ComfoAir HRV/ERV System

Credit: Zehnder America

What makes this product green?

  • Energy-conserving equipment
  • Prevents moisture or air quality problems
  • Improves air quality


Zehnder's ComfoAir heat-recovery ventilators (HRVs) reach heat-recovery efficiency of over 90% by using ECM motors and counter-flow air-to-air heat exchangers, rather than the parallel-flow heat exchangers. An energy-recovery (ERV(ERV). The part of a balanced ventilation system that captures water vapor and heat from one airstream to condition another. In cold climates, water vapor captured from the outgoing airstream by ERVs can humidify incoming air. In hot-humid climates, ERVs can help maintain (but not reduce) the interior relative humidity as outside air is conditioned by the ERV.) version that exchanges both heat and humidity is also available. The ComfoAir 350 provides 350 m3/hr (225 cfm); the 200 model delivers 125 cfm; and the 550 delivers 350 cfm. ComfoAir uses the company's ComfoFresh "home-run" ducting, in which 3"-diameter HDPE flexible ducting connects supply and return vents to a central manifold. Installation is quick due to the duct’s small size (it installs in a stud cavity), its small bending radius, and its use of airtight mechanical connections that don’t require duct mastic. Zehnder also offers a line of associated components, including silencers, control modules, and baffles that passively distribute ventilation air.

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