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0 Answers

Attic insulation question

I am starting framing on a new house this week and I am still trying to work out a few details. The house is a cape-style design. I know this creates a less than desirable situation for insulating and installing mechanicals but I am trying to work through these issues. My current plan was to install closed cell insulation in the sloped ceilings. I recently decided to install the closed cell right to the ridge of the house as this would allow me to create a more efficient forced air system. I have a well-used layout which doesn't leave much room for a duct chase.

Asked By Brian Ducharme | Nov 24 17
4 Answers

Twin Fresh combo in a hall?

I have been contemplating the ventilation for my project . For the second floor area I have 2 bedrooms and a bath with a hall on the side(story and a half structure, timber frame, so this needs to have separate venting than the rest of the home)
In this hall will be the ductless head for the heating and cooling of the second floor. I am wondering if I could put the Hrv in this hall and not the bedrooms? How important is it to have the ventilation in the bedrooms? The next step up would be a lunos e2 in each bedroom , however that jumps in price quite a bit...

Asked By scott mangold | Nov 23 17
3 Answers

Open-cell foam on attic floor

My house is about 10 years old and the attic floor has open cell spray foam. There are places where the foam is only 3-4 inches thick. I am considering adding 10+ inches of cellulose on top of the open cell. Will that cause problems with moisture? The makeup of the ceiling is painted sheetrock, ceiling joists with cavities filled with open cell in a vented attic space. I am in the upper most top of zone 4 in Arkansas. I've done a lot of research in here and on the internet but everything i've read is directed at closed cell on the attic floor. Your thoughts and ideas please?

Asked By David Coker | Nov 24 17
2 Answers

What are some of the engineering considerations when evaluating fiberglass window frame profiles?

My wife and I building a passive solar house in Eastern Ontario. Many of the articles on GBA have convinced me that fibreglass triple pane windows are the correct way to proceed.

What are some of the design considerations when choosing the best pulltruded frame profile? Some use a closed back or hollow frame and others are open back.

Though counter intuitive, the open back windows have better u factors. It would seem to me that the closed back frames are more rigid and stable, therefore allowing the locks and slides to perform better.

Asked By Michael Madore | Nov 23 17
3 Answers

Brick foundation questions

I just want to say I've been reading through a number of different articles on this site and it's an incredible amount of information. Many thanks to Martin and other contributors for offering these resources.

Asked By User-6953713 | Nov 23 17
5 Answers

Is exterior wood paneling on cob possible?


My partner and I are located in France. I grew up in Maine and became found of farm houses. We are planning on building a cob house for cost efficiency; however, a few years down the line, I am curious if it is possible to add wood siding to the exterior of the cob later on? Again, I'm very found of the farm house look. Any suggestions or advice? Much appreciated. Merci beaucoup.

Asked By BP8963 | Nov 21 17
10 Answers

What is a minisplit’s lifespan?

A friend of mine here in Virginia (climate zone 4) heats his 1700 square foot house with a 50 gallon electric resistance hot water heater hooked to radiant coils in his floor. It is a tight, new house with cellulose between 2x6 studs. He generates 90% of the energy he needs for his all-electric house from a 6 kw solar array.

Asked By Timothy Godshall | Nov 20 17
12 Answers

Region 5 below grade basement insulation techniques with intention to finish

I've probably read most or all of the articles on the subject 5-6 times over, but am still left with many questions as the advice can quickly change as the circumstances do, and it's difficult to keep track of all these factors.

My goal is to finish my below grade basement in 18301 Region 5. Cape cod style home built in 1968. 954 sq ft basement.

Asked By Ryan O'Rourke | Nov 19 17
6 Answers

Best choice for LED lighting?

LEDs are solid state lighting and much like microchips advanced in efficiency/performance quite rapidly.

Asked By J M | Oct 13 17
14 Answers

Condensation on windows

I am a HERS rater, back in the summer, i tested a house for a builder.
built about a year ago and lived in.
​they​ had a problem with condensation ​collecting​ on windows
windows face north, and air changes in house were 2.4ACH
they had one continuous fan that was not working
so they replaced this fan which is guest bath, off kitchen, near laundry.
this now is supposed to run at 60 cfm continuous.
They replaced a second fan in the master bath to run continuous at 50,
occupied at 100cfm. ​both on the main floor, there is no second floor,
but a finished walk out basement.

Asked By Dwayne Petko | Nov 17 17
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