Biotrays for Green Roof Planting Media


Credit: Tremco, Inc.

What makes this product green?

  • Biobased and sustainably sourced
  • Reduces stormwater pollution
  • Enhances community well-being


Biotrays are biodegradable trays for preplanted green roofRoof system in which living plants are maintained in a growing medium using a membrane and drainage system. Green roofs can reduce storm-water runoff, moderate temperatures in and around the building (by providing insulation and reducing heat island effect), as well as provide a habitat for wildlife and recreational space for humans. When properly constructed, green roofs can increase roof durability because the roof assembly’s air and water barriers are buffered from temperature fluctuations and UV exposure. media. Made with coconut husk fiber (coir) bound with natural vulcanized latex, the 17-inch-square, three-inch-deep carriers speed installation and provide nutrition as they decompose over time. Tremco provides the media and regionally-appropriate plants for the Biotrays, and offers a 20-year warranty on the whole roof, including a three-year plant establishment warranty.

Manufacturer Information

Tremco, Inc.
3735 Green Rd.
Beachwood, OH 44122
Phone: 216-292-5000
Fax: 216-292-5036
Toll-free: 800-562-2728

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