Outdoor Structures

Outdoor structures include freestanding built items such as fences, tables, benches, planters, and playground equipment, as well as other items that are installed or used outdoors, such as exterior sun-shade systems. Green criteria for products in this category include durability, low maintenance, and recycled content.

Recycled composites, sustainably harvested woods

Prefabricated site furniture, landscaping timbers, fencing, and other outdoor products made with recycled plastic and wood-plastic composite lumber are available from many sources.


Products in Outdoor Structures

4M Sunscreens
Alutech United, Inc.
Bike Arc, LLC
Hunter Douglas Contract
Coolaroo, A Brand of Gale Pacific
Dero Bike Racks
Dero Bike Rack Company
Easy Up Shade Systems
Elero GmbH
Draper, Inc.
Victor Stanley, Inc.
Industrial Louvers and Sunscreens
Industrial Louvers, Inc.


Jan 30, 2009 10:13 PM ET

See the Community Forum
by Daniel Morrison

I moved your question over to the forum in the Products and Materials section. There may be a little more traffic there.

Jan 25, 2009 12:37 AM ET

Fences and walls
by Carol Ebbinghouse

I am trying to find green/recycled products available in southern California for a side and backyard wall.

It needs to be strong enough to survive an earthquake, also secure enough to withstand the two labradore retrievers on either side, and attractive considering the houses are California craftsman designs. Wood-looking or block will probably be OK. The height should be six feet.

And, since we may not get around to doing this project until next year, it should meet the new California Green Building Standards Code. See http://www.documents.dgs.ca.gov/bsc/prpsd_stds/2007/2007_cgbsc_9-23-08.pdf

Do you know of any such product? Do you know of an organization that might?

Thanks in advance!

Tempos Mom