are three tricky areas I can't figure out.

Asked By GregKu | Mar 29 17
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