Hot-Water Circulation

Reduce the Waiting Time for Hot Water

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Choose an on-demand system

Distant water heaters lead to waste
Hot water circulation systems use a pump to circulate hot water from the water heater to the tap, reducing the waiting time for hot water to nearly nothing.

All hot water circulation systems save water. But not all systems save energy; some systems actually ...

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Optimizing Hot Water Circulation
by Richard Nielsen

Can an existing hot water circulation system be optimized to minimize energy costs / resources? Yes. Most systems install a pump at the water heater and consist of a pump, thermostat and timer. Enhancing controllability offers opportunities for owners to reduce energy waste and the impact of the environment. Examples might include; allowing homeowners to choose their comfort temperature, ability to operate their system in on-demand mode vs less efficient scheduled mode and relocating thermostatic sensors nearest to last hot water load on a circulation loop.
Optimizing a pre-existing hot water circulator through greater control has obvious benefits. Anyone interested in optimizing an existring system consider incorporating a Thermal Logic Controller TLC-X1 hot water circulation optimizer recently released by TDT Inc.

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