Sitework & Landscaping

Sitework and landscaping are typically the first and last tasks, respectively, on a building site. Steps can be taken at the beginning of sitework that can increase the value—and reduce the cost—of landscaping after construction. Siting of the building itself usually has already occurred, but there is still often an opportunity to influence issues such as solar access and strategies for minimizing site disturbance.


Products in Sitework & Landscaping

Todd Valley Farms
BioNet Erosion-Control Mats
North American Green
CalStar Products, Inc.
Green Innovations, Ltd
Concrete Porous Pavers
Capitol Ornamental Concrete Specialties, Inc.
DeepRoot Green Infrastructure, LLC
Soil Retention
Earth Stone Products, LLC
EcoGrid Porous Pavers
Hanover Architectural Products
Terrafirm Enterprises
Profile Products, LLC
EP Henry ECO Pavers
EP Henry Corporation