Q&A Forum http://www.greenbuildingadvisor.com/community/rss en What is the most economical heat system for a 700 s.f. house with no furnace? http://www.greenbuildingadvisor.com/community/forum/energy-efficiency-and-durability/50491/what-most-economical-heat-system-700-sf-house <p>I have a relative who may have to give up her house due to illness/unemployment Her gas furnace went on the blink. To replace it would be $1800 +. What is the safest most economical method of heat to heat her 775 sf house. She closes off one room so actually 3 small rooms &amp; a bath is what she would be heating. For now she is using an electric fireplace and two infrared heaters that are supposed to heat up to 1000 sf.<br /> Thank you.</p> http://www.greenbuildingadvisor.com/community/forum/energy-efficiency-and-durability/50491/what-most-economical-heat-system-700-sf-house#comments Energy efficiency and durability Mon, 30 Nov 2015 06:30:40 +0000 RightWing 50491 at http://www.greenbuildingadvisor.com Green / Passive House Architects http://www.greenbuildingadvisor.com/community/forum/green-building-techniques/50486/green-passive-house-architects <p>Anyone know of a good source for good energy efficient / Passivehouse architects?</p> http://www.greenbuildingadvisor.com/community/forum/green-building-techniques/50486/green-passive-house-architects#comments Green building techniques Mon, 30 Nov 2015 04:53:53 +0000 JackofAllTrades777 50486 at http://www.greenbuildingadvisor.com Masonry block wall: To seal or not to seal? http://www.greenbuildingadvisor.com/community/forum/general-questions/50476/masonry-block-wall-seal-or-not-seal <p>In preparation to insulating my renovation of a 1970s building's masonry block wall with 2" XPS foam board attached directly to the masonry block, should I paint the interior masonry block wall with a sealer like DRYLOK® Masonry Waterproofer or KILZ 2® LATEX Low VOC?</p> <p>Right now there is a thin coat of cheap latex paint on the block wall.</p> <p>Thanks!<br /> Russ :-)</p> http://www.greenbuildingadvisor.com/community/forum/general-questions/50476/masonry-block-wall-seal-or-not-seal#comments General questions Mon, 30 Nov 2015 02:13:29 +0000 SOTASOTA 50476 at http://www.greenbuildingadvisor.com Visual dictionary for building terms/glossary? http://www.greenbuildingadvisor.com/community/forum/general-questions/50471/visual-dictionary-building-termsglossary <p>I know there's a Glossary link in the upper right corner of the GBA website, but is there the equivalent of a visual dictionary for common building components? Ok, I know there are some out there (e.g., visual.merriam-webster.com/house/structure-house/frame.php), but is there a good one online that people have used, and is it possible to include a link to it from GBA? I don't always know the names of the building components (e.g., which part of a window is the stool?), and from other poster's questions I can tell that not everyone knows a rafter from a joist.</p> <p>Thanks,</p> http://www.greenbuildingadvisor.com/community/forum/general-questions/50471/visual-dictionary-building-termsglossary#comments General questions Sun, 29 Nov 2015 23:27:24 +0000 andrewc 50471 at http://www.greenbuildingadvisor.com Unvented attic and wall? http://www.greenbuildingadvisor.com/community/forum/energy-efficiency-and-durability/50466/unvented-attic-and-wall <p>Zone 3, 12/12 pitch roof, Galvalume color roof.<br /> Talked to insulation contractor and discussed options.</p> <p>2x6 walls = Hardie lap siding, 3/8" rainscreen, Tyvek, OSB, air sealing, BIB insulation (R-23), 5/8" sheetrock.</p> <p>2x8 cathedrial roof, unvented, with total elect units and ducting in kneewall area and spare room in the center = standing seam, membrane?, 7/16" OSB, 2 inch polyiso, membrane or taped joints?, 7/16" OSB, 7 inch open-cell or BIB insulation.<br /> No venting.</p> <p>Are we getting closer?</p> http://www.greenbuildingadvisor.com/community/forum/energy-efficiency-and-durability/50466/unvented-attic-and-wall#comments Energy efficiency and durability Sun, 29 Nov 2015 23:22:17 +0000 Coopsdaddy 50466 at http://www.greenbuildingadvisor.com Best practices for HRV on a budget http://www.greenbuildingadvisor.com/community/forum/energy-efficiency-and-durability/50461/best-practices-hrv-budget <p>I am building a simple but efficient home in climate zone C4. It will be a 3 bedroom, 2000 sq ft home. with us living mostly in the upper half. I was originally planning on putting one or two panasonic spot ERVs in but am know thinking it might be better for overall air quality, efficiency, and spreading the heat from my two headed mini-split, to put a fully ducted HRV unit in. I have been looking at the Fantec FLEX100H, and the Lifebreath RNC 95. Money is a huge issue but the price difference between two panasonics and one of these units is not much.