DB+ Vapor-Permeable Membrane

Credit: Four Seven Five

What makes this product green?

  • Prevents moisture or air quality problems


DB+, manufactured by the German company Pro Clima and distributed in North America by Four Seven Five, is a variably vapor-permeable membrane designed to increase the drying potential of closed building envelopeExterior components of a house that provide protection from colder (and warmer) outdoor temperatures and precipitation; includes the house foundation, framed exterior walls, roof or ceiling, and insulation, and air sealing materials. systems. Its moisture permeability varies from 0.8 perms at low relative humidity to 5.5 perms at high relative humidity. It is a pre-consumer-recycled paper-based fabric with a silk grid reinforcement. DB+ is less expensive than Intello Plus (another Pro Clima variable vapor retarder and interior air barrierBuilding assembly components that work as a system to restrict air flow through the building envelope. Air barriers may or may not act as a vapor barrier. The air barrier can be on the exterior, the interior of the assembly, or both.), but also less tear-resistant. The membrane ships in 0.23 mm thick sheets that measure 53-1/8" wide by 164'-1/2" long for a total area of 724 ft2. DB+ qualifies for inclusion in GreenSpec as both a variable vapor retarder as well as an interior air barrier sheet good.

Manufacturer Information

Four Seven Five
131 Union St.
Brooklyn, NY 11231
Phone: 718-622-1600

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