AirTap Heat Pump Module

AirTap Heat Pump Module

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What makes this product green?

  • Energy-conserving equipment


The AirTap A7 is an inexpensive air-source heat pumpHeat pump that relies on outside air as the heat source and heat sink; not as effective in cold climates as ground-source heat pumps. module that can be retrofit onto a standard electric or gas-fired storage-type water heater. The unit installs easily using the standard inlet and outlet fittings on the water heater; as part of the conversion, the gas or electric-resistance heating elements are either turned off or set at a lower temperature to function as a back-up. The A7 has an output of 7,720 BtuBritish thermal unit, the amount of heat required to raise one pound of water (about a pint) one degree Fahrenheit in temperature—about the heat content of one wooden kitchen match. One Btu is equivalent to 0.293 watt-hours or 1,055 joules. /hour and efficiency of 258%, more than double that of an electric-resistance water heater. The first-hour rating is 44 gallons, the maximum water temperature is 130°F, and the energy factor is 2.2 (as certified by the Gas Appliance Manufacturers Association). These units are 18" wide x 14" deep x 13" high, and weigh 48 pounds. The Air Tap uses the non-ozone-depleting R-417a refrigerant.

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