CarbonCast Insulated Wall Panels

CarbonCast Insulated Wall Panels

Credit: Altus Group

What makes this product green?

  • Reduces construction impacts
  • Reduces heating and cooling loads
  • Reduces material use


CarbonCast Insulated Wall Panels are precast panels made of two concrete wythes separated by rigid foam insulation and connected by C-GRID™ carbon fiber shear trusses. CarbonCast panels can be made in various thicknesses and with a variety of insulation types, including EPSExpanded polystyrene. Type of rigid foam insulation that, unlike extruded polystyrene (XPS), does not contain ozone-depleting HCFCs. EPS frequently has a high recycled content. Its vapor permeability is higher and its R-value lower than XPS insulation. EPS insulation is classified by type: Type I is lowest in density and strength and Type X is highest. and mineral wool, providing steady-state R-values from R-8 to R-30. The epoxy-coated, carbon-fiber C-GRID trusses reduce the structural concrete needs while allowing more insulation to be used, improving energy performance and reducing the weight of the panels. Panels are available as vertical load-bearing and non-load-bearing units in thicknesses of 7" to 12", with widths up to 15' and heights of over 50'. Horizontally-installed non-load-bearing panels are available in thicknesses of 6" to 12", widths of up to 15' and lengths of up to 40'. Until XPSExtruded polystyrene. Highly insulating, water-resistant rigid foam insulation that is widely used above and below grade, such as on exterior walls and underneath concrete floor slabs. In North America, XPS is made with ozone-depleting HCFC-142b. XPS has higher density and R-value and lower vapor permeability than EPS rigid insulation. has been reformulated to eliminate the ozone-depleting HCFC blowing agent, that insulation option should be avoided.

Manufacturer Information

Altus Group
P.O. Box 1449
Bethlehem, PA 18018
Toll-free: 866-462-5887

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