Space Heaters

A Space Heater Can Be the Sole Source of Heat in a Small, Well-Insulated House

They work best in houses with open floor plans

Heat without a whole-house distribution system

Space heaters are usually categorized by the type of fuel they burn. Options include cordwood, wood pellets, and corn (all forms of biomassOrganic waste that can be converted to usable forms of energy such as heat or electricity, or crops grown specifically for that purpose.), natural gas, kerosene, and electricity.

Because space heaters have no way of carrying heat to distant rooms, they work best in houses with open floor plans and those that allow convective air currents to circulate heat. However, the more airtight and well insulated the house, the less distribution matters. Very tight homes with thick insulation do are more likely to have consistent temperatures from room to room than leaky homes.

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