</p> <p><a href="http://www.greenbuildingadvisor.com/community/forum/energy-efficiency-and-durability/50461/best-practices-hrv-budget" target="_blank">read more</a></p> http://www.greenbuildingadvisor.com/community/forum/energy-efficiency-and-durability/50461/best-practices-hrv-budget#comments Energy efficiency and durability Sun, 29 Nov 2015 19:52:53 +0000 Kail_Z 50461 at http://www.greenbuildingadvisor.com Questions about insulating 1947 concrete block home in Florida http://www.greenbuildingadvisor.com/community/forum/general-questions/50456/questions-about-insulating-1947-concrete-block-home-florida <p>We purchased a house in Orlando that we plan using as a rental. It is a one story block home, about 850 square feet. As with most houses built here during that time period it had no insulation with the exception of some blown in cellulose in the attic. We have gutted the house and found that originally there was no furring strips and drywall on the inside of the exterior walls, they have been painted and wall papered a couple of times then someone furred them out and put up wood paneling.</p> <p><a href="http://www.greenbuildingadvisor.com/community/forum/general-questions/50456/questions-about-insulating-1947-concrete-block-home-florida" target="_blank">read more</a></p> http://www.greenbuildingadvisor.com/community/forum/general-questions/50456/questions-about-insulating-1947-concrete-block-home-florida#comments General questions Sun, 29 Nov 2015 18:57:30 +0000 flmach1 50456 at http://www.greenbuildingadvisor.com Adding foam board to ceiling rafters? http://www.greenbuildingadvisor.com/community/forum/green-building-techniques/50451/adding-foam-board-ceiling-rafters <p>Hello, </p> <p>The rafters in my ceiling are only 2 x 6. Is it acceptable to lay polyiso sheets across the top of the rafters, or should I be concerned about the foam acting as a second vapor barrier? The fiberglass batts have a kraft liner facing the sheet rock. </p> <p>If the answer to the above is yes, can I place the foam in between the rafters against the sheet rock under the fiberglass batts? </p> <p>Thanks!</p> http://www.greenbuildingadvisor.com/community/forum/green-building-techniques/50451/adding-foam-board-ceiling-rafters#comments Green building techniques Sun, 29 Nov 2015 18:25:14 +0000 user-5520998 50451 at http://www.greenbuildingadvisor.com Source for rock wool batts in Albany, NY area? http://www.greenbuildingadvisor.com/community/forum/green-products-and-materials/50446/source-rock-wool-batts-albany-ny-area <p>I am interested in using Roxul or other rock wool peoduct in bith batt form and board form for my build in Saratoga County NY, near Albany. Is there anyone here that can recommend either or both a source and an installer in this area?</p> http://www.greenbuildingadvisor.com/community/forum/green-products-and-materials/50446/source-rock-wool-batts-albany-ny-area#comments Green products and materials Sun, 29 Nov 2015 18:24:06 +0000 Chaubenee 50446 at http://www.greenbuildingadvisor.com Pros and cons of Grace Ice and Water compared to Tyvek Drainwrap http://www.greenbuildingadvisor.com/community/forum/general-questions/50441/pros-and-cons-grace-ice-and-water-compared-tyvek-drainwrap <p>If applying a WRB under rigid foam insulation, what are the pros and cons of using Grace Ice and Water Shield compared to Tyvek Drainwrap, in terms of protecting the sheathing, serving as an air barrier, difficulty of installation, flashing details, and any other reason you might prefer one product over the other to serve as a WRB? Assuming that the Grace product is more expensive, do you believe that it is worth the additional cost on a 2,000 square foot home in Zone 5? </p> <p>As always, any advice or opinions are greatly appreciated.</p> http://www.greenbuildingadvisor.com/community/forum/general-questions/50441/pros-and-cons-grace-ice-and-water-compared-tyvek-drainwrap#comments General questions Sun, 29 Nov 2015 16:43:28 +0000 jamestimmerberg 50441 at http://www.greenbuildingadvisor.com