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0 Answers

How to separate house from garage

Our house will have 5" nail base on the roof with a 3" of oc foam on the underside and the walls will be ZipR over 2 x 6 wall. The garage will attached to the house. My question is do you build a wall in the attic between the garage and living area, then insulate it just like an outside wall? Also I don't want any pull down stairs in the house so what should I do for access to the attic from the garage? I thought about have an exterior door installed in the the previous mentioned wall.

Asked By Eric Chandler | Nov 26 15
0 Answers

Previous code for unvented cathederal ceiling insulation

Hey All,

Just curious if anyone knows the previous insulation codes for a low pitched, unvented cathederal ceiling.

My home was built in the 60s and I am finally getting around to insulating and finishing the garage with the above described roof. I know current code is r49 with at least r20 of spray foam for dew point and that's my only option. I just don't see how the rest of my house is all still ok since it was built/insulated way before spray foam existing. Now if I want to just fill the garage bags with roxul or cellulose I hear my roof will mold and collapse.

Asked By Steve Gabrielidi | Nov 25 15
0 Answers

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0 Answers

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Asked By lmobilebar aJohn | Nov 25 15
0 Answers

can anyone recommend a high quality direct vent natural gas heater?

We are currently using a vent free heater and find that it is causing health problems. Any recommendations or advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

Asked By g suh | Nov 25 15
2 Answers

Atypical Cathedral Insulation


I'm in climate zone 5A and trying to determine how to best insulate cathedral ceiling in farm/shop pole-type building with unusual design (picture attached). Building is multi-purpose with large portion un-insulated, but I would like to split loft section in half and use half for insulated workshop. Periodically heating around 60-65 deg at the most (but above freeze level all winter). Code does not apply for this building, but I don't want long term moisture issues.

Asked By Matt Smit | Nov 25 15
5 Answers

Solar array positioning in Charleston, SC

Our home builder positioned our solar arrays facing east and southeast, but the angle is pitched east on both. One bank of panels are partially blocked by a large oak tree to the east, the roof of the building to the south, and a 2 level garage which partially obstructs the array (12 in each bank) eastward. The other array is pitched east and catches a glimmer of southern exposure sun, but is partially blocked by other large live oak trees to the south,

Asked By F White | Nov 24 15
0 Answers

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5 Answers

Split system location

If I am going to install a mini-split in a very small, well sealed, well-insulated new home that will need airconditioning rarely (maybe never) but heat more often, does it make sense to install the interior unit at floor level instead of ceiling level? Is there generally an option offered by mfgr of low or high mounted units?

Asked By A Lange | Nov 24 15
13 Answers

Ideal load for a multispeed inverter-driven GSHP?

In a planned "Pretty Good House" in Mixed Humid, Northern Climate Zone 4, I intend to use a 45 EER Ground Source Heat Pump with 3 inverters (loop pump, compressor, and fan) with a Cooling Capacity range from 9,000 - 24,000 Btu. I wish to have the lowest Peak Cooling Load, that utilizes the equipment most efficiently, while providing dehumidification and keeps short cycling to a minimum. Approximately what sould that theoretical Peak Cooling load be ?

Asked By Ted | Nov 19 15
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