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CS-Hoyle House exterior

Retreat in North Atlantic Seeks Energy Independence

Jan 8, 2009 | Second Peninsula (near Lunenburg), Nova Scotia

A Study in the Efficient Use of Natural Resources

Perched on a coastal peninsula near Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, this contemporary home is used mostly as a summer residence, but with a design that includes active and passive solar heat, a high-thermal-mass radiant slab floor, and thorough air sealing and insulation, it's a nice place to be in any season.

Deck-over-patio doubles outdoor space on a hillside home

A Durable Deck Ties This Home to the Landscape

Dec 19, 2008 | East Greenwich, Rhode Island

The large, wraparound deck not only creates a nice bridge between the house and back yard, it helps balance the entire house on the property. The eastern exposure is elevated above the sloping grade, offering shade and cool breezes in summer, while the southern exposure provides warmth on all but the coldest days in winter. The house is small, so extra outdoor space to enjoy the private wooded lot and abundant wildlife is welcome in every season.

Design approach: Connect the yard to this hillside home on both floors

gh-Tudor renovation exterior after

Craftsmanship and Recycling in a Tudor Renovation

Dec 8, 2008 | Georgetown, Massachusetts

The airy, light-filled renovation of this 1930s stucco Spanish Tudor house in Georgetown, Massachusetts, is packed with eco-friendly features even though no green certification program was enlisted. A new bay, great room, patio, and garden completely transformed an awkward kitchen that itself had been a renovation of a two-door garage.

CS-net zero energy house - exterior

1970s Home Goes Net Zero

Oct 26, 2008 | Boulder, Colorado

Intensive renovation has made this modest ranch house in the suburbs of Boulder, Colorado, an example of what all green builders strive for — a net zeroProducing as much energy on an annual basis as one consumes on site, usually with renewable energy sources such as photovoltaics or small-scale wind turbines. Calculating net-zero energy can be difficult, particularly in grid-tied renewable energy systems, because of transmission losses in power lines and other considerations. energy home. Changes include an extreme insulation retrofit, a 6kW photovoltaic(PV) Generation of electricity directly from sunlight. A photovoltaic cell has no moving parts; electrons are energized by sunlight and result in current flow. array installed on the roof, and an evacuated-tube solar hot water system.

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