Wood, Plastic, and Composite Fastenings

While adhesives must perform well, they are also a significant potential source of indoor air quality concerns, so these products should be selected with care. While some adhesives are multipurpose, others are specific to a particular application or product. Consider use of mechanical fasteners where they provide a reasonable alternative. With mechanical fasteners, look for products that improve building performance, facilitate design for disassembly, or contain recycled content.

Look for adhesives that have both low VOC content and are certified low-emitting.

  • GreenSpec lists adhesives that exceed SCAQMD 1168 VOC content limits and also meet California Section 01350 or other more stringent emission protocols as verified through related certifications such as Greenguard Children and Schools. We don’t stop there, however. Lots of adhesives meet 01350 requirements, so we look for manufacturers with whole product families that meet these requirements, along with keeping an eye out for the additional green features below.
  • EBN subscribers: read more in the 2006 EBN feature article Get a Whiff of This: The Lowdown on Product Emissions Testing

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Products in Wood, Plastic, and Composite Fastenings

3M Industrial Adhesives and Tapes Division
Deck2Wall Spacer
Decks Unlimited
Eclectic Products, Inc.
Henkel Corporation
Maine Deck Bracket
The Maine Deck Bracket Company
American Formulating & Manufacturing (AFM)
Fasten Seal Products, LLC
Soudal Inc.