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7 Answers

Household humidity

Lots of numbers. Thermostat reads 52% humidity, HRV control reads 49% humidity. The Hobo reads 56.5% relative humidity. The sling psychrometer has wet bulb 66, dry 72, which is 76% relative humidity. So how humid is this place?

Asked By Walter Gayeski | Jul 30 15
3 Answers

Reliability/durability of Mitsubishi vs. Fujitsu mini-split heat pumps?

I am looking into a 3-zone cold-climate heat pump for my zone 6A home in Vermont. The proposals I've received are for (a) Mitsubishi MXZ-3C30NAHZ and (b) Fujitsu AOU24RLXFZH.

Asked By Jonathan Teller-Elsberg | Jul 30 15
15 Answers

Air Sealing - Tape, Sealant?

I am looking at the articles here about air sealing and most of them provide information such as where to seal but the products are not so easily determined. I am planning on taping either the OSB Seams before house wrap with 3M All Weather tape - or possibly only taping the house wrap seams. (as long as I get the right tape that doesn't allow problems with taped horizontal seams)

Asked By Nicholas C | Jul 29 15
1 Answer

Anyone familiar with Insultex house wrap?

I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on this house wrap - http://www.insultexhousewrap.com/

They appear to be making some exaggerated claims and I am not certain that the R-value claimed would be possible.

Any thoughts?

Asked By Marcus Sheffer | Jul 31 15
13 Answers

How the heck was Pittsburgh, PA named a green city?!

I need some help finding a home builder in Pittsburgh, PA (preferable southwest PA).

My husband and I have had passive solar home plans drawn up and I would really like to build with SIPs. After researching everything... it just seems like building with solar passive strategies and conventionally framing is it, is like wrapping a diamond ring in the comics.

Asked By Melanie Beth Scott | Jun 12 15
5 Answers

Another crawl space...

I would like to improve upon the poly vapor barrier that exists on the dirt floor of my crawlspace. I have read the ‘crawlspace article’ penned by Martin but have some specific questions.

Asked By Rob Shuman | Jul 30 15
4 Answers

Is it OK for a basement floor slab on slab edge on only 3 sides?

I am having a new house built and when I looked at the foundation there was a floor slab edge only on 3 sides and when I called the general contractor he told me the concrete contractor had already poured the floor and said it was all fine. the rest of the concrete work looks fine, but missing the slab edge on one side worries me and I don't know what to do???

Asked By Steve May | Jul 30 15
2 Answers

Can a home have Grade 1 insulation quality and ceiling strapping?

Strapping with fiberglass batts seems to be what is used on most/many new New England construction. You could achieve closer to grade 1 insulation with a blown in product but even that will most likely have some voids/gaps. How do you grade this common practice? Some areas near Maryland go to another extreme with sprinkler piping. The code officials are making the batts go above the water pipes creating hugs gaps. Can this be grade 1?

Asked By Mark Bashista | Jul 31 15
0 Answers

Window flashing I like...

I just was shown Huber's stretchy tape for window flashing. I like it. Mikey should like it. Try it folks, I bet like Mikey, you'll like it.


Asked By aj builder, Upstate NY Zone 6a | Jul 31 15
5 Answers

Flogging the half dead vapor barrier horse…

At the risk of being heaped with much deserved abuse I have a yet more vapor barrier questions.

I am in the process of designing my new home and have settled on a double stud wall construction with a load bearing inner shear wall, a sheathed 2x3 framed outer wall and dense cellulose insulation.

Asked By L. M. | Jul 26 15
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