Inground Gutters

Inground Gutters Keep Water Away from the Basement

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Underground barriers carry water away from the house

Inground gutters keep basements dry.
Whether they're called an underground roof, underground flashing or inground gutter, the idea is the same. Burying a waterproof membrane in a trench near the foundation wall diverts water away from the house and keeps the basement dry. The technique is especially useful in areas where gutters along the eaves are difficult to maintain.

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Wed, 11/19/2014 - 12:01

George W in Crawford - Great ground level drainage
by Jack Coats

GWBush had a Texas White House in Crawford TX. I loved the wide porch overhangs and no gutters (He had lots of post oak trees that loose most of their leaves in the spring rather than fall). The overhangs went into wide gravel filled surface level gutters that could be walked on if needed. The gravel filled gutters drained into a large tank (or cistern in Texas speak) that was used for non-potable water. Most houses in that area have no basement and are either pier&beam or slab on grade. I think his was slab on grade. -- I loved that house, it was energy efficient and small by Washington standards, and inherently energy efficient. I have no idea what the Secret Service and security 'upgrades' did to it though. -- No matter if you liked him or not, his TX White House was relatively green and energy efficient, and built for the central TX climate.

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