Green Irrigation

Use Water Wisely: Irrigate with Water Conservation in Mind

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Too much irrigation can waste a lot of water

As much as 60% of all household water consumption can go to outdoor uses. Irrigation systems should be designed to minimize the consumption of potable water. A good system is a water-conservation tool that delivers water in the most effective way at the appropriate time. Systems that distribute water indiscriminately are inherently wasteful.

Start with appropriate plants

Choosing drought-tolerant plants is an effective way to conserve water that would otherwise be devoted to thirstier species. Plants that are adapted to local conditions won't need much supplemental watering, and they should be healthier in general than unfamiliar non-native species. ...

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Fri, 10/16/2009 - 16:57

by Michael Lach is a great website with green irrigation ideas. They feature a subsurface product that reduces water use by 80%

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